Kenney and Williams Join Forces in New Ad for Zappala (VIDEO)

Jim Kenney and Anthony Williams have buried the hatchet.

The two men, who ran against each other in last year’s Democratic primary for Mayor of Philadelphia, are joining forces to support Stephen Zappala’s campaign for Attorney General.

“When we ran for Mayor, we didn’t agree on everything,” State Sen. Williams states.

“I’ll say,” Mayor Kenney chuckles.

“Now, we agree on some very important things,” Williams continues.

“We’re both voting for Steve Zappala for Attorney General,” Kenney says.

The thirty-second spot then has the two men highlight Zappala’s experience on guns and civil rights.

“So please join us on something we both agree,” Williams begins. “Steve Zappala for Attorney General,” Kenney concludes.

Zappala is running against Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro and Northampton DA John Morganelli in the Democratic primary.

23 Responses

  1. Not only is he “beholden” to a criminal – Johnny Doc – but Zappala is also “in” with Fina & The Corbett Pervs:

    “Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., who testified as an expert witness to the grand jury that recommended the charges against Kane”

    What a POS. He was trying to eliminate the competition.


  2. Williams and Kenney should be ashamed of themselves. Looking out for and paying back Johnny Doc rather than going with the candidate that will be best for Pennsylvania.

    Zappala’s DA background means nothing if he is ill-prepared to lead or lacks the ethics the job requires. Katie Kane had a DA background. We see where that got us.

    Shapiro has the leadership chops. And he is a straight-shooter. Do we really want an AG who is beholden to Dougherty?

  3. Fellow voters —

    Here are the questions the Zappala campaign (posing here under various screen-names) refuses to answer:

    – is Zappala from the Zappala family that was involved in the “Cash for Kids” scandal? The one that destroyed the lives of countless children?

    – is Connor Stevens Mr. Zappala’s Godson? If so – when is he recusing himself from the murder case where Stevens is a suspect?

    – why did Zappala ignore Court Orders to turn over exculpatory evidence to the Pittsburgh kid the cops paralyzed?

    – why is Johnny Doc working behind the scenes for Mr. Zappala? Is Mr. Zappala trying to pretend he is not associated with the under-Federal-investigation labor leader? The one that attacked a non-Union worker and called him a “Spic”?

  4. Not only am I a pathetic moron who thinks I can fool readers her, I am also an unapologetic loser who is transparent and unoriginal. I think I am a little bit clever, but I am not. I am pro-Zappala. All that matters to me is that Zappala wins. Because I get PAID by Zappala!! I do whatever my boss tells me to, because, as you can see from my posts, I am a Zappala shill. Thanks for reading. Oh … and I will never answer those questions about Little Stevie’s Godson, Cash-4-Kids, or disregarding Court Orders in the Leon Ford case. Sorry. My boss says to stay away from those topics. Oh yeah – Johnny Doc too.

  5. Not only am I transparent and unoriginal, I’m not even a little bit clever. I’m a Pittsburgh area guy who’s not so much pro-Shapiro as I am anti-Zappala because I don’t know the first thing about Shapiro, except that he’s not Zappala which is all that matters to me. I do whatever my party tells me to, because, as you can see from my posts, I’ve never had an original thought in my life.

  6. I just happened on to this site and decided to talk about the AG race. I happened to see the debate – which I watched with an open mind. Zappala isn’t too smart, doesn’t speak well, and is as politically ambitious as any snake currently running for office. What I really like about him is how he panders to The Blacks. At home in his Office, he hates them and rail-roads them in Court. He prosecuted an innocent unarmed man paralyzed by the Police (and lost, of course). But he ignored the bad behavior of the cops. That’s what I want to see in the State’s top law enforcement Officer. Well — that and a tight bond with Johnny Doc!!! You have my vote, Little Stevie!!

  7. Great ad! Not to mention this guy is the only one with the proper experience to actually be Attorney General. It was funny watching the debate the other night (knowing Shapiro wants to run for governor) when being asked yes or no questions the candidates were asked “Are you planning on running for a higher office if you win?” Both of the DA’s said no. And Mr. Shapiro said “I don’t have plans to.” That stuff makes my blood boil. A career politician who never really practiced law running for the highest prosecutors position in the state? When people use office’s like this for stepping stones it drives me crazy. You’ve got my vote DA Zappala. You’ve handled over 300,000 indictments , took over 15,000 illegal guns off of the streets of Allegheny county, and you’re trying to do the right thing by using treatment not incarceration for the addicted non violent drug/alcohol addicted citizens (got all of this info from your website). Studies have shown this reduces the recidivism rate of people in the criminal justice system, which also leads to; we the people paying less to incarcerate people who can be productive members of society if they just get the help they need. It sure would be refreshing to see someone elected to do the job they dreamt of doing and then to actually make a difference in the state of PA. Best of luck!

