Kenney Forum Shut Down After Protests (VIDEO)

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was hoping a public forum would help clear the air.

Friday’s event, however, didn’t turn out that way.

Instead, citizens and protesters outraged at the Mayor disrupted the meeting to the point where it had to be stopped early.

Kenney sought to assure Philly residents that he was not backtracking on his pledge to eliminate “stop-and-frisk” but attendees laid out their long-simmering frustrations about the police.

“Black faces put you in office! You are a liar!” one woman shouted. “Jim Kenney doesn’t care about us. His body language has been crap the whole time.”

According to Malcolm Burnley of Citified, Kenney “appeared at times flustered, exasperated and downright exhausted on stage. He took a beating.”

The Mayor’s comments only reinforce that description.

“If you’re upset with me because you think I walked back on that issue and you’ll never vote for me again, then I’ll totally understand that. I’ll totally understand,” Kenney conceded.

Eventually, the combined weight of disruptions, accusations and cursing led the pastor of the church hosting the meeting to call it off.

41 Responses

  1. @HaHaHa: Brief breakdown of what I have done and currently am doing. I was Judge of Elections, volunteered with organizations that like to better society (not mock it) and currently working with a youth organization within my party to grow the base for this election and next. So yea, I work in and with my community! So don’t be a punk ass and do the same…..

    Now for @Tim: “…Black America is irredeemable, sorry pal, we are not going to morph into a multi-cult dreamland you envision. Blacks are not the same as us, period. Sorry.” You have moved from what I conceive to be a racist slur (or a pun attended to be such, as you crafted to) to being a flat out racist. Congrats.

    So once again, I challenge any whom have grievance within society or its leaders to challenge them not with racism or words edited carefully on a blog. I suggest getting involved, rolling up your sleeves and making a difference. Otherwise suck it up and shut up.

  2. And a coward for having never served in the military. I served in the United States Navy. Honorable Discharge.

  3. Aaoron, I forgot I was in grammar school! Let’s review the above video again. The current Demo mayor, Kenney puts an end to “stop and frisk” which was policy under BLACK demo mayor MIchael Nutter! The people at the Methodist church are asking the mayor for MORE police protection because drug dealers and prostitutes have taken over their neighborhoods. But then the “radical blacks” [the usual suspooks] start the shitstorm by sying they want ALL cops out of their neighborhoods, thereby depriving law abiding blacks of any police protection at all. These are the criminal thug blacks who make life impossible for the law abiding in their communities and keep the courts busy. It is not the peaceful, hardworking law abiding, church going blacks who commit crime, but rather the type who want “all cops out of their neighborhoods!” This is what you get when Obama sided time and again with the criminal element instead of backing law enforcement. This is why, American cities will burn this summer over the prosppect over a Trump presidency. They throw the old tired cunard out that he’s “A RACIST!”!

  4. Hey idiot. It’s “You’re” – not “Your”

    As in: “Hi Tim. You’re a cowardly pussy.”

    Has Fina resigned yet?

  5. Marie and Sal, YOU ae the trolls. Sorry, but you are the bully punks who hang around this website with your “politically correct” views and ensure anyone who does not agree with your limited world view is shut down. You don’t believe in “free speech”, your job is to stifle any speech that does not agree with yours! Typical liberal swine!

    Just like the Trump protesters who refuse to even allow him to speak! Your kind are pathetic scum, an anathema to the Bill of Rights and you speak of someone’s “Constitutional Rights” being violated?! What a joke!

    You sniveling libs will be beside yourselves when the Trumpmeister is elected and “Crooked Hillary” goes down in flames in November! We’ll see who as the last laugh libtards!

  6. You. You are the pussy, Tim.

    You want to disparage African Americans? Do so using your real name, coward.

    Like the tough guy you clearly are not, you offered up your phone number. Now – you won’t post it. Let me guess, pussy – Tim is not really even your first name.

  7. OMG – I just love that he is actually responding to “Mr. Pussy Troll Tim”

  8. I notice how you libtards devolve into calling people pussies, trolls, liars, cowards when they express OPINIONS contrary to your “PC” worldview. It just shatters your world doesn’t it? Any opinion contrary to your closely held beliefs is UNACCEPTABLE and the messenger must be attacked and neutered. This is how you libs operate. Too bad it won’t work with me, I’ve done battle with the best and your shrill, vile attacks are nothing compare to what I’ve been through. Your pathetic! Hope you enjoy living with your parents as they pay off your student loans!

  9. HaHaHa I won’t put my personal phone number on a public forum and I’m no pussy pal. But if you email me with YOUR number, I will call you. Now who is the pussy?

  10. Um … Mr. Pussy Troll Tim … You also promised your phone number. Please provide. Unless you are a liar and coward.

  11. Seth, I DID NOT throw any racial slurs. I said “lawless blacks! THAT is not a racial slur Mr.Lib! Black America is irredeemable, sorry pal, we are not going to morph into a multi-cult dreamland you envision. Blacks are not the same as us, period. Sorry.

  12. Marie, you have a tendency towards mob violence, a typical anti-Trump agitator. You’ll fit right in with the violent protestor when American cities erupt into flames this summer led by the #blacklivesmatter hypocrites

  13. okay pussies – you can email me @ be sure to include your picture, your legal name, your home address, your home phone number, your employer, your wifes name and your children’s names and where they go to school. Also tell me when it is a good time to come and visit you as well as if you prefer that I contact you ahead of time or should I just show up on your doorstep and is it okay if I visit you at your workplace? Please let me know too if you like to bowl, I like to bowl too! Tim

  14. Seth – what do YOU do in YOUR community? Are you practicing what you preach?

  15. Tim….Instead of you throwing racial slurs and generically piling all “lawless blacks” together like they are an unstoppable herd, taking over one city at a time – Work in your community! Work with leaders, both civic and religious. Work to better a society you see so damning and lawless. Maybe attend a City Council meeting, or even one of there rallies of sorts to see what combat is being accomplished over the cries of indecency across an entire stereotype. Work to better a city it seems you love and want to see flourish into a leading multicultural society vast with ideas, businesses, education, jobs, infrastructure and all other means to make it a leading force and leading example for others…. So instead of beating down people and elected officials – work with them!

