Kane’s Driver Sentenced to 3-6 Months

reesePatrick Reese, close advisor and personal driver, for Attorney General Kathleen Kane learned his fate today.

Reese was sentenced to 3-6 months in prison as well as a $1,000 fine.

Despite a protective order in the case from Judge William R. Carpenter, Reese read hundreds of emails that mentioned the special prosecutor and his wife, as well as former PA Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille among others.

Kane ordered Reese and another staffer, who has not been charged, to handle this task.

The AG defended Reese and kept him employed despite his conviction.

She is currently awaiting trial on 12 charges, two felony counts of perjury as well as ten misdemeanors.

24 Responses

  1. No, @Schoolteacher. Fina & The Corbett Pervs were praying he would flip on Kane. It didn’t happen. And it won’t happen.

    Can’t wait til the trial in August. It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN !!

    Now it is clear that Johnny Doc had a motive to keep the Hate-gate e-mails a secret. After all – his brother, who was running for Supreme Court, was on the e-mail chains. If it is true that the reporter that printed the “leaked” story is tight with Doc (and that he drinks for free at Doc’s bar), then it really supports Kane’s assertion that she was framed — that she talked about doing something, decided against it, and then got framed by “insiders” who leaked the documents to make it look like she did so.

    A. King and J. Morrow are not to be trusted. Morrow has already told multiple versions of what allegedly happened. And Morrow probably knew he was being recorded when he said what he said on that tapped phone. That’s why the rest of the convos are innocuous garbage. If this was a set-up, there are gonna be some powerful people going down. Wonder who will be the first to turn state’s evidence. The race is probably on. Feds have already taken on the Johnny Doc mob attack/aggravated assault investigation.

  2. Anyone think that now that Kane’s driver has been sentenced to prison he may try and work out a deal to give additional information on Kane (if there is any) to stay out of jail.

  3. Looks like Ms. Kane has hit the panic button and is trying to spin a new a strategy. Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin (Hey,is spinning this working??????) spin, spin, spin, spin,

    HARRISBURG, Pa. – “Lawyers for Attorney General Kathleen Kane have filed a motion in Commonwealth Court requesting that the charges against her be quashed because she is victim of selective and vindictive prosecution.

    “She also asks Montgomery County judges be removed from hearing her case and that an out of county judge be appointed.  Kane says three  Montgomery County judges have close ties in the case and a clear interest in its outcome.

    “The filings comes five months before Kane is scheduled to stand trial on charges that she allegedly leaked secret grand jury information to a reporter in order to politically hurt a rival and that she lied about it under oath.

    “Charges against Kane include Perjury and Obstruction.

    “Also on Friday, Kane’s lawyer, and the Montgomery County District Attorney both filed pre-trial motions for discovery in the case.


  4. Wonder what prison will go to? Waymart? The Lac? Allenwood? Three to six months is nothing. Especially depending where he is gonna go. Is he gonna hide back in dunmore once out? I can’t speak for all of my hometown, but I grew up having to watch this arrogant jerk strut around like he ruled the town. I for one wouldn’t hope he show his face there

  5. SpongeBob-

    I’m still waiting for someone to go after the people that leaked from Carpenter’s grand jury against Kane (that was about her alleged leak of info from a dead case).

    Considering the leaks, checking the emails would be a reasonable first step in investigating potential suspects.

    Looking at emails does not sound like an offense that requires incarceration.

  6. Hey David when you commit a crime what do you think should happen? Next time some will think twice before doing something like that huh?

  7. He read emails? Off with his head!

    His offense was so great as to incur a 3-6 months in prison, but only a $1,000 fine? What’s that for? 50 lapdances for Carpenter and his staff?

  8. Where is the super mega smart David Diano who has been predicting no jail time and such for those involved. If he got 3 months. What’s the big bad Kane get? Me thinks these charges aren’t so trumped up now….

  9. I have to say, it’s a good thing Corbett’s team got it right and kept Sandusky behind bars. If they didn’t learn the lesson from Michael Jackson’s case in California to not rush an indictment in a high profile case like this, a child predator ring leader could be out right now.

  10. Out of the same neck of the woods, now comes an investigation of child sex predators by clerics in the Penn State diocese. Emboldened by “Spotlight” perhaps, but none the less, opened by Kathy Kane who has nothing more to lose, she may now show the obvious…that Sandusky was not keeping all the boys for himself, The man-boy network reached far and he was the purveyor. Will it take another 20 years to expose the truth…or is Kathy Kane slinging mud at a faraway moon? What…me cover up? Not anymore

  11. Perhaps it would also be useful to mention what crime Reese was convicted of and sentenced for.

  12. It would also have been helpful to know what was “the case” that was before Judge Carpenter, so that one had a context for this story.

  13. Following up my earlier post, I assume the “another staffer” who was not charged is Dave Peifer, gathered from the post of Schoolteacher. This is the type of info that one would normally find in a journalism article.

    Presumably, Dave Peifer committed the same crime and was not charged. So the assumption is he cooperated with the political prosecution and Reese did not. Thus, what Reese was really convicted of is “contempt of prosecutor”, very similar to “contempt of cop”, neither of which are found in the criminal statutes. In effect, Reese was punished with a criminal conviction for not being a good boy and cooperating with the Repervlicans who were out to get Kane for spilling the beans on their little pron email network.

  14. Nick Field, shouldn’t you mention the name of the “special prosecutor and his wife” that Reese is accused of spying on? Or maybe also give some context of who and what he was specially prosecuting? Although most of the readers of this blog have som e idea of what you are talking about, a cardinal rule of journalism is to assume your readers know nothing, so your job is to inform them.

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