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Kane’s Attorney Blames Aides in Closing Argument

Kathleen Kane’s defense made their closing arguments this morning.

Defense Attorney Seth Farber spent an hour and a half trying to convince the jury not to convict his client.

According to Anna Orso of BillyPenn, Farber placed the blame on Kane’s former aide Adrian King and political consultant Josh Morrow.

“Those are two witnesses who will say whatever they need to protect themselves,” Farber said. “What’s stunning about these two is these two contradict each other…and I submit you would not even buy a used car from either one of them.”

King was the person Kane chose to deliver the grand jury information to Morrow. He testified that he felt the AG was “trying to frame” him.

This conviction was buttressed by Morrow’s testimony, which included the revelation that he and Kane plotted to blame King for the whole episode.

Morrow’s text messages with Kane, and his taped conversation with a friend (who was being wiretapped in connection with the McCord case) are central to the prosecution’s case that Kane knowingly leaked the classified information.

DA Kevin Steele is set to present his own closing argument momentarily.

26 Responses

  1. The root of your writing whilst appearing agreeable in the beginning, did not really work perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace throughout the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer but just for a very short while. I still have got a problem with your leaps in logic and you would do nicely to help fill in all those breaks. When you can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly end up being amazed.

  2. Porter Randolph-

    This has been, from the start, a political witch hunt and prosecution/persecution. They proved it when their own grand jury into Kane leaked (like an open fire hydrant) and they did absolutely nothing to investigate the leaks (when a mirror was all that was needed).

    The entire proceeding was a sham.

  3. David, no one would rather have Kane for anything. I’m not arguing about her guilt or even whether this prosecution is politically motivated. But no one in Monto is accusing anyone of grudges and revenge or making a mockery of county government. The things you accused Sestak of are very similar, so why embarrass yourself by defending Kane?

  4. Smokescreens: very true, but at least Kane was consistent about one thing. She never wanted to answer questions before, and she didn’t want to answer questions now. Hope they show “Boondog Millionaire” at Muncy.

  5. It must have been hard for Kathleen Kane to sit in that courtroom and hear all the details of her dirty laundry being put in front of a jury.

    In the past, Ms. Kane would have tried to change the subject.

    No changing the subject this time.

    The criminal intent of Kathleen Kane is, what it is.

  6. Montco PA Dem-

    Exactly. Michael is so stupid he didn’t know I was talking about the ridiculously large (and disqualifying) “contributions” to Josh from the charter school PAC.

    It’s not “inside baseball” to counter the comments of “Porter Randolph” criticizing Kane, with criticism of her anointed successor. I much prefer Kane to someone taking so much tainted money and trying to hide it as long as possible prior to the primary.

  7. Montco, in that case, it’s even more inside-baseball and doesn’t even make sense, as Kane is not running against Shapiro and never did. And knowing obscure facts has nothing to do with judgment, moron.

  8. Steele is playing hide the ball in his closing. Terrible idea.

    She is going to be acquitted. Even the D.A. Knows his witnesses are liars.

  9. Diano, first whatever you’re accusing Freed of is so obscure that literally no one else has discussed it. It also sounds like a shitload of conjecture on your part. Meanwhile, you would rather have Kane, who had not practiced law for seven freaking years and has made numerous mistakes — both of judgment and of law — that a child could spot. That says a lot about your judgment.

  10. Porter Randolph-

    I’d rather have Kane than a guy who took $150,000 from charter school pac (and tried to hide the $100,000 he got in March to delay the PFT revoking their endorsement).

  11. I don’t think a hung jury or even an acquittal on all or some of the charges is some kind of magical vindication of Kane and all she has done. She has shown herself to be a thin skinned and poor manager with a penchant for grudges and revenge. If that’s David’s definition of someone they want as an AG, or frankly, a local school board member, than count me out.

