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Karen Ramsburg Takes on Bill Shuster

Karen Ramsburg of Mercersburg is a self-described “mother, nurse and activist,” who is hoping to give incumbent Congressman Bill Shuster a run for his money in the upcoming November election.

The burden to make the ballot as an independent is so high, that she would accept the nomination of the Democratic party. She has a chance to win the primary as a Democrat.

Ramsburg first became involved in politics while trying to save the Justice William Smith House, a historical site in Mercersburg which marks the location of center of activity surrounding the “Black Boys Rebellion” or the “Smith Rebellion of 1765,” a nine-month rebellion spearheaded by James Smith and the “Black Boys” in 1765.  This rebellion was the first significant uprising of American settlers against British and Provincial rule prior to the outbreak of the American Revolution.

After becoming involved in efforts to conserve the Smith house, Ramsburg began reading up on American history and began to draw parallels between what she refers to as “Two American Histories:” the history of one percent taxation and ninety-nine percent property ownership and right to citizenship.  She compared the wealthy Philadelphia merchants who illegally sold to Native Americans on the frontier (which were used to attack Irish settlers) to the “scam” of global free trade which is “destroying people’s lives.”

She has even written a book, Smith’s Rebellion 1765 Gives Rise to Modern Politics, an account discussing the historical uprising on the Pennsylvania frontier and its relationship to today’s political environment.

“I decided I am tired of watching our rights being taken away if we don’t stand up for ourselves,” she declared.  “We should all have a say in the decisions that affect our lives.”

Ramsburg, a self-proclaimed Independent, has decided to run for office because of her belief that “neither party is working for all Americans.”  Right now, her main priority is gaining ballot access – a goal which she decided would be easier to attain by seeking the Democratic nomination rather than attempt to collect the 8,000 signatures necessary to run as an Independent.

“Independents have been taken to court by incumbents and bankrupted,” she said.  “I think Shuster would do anything to in his power to keep me off the ballot.  I think I could win if my name went down as an Independent, but I don’t trust the system.”

Ramsburg identified economic issues, job creation, healthcare, education reform and a move away from fossil fuels as issues she thinks are vital for Pennsylvania’s lawmakers to focus on.  As for her personal views on other issues, she is pro-life and also supports the right to bear arms.

“I think we need to move away from fossil fuels and as far as the economy goes we need to raise taxes on the rich and use that money to repair infrastructure and create jobs,” she stated.  “The technology is already there for sustainable energy – we could create millions of jobs by moving away from fossil fuels but we can’t afford it.  If there’s a way we can put money back into our hands we could save our planet.”

This past Wednesday, Ramsburg participated in a rally at Shippensburg University in support of education.  She attended a Somerset Democrat Club banquet Thursday and has plans to speak at a Tea Party event in the near future.

“I love reaching out to all people,” Ramsburg said.  “We need to forget about party stuff and see that we are all in the same sinking boat; and if we don’t start to unite we’re all going to go down with the ship.”

5 Responses

  1. That’s a completely distorted view of Karen’s politics, although I suppose she had better get used to that. Fortunately, many of us know exactly who she is.

    Her views on gun rights are well known and she’s done more in support of the 2nd amendment than Shuster ever has. The whole point of her campaign is to bring power back to community and away from career politicians like Shuster. That means community control — not federal control — of education.

    She’s not against harvesting gas. Like the Tea Party, she wants the best deal possible for landowners and the state, and she wants communities empowered to protect their water supplies. Shuster and his cronies have worked tirelessly for the opposite result, voting to allow gas companies to keep fracking chemicals secret, for example, and robbing townships of their right to inspect and regulate wells.

    I don’t know if she’s a “global warming believer”, like the overwhelming majority of educated people are, including those in the energy industry. Anyone with a basic understanding of science understands that changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere will change the climate, although no one knows exactly how or when. But I do know she is against cap & trade, which would do nothing to curb emissions. “Trading” carbon is akin to trading oxygen. Most people will lose in such a scheme, and everyone will cheat.

  2. I actually read some of Karen’s positions from her website. I found her views pretty frightening. She’s a huge global warming believer and is against fracking. She thinks our education system should be taken out of the hands of local parents and become “nationalized”. She wants to pass the employee free choice act, which would eliminate the secret ballot to form unions. How free is that choice, huh? Oh, she also is a big supporter of ObamaCare lol. That should be a winning campaign issue. You didn’t even list your views on social issues or gun control, so I assume those would just scare off even more voters. You’re so far out of the mainstream that Philadelphia would laugh at you. Good luck, Karen. You will need it come Fall, if you even get on the ballot.

  3. As I understand it, if Ms Ramsburg wins the Democratic primary (and I think she will), she will have the option to appear on the ballot on the Democratic ticket.

    To appear on the ballot as an independent, she will need to collect several thousand signatures, each of which is subject to challenge by her opponents. PA courts traditionally favor such challenges when they come from one of the two ruling parties. Independent and third-party campaigns are routinely snuffed out in that way, and saddled with huge legal costs to boot.

  4. I am running as an Independent and trying to get ballot access by asking Democrats and Republicans to write my name in on their party ballot. If the Democratic Party nominates me by write in I would accept their nomination as I would accept the Republican nomination by write in. The signature process is not about ballot access, it is about incumbent protection and they use legal manuevers to keep third party candidates off the ballot.

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