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Kane’s Sister Gets Raise, Castor Gets Promotion

Kane SisterToday the State Attorney General’s office announced a settlement with Ellen Granahan, twin sister of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

In June, reports surfaced that Granahan filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for discrimination. She claimed that she was being paid significantly less than male and female colleagues with the same title.

Bruce Castor at the AG office made the settlement. Castor was appointed by Kane to fill the newly created role of Solicitor General in the midst of her legal troubles. He is now the First Deputy, the 2nd highest position in the office.

“I concluded she had been not discriminated against, not because of her sex, but because she is General Kane’s sister and someone prior to me thought that optic looked bad,” Castor said.

In addition to getting over $80K in cash for back pay and damages (of which over $25K will go to her lawyers), Granahan’s salary will be increased from its current level of $88,509 to its appropriate rate, which will be disclosed in the near future.

14 Responses

  1. Montco Dem misses the point, naturally. Castor is not afraid of the voters since he is not facing the voters. And probably never expects to again. That is what is so great about what Kane did.

  2. MontCo – what’s Shapiro’s relationship with Castor? Who’s to say he won’t keep him

  3. Well, Castor is afraid of one thing: voters. Voters don’t like him very much.

    This was the only way he was ever going to sit in the big chair at OAG. Hope he is taking plenty of selfies. The sand is almost out of the hourglass.

  4. Castor has been the second highest ranking official in the AG’s office since March. When all Kane’s top deputies testified in the Senate to oust her – and FAILED – Kane craftily inserted Castor between herself and all of them. That made Castor the boss and de facto AG with Kane’s license suspended. Then she was free to prepare her criminal defense knowing Castor, as he always has, would do whatever he pleased thereby driving her traitorous top staff mad and bottling them up with no power at all at the same time. The only thing that happened yesterday was Beemer leaving fitted the last piece of the puzzle into place. So by law, Castor will become AG, if Kane resigns. The idiot, Todd Stephens, didn’t realize Kane and Castor maneuvered all this week’s ago, and put both feet in his mouth with his impeachment foolishness. Now that, and the Senate removal are history. Why? No one is afraid of Kane. But everyone in the legislature is afraid of Castor. So Kane has said: “ok boys, you want to play rough? Who would you rather have? Me or Castor? Oh, and don’t tell me over the phone…” Make no mistake. Bruce Castor is now completely running the OAG show, and there are plenty in Capitol Hill who are wetting their pants. Because that guy is afraid of No One.

  5. More good than harm as AG. Did something no other AG has done EVER; take down bad judges and some dirty prosecutors (think Fina).

  6. Me four.

    It’s good to see people appreciate the service she did for this Commonwealth. It is not easy taking down an Old Boys Network.

  7. I wish AG Kane was running for re-election. She would have my vote.

  8. If she were treated fairly, her salary would be adjusted to zero. The fact that she kept her job at all after her racist, misogynist emails were revealed might just be because her sister is the AG, no?

    Justice isn’t blind when your twin sibling holds the scales.

    Thanks again to PPA for maintaining the Kane timeline:

  9. And this whole bizarre story just continues to grow. More money spent on what now?

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