  12. Sinclair, you’re right that no one saw KK stuff the envelope and no one followed that envelope all the way to the Daily News. Yes, that’s called circumstantial evidence (“KK has docs to leak, they just arrived, here they are”). Cases are won all the freaking time on circumstantial evidence — often it’s more reliable than eyewitness testimony. This is why DNA evidence is so important. So, if you follow footprints matching my boots from the crime scene to my front door, it’s a pretty weak defense to say that nobody actually saw me commit the crime.

  13. It is not that complicated. Not a single government witness testified that they saw Kane put the information in the envelope. Not a single government witness said they saw what came out of the envelope. There is the problem for the government. It has to rely on circumstantial evidence. If Kane wants to embarrass Fina, stupid, childish..yes. Illegal? No. It is only illegal if Kane ordered people to disclose GJ material. Where is the evidence of that? Morrow says so? The guy who already lied under oath three times? Even with immunity? And how bad must the government’s case be it it had to grant immunity to Morrow a second time just last week? That will lead to a jury charge that his testimony is unreliable. It is a devastating charge, prosecutors hate. So they go out of their way not to use people like Morrow. They gave immunity to all kinds of people. This is not a slam dunk case. Morrow is required to say whatever the prosecutors want or he gets arrested. Think about that. A man who admitted lying to the police and under oath multiple times, is facing arrest and the ruin of his career. KK is his get out of jail free card. This was a political prosecution from the beginning. Remember a year ago Ferman was running for judge as a Republican in a Democrat county, and Steele was running having flipped from D to R for DA against a guy who had won five elections in Montco in a row. They needed this huge publicity to win their respective elections. They gave all the real bad actors immunity to “get” Kane. Someone and maybe a whole bunch of someones on that jury will figure this out. Look for a hung jury on some or all counts.

  14. Diano: yes yes, she’s a martyr. Concocted charges too. Even though this judge would grant a defense motion to dismiss if the charges were not lawful. And even though the Superior Court and Supreme Court would have appellate review of the “concocted charges.” And even though 12 random people from Montgomery County would have to decide whether witnesses told the truth or not (including KK’s own texts and a phone convo recorded without Morrow’s knowledge).

    But, in your mind, the judge, all of the appellate judges of the Superior and Supreme Courts, and the jurors are all in on the conspiracy.

  15. HaHaHa: PPA’s Baghdad Bob

    I don’t know if the jury is biased. I would not be shocked by an acquittal.

    The problem with the case is that it’s a trumped up political prosecution concocted by friends of Fina (DA’s and judges colluding), on weak-ass charges. It took them an entire year to put on this case, and their star witnesses have repeated perjured themselves in this very case with contradictory testimony and hearsay.

    The jury could get it wrong and convict, but I’m hoping they send a message to corrupt DA’s and judges about these sorts of cases.

    If Kane’s convicted, she’s a martyr who went after the old boy’s network and knocked out two supreme court judges (one with conflict of interest in her case), and many others.

  16. Diano: since the jury’s obviously not going to ignore the text messages and recorded phone call (and Kane didn’t bother to provide a witness to respond to that evidence), tell me what’s wrong with this jury. What’s your theory on why this jury is hopelessly biased and/or in the pocket of Big Perv?

  17. Why does the Defense go first?

    Isn’t it better to go last to counter DA’s arguments and push reasonable doubts?

  18. What in hell is the “Kane is Not Able Project” and who has the time and money to waste printing up life sized 4-color posters and standing with them outside the trial, piling on a lame-duck AG?

  19. I’m still waiting, Kane supporters! Tell us now what is obviously wrong with the jury that will soon hand down convictions. Obviously they’re Corbett Pervs or members of the Fina Fan Club. Don’t wait until the verdict; let us know now how bad the jury is.

  20. She will look fine in prison
    outfit- big mistake not to testify. Not a fan of
    Way she was piled on and duplicity of many others but like Trump- she is her own worst enemy. Bye Bye KK

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