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Kane’s Ex-Deputy Contradicts Her Sworn Testimony

KaneNew information has been disclosed in the case against Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

According to a report from Craig R. McCoy and Angela Couloumbis of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the AG’s former top aide Adrian King warned Kane not to leak the grand jury information.

The Inquirer’s report confirms a long-held suspicion that Kane’s action was an attempt to get back at long-time rival Frank Fina.

In March 2014, the Inquirer reported that corruption cases Fina was pursuing against Philly legislators was shut down by Kathleen Kane (Philadelphia DA Seth Williams has since pursued the case and has so far charged six officials).

Kane, believing the information had been leaked by Fina, began to look into his history particularly his involvement with an investigation into civil rights leader J. Whyatt Mondesire.

The Attorney General began to discuss leaking information about the case to the press. She maintained to the grand jury that her staff argued that she should disclose the details.

On March 24, 2014, however, King emailed Kane at 12:53 a.m. arguing against any leak.

“I fail to see how we can legally give . . . access to any OAG [Office of Attorney General] criminal division file materials,” King wrote.

Kane responded at 3:38 a.m.

“I am well aware of the limitations of disclosing criminal files. . .,” she wrote. “I have been in this business quite some time.”

A month later, Kane asked King to deliver an envelope containing the Mondesire material to a political operative who in turn gave it to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Kane asserts that King agreed to leak the information. King maintains that he was against any disclosure and did not look at the materials in the envelope. He told the grand jury he thought they were campaign related.

The Attorney General told the grand jury she did not know who prepared the envelope or what it contained. The investigation could not find anyone who admitted to putting the materials in the envelope.

The Daily News piece was published on June 6, 2014, three days after King revealed he was stepping down from his post and going back into private practice.

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