Kanjorski lies to senior citizens about Medicare cuts

Or is 26-year incumbent calling Rep. Tim Holden a liar?

Hazleton, PA – In his desperate quest to cling to power, Paul Kanjorski is now lying to senior citizens about the future of Medicare – a future he helped destroy by voting for the government takeover of health care.

Kanjorski told a group of senior citizens on Wednesday, Let me assure you: no benefits of Medicare are in any way cut under the new Health Care Act. Anyone who is a senior citizen covered by Medicare will receive all the benefits that they would have received if the bill had never been passed.” (Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ Voice, 9/2/10)

But Kanjorski’s colleague, U.S. Rep. Tim Holden (D-17), said this about the healthcare bill: “I will not vote for the Senate bill. It makes significant cuts to Medicare and Medicaid … and the restrictions on (federal funding for) abortion are not as strong.” (Pottsville Republican Herald, 3/11/10)

Everyone from the Congressional Budget Office to CNN to the Associated Press to the Wall Street Journal to Congressional Quarterly says Medicare is going to be slashed by between $400 billion and $500 billion. As a result of the cuts, 2.7 million fewer seniors could be enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and the additional benefits for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries could be reduced by nearly half. Those reports also say that fewer and fewer doctors will accept new patients who use Medicare, reducing the choice seniors have in selecting a physician.

“There are two options here – either Kanjorski is lying or Kanjorski is calling Rep. Holden a liar. Which is it, Mr. Kanjorski? Who is telling the truth?” asked Shawn Kelly, spokesman for Lou Barletta. “Kanjorski flat-out lied to senior citizens about how his support of the government takeover of health care will jeopardize their access to doctors and their medical care. I know Kanjorski admitted to ‘stretching the facts’ before in order to get re-elected, but this is low, even for him. Seniors need to know the truth – Paul Kanjorski voted to slash their Medicare funding by $500 billion. Kanjorski voted for a plan that will reduce the choice seniors have in selecting a doctor. For Kanjorski now to lie to seniors and hide from them how his vote will hurt their medical care is disgusting.”

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  1. This is the begining of another downward drop from the cliff. Our country just doesn’t have what it takes to care for the people. The begining of the Roman Empire now known as the United States of America is loosing.
    We are the best of the best. We are the ones who can lead the world into a great democracy. Instead we are lazy, fat, and no one has the dream in their hearts any more to have pride and honor.
    The rich are moving to other countries that have cheap labor and materials, manufacturing their products and sending it back the United States. They sell it at American rates and are making big bucks. Its common knowledge when you take your dollar and spend it here it stays here. When you send it to China it will stay there. We are now a dollar less then yesterday. The doller that went to China is being spent there and not coming back here. Why should it when it goes a lot further there then here.
    This goes for every thing. Currently it seems our new methods of druming up a new N.G.P. is coming up with ways to add new laws in this country that when broken it takes from the medium class or poor people by fines. After all there is no more manufactoring here so what else are we going to do.
    And we are suppose to be the best of the best. Yeh – right.

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