Kane’s Driver Pleads Not Guilty

reeseAttorney General Kathleen Kane’s driver plead not guilty in court today.

Patrick Reese was charged with criminal contempt by Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman

According to Ferman, Reese was checking grand jury emails for information to relay to the Attorney General. Those emails were supposed to be kept under seal.

Kane apparently used Reese to spy on the email of all office employees.

Montgomery County Court Judge William Carpenter handled Reese’s arraignment. He set the next court date for Sept. 9th.

August 11th, 2015 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg, Top Stories | 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Kane’s Driver Pleads Not Guilty”

  1. kanesdriver says:

    Why? Because haven’t you been paying attention? The rules don’t apply be it sexual harassment policies, grand jury secrecy laws or employment laws to Kane and her minions.

  2. Blurred Conservative says:

    Can’t blame him if he was.

  3. manayunkbluedog says:

    “Ghost of Bud Dwyer says” -you are despicable.

  4. Unsanctioned R says:

    What’s new and public about the accident?

  5. David Diano says:

    The DA must think he’s a criminal mastermind because he looks like Lex Luthor.

  6. Ghost of Bud Dwyer says:

    Is this the same driver that she was having an affair with?

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