Kasich Fundraises for Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick KasichOhio Governor John Kasich is helping fundraise for Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s re-election campaign.  Both Kasich and Fitzpatrick were vocal in their opposition to Trump during the 2016 campaign.  

In the fundraising email, Kasich describes Fitzpatrick as a “strong voice for commonsense conservative reform” which is causing the Democrats to push to unseat him.  

Kasich and Fitzpatrick both distanced themselves from Donald Trump in 2016, eventually coming out against the GOP nominee.  Kasich ran against Trump in the Presidential primary, and then voted for John McCain in the general election.  Fitzpatrick said he would not be voting for either Trump of Clinton in the general election.

In office, Fitzpatrick has continued to push against Trump.  He publically came out as a no vote on the American Health Care Act, which was eventually withdrawn from consideration by the House Republican leadership. He also split with Trump on climate change.  

The move by Fitzpatrick may signal that he will continue to distance himself from Trump and try to label himself as an independent.  

Fitzpatrick is one of four Republicans targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  Trump won Fitzpatrick’s district by 0.2 percent, while Fitzpatrick won his seat by 8.82 percent.

11 Responses

  1. Actually, Trump won the 8th district …. by .3% …. a few thousand votes. Yes, Hillary won Bucks by 1,900 votes … but Trump carried the MontCo portion of the 8th district …. which put the entire 8th district into the Trump win column.

  2. Out in 2018! Brian, you fooled us once, but not again. I’ll vote for anyone else that runs against him, endorsed or not. Maybe the GOP will dump him like I did!

  3. Well, IMO that’s two reasons not to go see this guy! And by the way I made the mistake of voting for him.

  4. Fitzpatrick and Kasich are in tune with Bucks (which went for Hillary). The people want common sense reform, they want government to work.

  5. The love fest for Brian Fitzpatrick is coming to a quick end as he shows he only wants GOP support at nomination time but not representing those same electorate who elected him. He will be a one term Congressman and will experience the same kind of defeat at Jon Ossoff in GA 6th District. There is not enough money to buy him votes after you betrayed your supporters.

  6. So far Fitzpatrick has turned into a PANDERING LOSER and drives down the middle lane AFRAID to take sides. I voted for him the first time but SURE AS HELL WILL NOT NEXT TIME. He is alienating his base and the worst part is yet to come. He will lose in 2018 and it will be the result of the GOP sitting out voting for him. He will get the same treatment GOP VOTERS will do and not vote for him nor the Democrat but will be strong enough for him to lose like they did with Corbett. Brian needs to decide WHICH SIDE HE IS ON. If he wants the GOP nomination then act like a GOP and DO NOT COME TO THEM TO GET THE ENDORSEMENT in the primary.

  7. KASICH can go to hell!! He treats Police like crap! He is a liar and a traitor.

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