Kanjorski, Luzerne Pols Endorse Murphy for AG

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Patrick Murphy has picked up the support of some big names in Luzerne County Democratic politics.

At a fundraiser tonight in Wilkes-Barre, Murphy will be joined by Congressman Paul Kanjorski, Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton, and State Representatives Michael Carroll, Phyllis Mundy and Eddie Day Pashinski.

One of his opponents in the race, Kathleen Kane, hails from Scranton in neighboring Lackawanna County where she served as assistant District Attorney.

Murphy’s campaign played up the Congressman’s NEPA connection.

“Patrick has strong ties to Northeastern Pennsylvania and has earned considerable support there for his campaign,” said spokesman Nat Binns. “He went to King’s College where he joined the Army as an ROTC cadet. His brother JJ Murphy served as the City Administrator of Wilkes-Barre under Mayor Tom Leighton.”

Kanjorski served in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre-based congressional district from 1985 until his defeat by Rep. Lou Barletta.

It’s also not the first time Kanjorski has sided with Murphy over a Democrat from NEPA. He reportedly cast the tie-breaking vote to turn the late Jack Murtha’s seat on the Appropriations Committee over to the young Congressman in 2010 – instead of neighboring Congressman Chris Carney.

Former Philly prosecutor Dan McCaffery is the other announced Democrat in the race.

And here is the host committee:

Kieran Casey
Paul Falzone
Melissa Foley
Robyn and Kristopher Jones
Erin Lavelle
Molly and Frank Hoegen
Colleen and John J. Murphy
Patrice and Joe Persico
Tracey and David Selingo
Robert Thomas
Margery and Murray Ufberg
Chuck Volpe

10 Responses

  1. If I were ever to consider Murphy as a potential AG candidate, Kanjorski’s endorsement of him would certainly serve to change my mind.

    Murphy was never anything more than a puppet for the DNC and now that the federal strings have been cut he has replaced Pelosi with Kanjorski as his new puppet master. We can not afford another career politician in Harrisburg or D.C.

  2. I have not selected a candidate yet. Although, if someone does want to “get me on the payroll” as i am accused of being… id likely be inclined to listen. Ive been posting on here for a while, far before this race came along, just wanted to share my observation.

    What I stated with respect to the AG seemingly being a “stepping stone” still has not been addressed. It is an initial impression that could go away as we get further in the race and get to see all three of these, in my opinion fine choices. Who is running for the GOP?

  3. I saw the videos that Murphy and Kane posted. Kane’s was kind of boring, and she seems kind of boring, but certainly has a legitimate record as an ADA. Murphy is young and dynamic; and I really liked what he did in Congress, and of course have to respect his service. I haven’t heard anything about McCaffery except for that he lost the DA’s race when he clearly should have won, and that he is Seamus’s brother.

    Honestly, for what I want in an AG – I have to give the edge to Patrick Murphy. Although, if Kane were to run for an appellate court position, I would be very interested! As for McCaffery, Seth Williams will run for Mayor in a couple years… wait it out, don’t ruin the AG race for the dems and take another shot at DA.

  4. Charliemike –

    Good call. I like McCaffery, he really is a good guy, but he isn’t going to win this race. At this point, it is clear that STEELBLITZ is on the Kane payroll… but you have to respect them for trying. Your analysis is pretty accurate. I am not ready to cast my ballot for Murphy just yet, but I want the D’s to take this seat, and I think Murphy stands far and away the best chance to win in November.

  5. CharlieMike-

    You didn’t disagree with or refute my initial impression that he is running for the position as a stepping stone.

  6. too bad being the son of a philly police officer didn’t win him their endorsement in his match against fitzpatrick.

  7. Murphy is the ONLY Democrat with a chance to win. McCaffery had all of the money, all of the labor endorsements, and even riding his brother’s coattails got him trounced for Philly DA. Kane first run for public office is statewide….Tough gamble. A Iraq war veteran and the son of a retired Philadelphia Police Officer, Murphy will offer the Democrats a candidate with the unique backgroud to finally win this seat.

  8. I get the feeling that Murphy is running for AG as a stepping stone so-to-speak, whereas Kane and McCaffery are running for and concentrating on the office. Just an initial first impression…

  9. The campaign managers parents on the host committee? Must be desperate for support up North.

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