  8. You can listen to them; or you can listen to me. Remember that Zappala is John Dougherty is tight with Mr. Zappala. The US Atyorney I appointed in the EDPA is currently investigating an attack of a non-Union worker. It was Dougherty and three cohorts.

  9. Sometimes people can agree or disagree on things like supporting people for office.

  10. I’m just a regular person in no way associated with the Zappala Campaign. I’ve just stumbled onto this site in an effort to help learn about the candidates for Attorney General in Pennsylvania.

    Wow! What a great ad! This has decied me! Little Stevie is the only one who cares about protecting Union Thugs! Plus – he loves The Blacks!! Little Stevie certainly has my vote!

  11. Uncle Tom and Superman’s pal, Jimmie Olson, two fictional characters touting the “values” of the mob’s last, best hope to control law enforcement in Pa.The Philly mafia must be in a sad state when they have to call Pittsburgh for help.

  12. Just another political pay off. Doc owns Seth Williams. Mayor Kenney just paying off election debt. Sad but true. What is Little Steve going to do….

  13. Sen. Hardy Williams may want to re-examine his support of Zappala.
    What Zappala did in the Leon Ford case is reprehensible. He helped the Police cover-up after they shot an innocent, unarmed kid in Pittsburgh. Leon Ford – an unarmed 19YO – was shot after Police mistook him for someone else, cursed him, called him a liar, and told him they would “get his Black ass out of his car when [they] wanted his Black ass out of the car.” Despite the fact that Ford did nothing wrong (he had valid license, insurance and registration), Zappalla charged Ford. Ford had no record of criminal convictions and was laying in a hospital bed when Zappala charged him – paralyzed by the Police bullets that ripped through his spine. Zappala’s Office lost the case in Court when a jury exonerated Mr. Ford. Before the trial, Zappala and the D.A.’s Office tried to conceal an official Report that criticized the Police involved and questioned the credibility of the officer that shot Mr. Ford. The Judge had to threaten to toss the case and three times order the DA’s Office to release the Report before Zappala finally gave it to Mr. Ford’s attorneys. In short – Zappala charged a kid that should never have been charged and then tried to bury a Report that the kid needed to defend himself from the false charges. Zappala is worse than Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.

  14. LOL at Zappala Hack.

    I have read that Zappala is not at all “one of us.” Isn’t he a “Senator’s Son”? Like in the song? My concern is with his connections to some really shady figures – like Johnny Doc.

    We know that Seth Williams will refuse to prosecute Johnny Doc. He already has. Because Doc gave him tons of $$$. Johnny Doc’s assault case was “referred” to the AG’s Office.

    Now – if Zappala is in charge at the AG’s Office – he couldn’t prosecute Doc either.

    That would make the Local (8 leader able to do whatever he wants. Maybe he would bring a gun the next time he sets out to assault a non-union worker?

    The Republican candidate will have a field-day with Zappala/Dougherty if Zappala is the D nominee. I don’t like it.

  15. I really like that Zappala guy! I am really impressed with his ad about The Blacks!! He really seems like ONE OF US!! He is cute too!! Is he single?

  16. I’m just Joe Everyman, a regular voter trying to decide who the best candidate for Attorney General is. I am not a paid consultant.

    I don’t even know who these guys are. Josh Shapiro has my vote!

  17. This is a great ad – two opposing sides coming together to support a truly qualified candidate. An ad with some humor, but also some serious policy in their too. Zappala is the best candidate for the race – this helps get the message out more – but this one won’t do it alone. This only plays in Philly, which he should get with this and the institutional support – support that Josh has been courting for years – but isn’t getting. Josh has the President – but who are people going to relate with more – POTUS or two guys they know and like that are relatable and have some juice to get people on the streets and voting. This will be a true test of the Philly machine – to get someone not from their backyard over the line with votes against someone who is from the county next door. I think they can do it – good luck!

  18. These two will regret making this ad.

    Wonder how many more things like this Kenney will have to do to pay back Johnny Doc?!?

    And I have no idea what Williams is thinking. He must not have read up on the Leon Ford case. Or he just doesn’t care.

  19. Anybody who listened to the AG debate last night saw that Zappala and Morganelli were both unprepared and unable to show any vision for what they’d do if elected. I hope that Philly residents see through the politics.

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