Kathleen Kane Takes Another Loss

Kane-sadThe Attorney General’s appeal failed.

According to Steve Esack of Morning CallKathleen Kane has lost a ruling to have criminal perjury charges thrown out of court on grounds that prosecutors and judges are biased against her.

Kane’s lawyers filed the dismissal legal brief in March in an attempt to get all Montgomery County judges removed from the case. They claimed the three judges were too close to Kane’s investigation and prosecution, which might give them a vested interested in the outcome of the case.

The judges are former district attorney, Judge Risa Ferman, whose office filed the initial charges last year; Judge William Carpenter, who oversaw the grand jury; and Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, whose husband was appointed by Carpenter as the special prosecutor.

The ruling was a victory for Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele who is prosecuting the perjury trial against Kane which is set to start Aug. 8th in Montgomery County Court.

Kane has been charged with two counts of perjury and ten misdemeanors.

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  1. Kane should have been gone and out the door, if our Representatives would have voted the way their constituents wanted them to…Instead they voted by their own decision (probably paid off by the Clinton foundation)…And there is what the problem is…

    How do these Representatives make their decisions…I believe there should be some type of vote among the constituents in each Representatives district…Of which, I believe that is how it is suppose to work…

    I think there should be an audit done by the Government has to how these Representatives decided NOT to remove Kane from office…If these Representatives just used their own opinion, I believe they too should be removed from Office…Because they did not represent their constituents from their Districts….

    These Elected Representatives are NOT Gods…They are public SERVANTS for the people of their districts…

  2. Kane is only deploying these last ditch efforts because she has no argument against the evidence that she committed crimes, lied about it to the court.

    Her husband is paying that mob lawyer to argue the process because they can’t argue the facts. Her lawyer fees could fund the entire Montgomery county bench and DA’s office, that’s why she can afford these delay tactics. If this were a case she prosecuted (not that she ever handled many cases) she’d be calling this a travesty of justice, a trial denied/postponed through extreme personal wealth.

  3. How long was General Kane secretly acquiring her treasure trove of other people’s e-mail before making threats to expose selective portions of it for her own benefit? Was it illegal? In addition to making public threats use to release other public employees’ e-mails, has she or others doing her bidding made any PRIVATE threats to any public officials or other persons that nobody even knows about? If so, have any of those public officials privately succumbed to such threats and acted in violation of their public duties by doing so?

    In terms of behavior by a government official, let alone the chief legal officer of a great state, General Kane leaves one gobsmacked. This sequence of events poses deep threats to the integrity of governance at every level. A very thorough investigation, conducted by attorneys and investigators of unquestioned integrity and with NO conflicts of interest, is essential to re-establishing the confidence of the public in the integrity and credibility of Pennyslvania government. This should be followed by the the filing of any civil claims and criminal charges warranted by the results of the investigation. Anything less is a mere public relations gesture designed to protect the culpable.

  4. Some of you miss the point: the judge that recommended charges was the BOSS of the DA who filed the charges, who was the BOSS of the current trial judge, AND the BOSS of the prosecutor on Kane’s case. That DA is now, herself, a judge who hand picked the current DA to replace her, and the special prosecutor’s WIFE is also a judge in that county.

    Carpenter hired Steele, Ferman, Demchick-Alloy, and appointed Carluccio (whose wife is a judge with Carpenter, Ferman, and Demchick-Alloy. Everyone involved with Kane’s prosecution owes their loyalty (and jobs) to Carpenter directly or indirectly, and Kane’s defense is that Carpenter F-ed up. How does Kane get a fair trial there? Give her a trial where all these entanglements do not exist.

  5. Wake up people, the DA in just about every county knows and, is probably friendly, with every judge on the county bench. Hell, a lot of county judges are former DA’s or ADA’s. The DA has an office in the Courthouse. So do the judges. I’m sure they see or run into each other a lot. But To use Kane’s logic… all cases would be dismissed on this “appearance of friendships.”

  6. Has the Judge (who is tight with the special prosecutor and the DA that brought charges) ruled on Kane’s selective enforcement motion?

    Because it is hard to deny that the alleged behavior at the heart of the charges is rarely (if ever) prosecuted. In fact – there were countless lead from the grand jury that investigated Kane. We know no one is being prosecuted. Doubt there even been an investigation.

  7. Sure of course it’s that the courts got it wrong, not that there was no legal basis for her claims. Sure Sure. I love how you people think a trial is going to bring vindication for her but can anyone explain why she is fighting the trial at every turn. The sheer volume of motions to attempt to prevent the trial alone should clue you in that she knows at a trial she loses.

  8. Ex-court lackey Ron Castille will protest that the US Supreme Court got it wrong, when Kane appeals. You’d think PA courts would be a bit smarter after the US Supreme Ct shot down Castille’s idea that he had no conflict of interest ruling on an appeal from a prosecution he masterminded back when he was DA.
    BTW, appearance of impropriety is the standard and should be avoided. Kane is right on the law; PA courts wrong, again.

  9. It’s was never really a legal issue. It’s the appearance of it. The Judge is a friend of Ferman, the DA who brought the case, and friends with the Special Prosecutor who trumped up the case after Fina’s complaints.

    Why have a Judge who is friends with the Prosecutor and Investigator? Stupid.

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