  16. I do not condone violence. But I was looking forward to seeing a video on YouTube of Ha3 beating Tim to a pulp. Tim talked all tough and then chickened out. Typical republican move.

  17. Um …. Tim …. I am still waiting for that e-mail address and phone number you promised below. Are you not a man of your word?

  18. One year ago, everybody knew that Donald Trump couldn’t win. Six months ago, everybody knew deporting illegal aliens/building wall was political suicide. And 15 minutes ago, you knew that only bigots/racists supported him. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.
    America is irredeemable.

    This much is true.

    But there is another truth, far more important to our future; consequently, it’s a fact keeping those in control of our present up late, late at night: large segments of the American people wish to not only survive, but continue a way of life they know is rapidly vanishing.

    Liberation from an irredeemable nation: Every time a stereotype is confirmed, another Trump supporter is born.

    Regardless of if Donald J. Trump is sincere about his desire to deport the tens of millions of illegal aliens, have a moratorium on Muslim immigration into the country and build a big, beautiful wall on the U.S./Mexican border, these ideas he advocated are exactly why he is now the presumptive Republican nominee for the President of the United States.

    To paraphrase Men in Black, “One year ago, everybody knew that Donald Trump couldn’t win. Six months ago, everybody knew deporting illegal aliens/building wall was political suicide. And 15 minutes ago, you knew that only bigots/racists supported him. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.”

    Trump has changed things.


    With the impending election of a Muslim as mayor of London in a few days, the British people will see with their own eyes how their dispossession is complete; it will offer Trump yet another opportunity for a soundbite inevitably ending with his banishment from entering the United Kingdom by the British government.

    You are not alone in knowing something is drastically wrong, sick even, with America.

    Trump, whether he is serious or not about the ideas that have positioned him only a stones throw from being the leader of the free world, has shown just how many Americans want believe tomorrow doesn’t belong to those who have made today possible.

    To you pansies, libs, we have awakened and we are not going to let you destroy our country! Tim in Erie

  19. Tim? You there, Tim?? Still waiting for your name, e-mail address and phone number. What’s wrong? You chicken out?

  20. Tim called Josh Shapiro a “Jew” when he won the Democratic Primary. I look forward to seeing his real name too.

  21. Sounds great, Tim. Go ahead and post your e-mail address and phone number. Heck – post your full name and we can connect on Facebook!!

  22. HaHaHa –

    You might be right, but Tim’s bigotry seems pretty genuine to me. Asking for your phone number makes me think he’s accidentally wandered off of a dating website for the KKK – but gosh darn-it if it doesn’t look like he’s serious.

  23. “Black criminals have no constitutional rights. Period. Nor do white criminals for that matter.”

    Welcome to Donald Trump’s America – a government of (incoherent) men and not of laws.

  24. HaHaHa-

    When you go to meet Tim, he might be hard to pick out among all his friends wearing white hoods and soaking their wooden crosses in kerosene.

    Maybe he should wear a carnation so you can tell which one he is.

  25. Hey HaHaHa before you call someone a pussy/troll you better be sure who your dealing with. I’ll leave you my e-mail or phone number if you want and you can come and meet me in person. How does that sound?

  26. That’s right pally, #black lives don’t matter, black votes do! All this shameless pandering by you libs to the blacks to secure power by promising more freebies to them. You white liberals have made it a crime to tell the truth because it doesn’t fit your “pc” world view.

    Obama and Clinton want to ban guns, maybe we should ban black people. Blacks make up 13% of the country’s population but ae responsible for 52% of the murders in America mainly by handguns. But have you ever heard Obama address black gun crime? Never!

    Black criminals have no constitutional rights. Period. Nor do white criminals for that matter. Stop your excuse making and coddling of these criminals and wake up!

  27. Probably a good sign that instead of actually talking to the mayor protesters shut the town hall down. That’ll show the mayor for trying to talk to people as if they’re adults.

  28. TIM: What about the “rights” of lawful innocent blacks who get hassled by police in an unconstitutional manner? What would you say if white people were being abused by police?

  29. Is this the part where I pretend that “Tim” is not a pathetic, TEA-guzzling FOXtard troll and respond to him substantively? LOL.

    Pussy/Trolls like “Tim” get called names. They NEVER get substantive responses.

  30. Sure HaHaHa, go ahead and give the lawless blacks whatever they want! Pretty soon Philly will resemble Chicago with numerous shootings and murders in the hundreds. Too bad if “innocent” people are caught up in the net. What is more important, safe streets or the “rights” of lawless, criminal blacks?

  31. Perhaps Mayor Kenney needs to understand that programs such as “stop-and-frisk” lead to good “numbers.” But the effect on communities of color far outweighs any gain in arrest/seizure numbers.

    For every young minority who gets stopped with a gun, there are a dozen innocent, law-abiding citizens that beta bad taste in their mouth for law enforcement. It’s a tactic that has ZERO long-term chance at successfully making the streets safer.

    The people the Police are hassling (the innocent ones) are the ones you need to work with the Police, provide information to the Police … even TRUST THE POLICE. Programs such as “stop-and-frisk” jeopardize that cooperation/trust. And it infuriates people. When you are White and you lied to them to get elected, it kinda makes it worse.

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