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Kerry to State, Casey to Finance?

In the hours since United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration for Secretary of State, consensus has grown around John Kerry. Should the senior Democrat leave the Senate and take a cabinet post, Pa. Senator Bob Casey could benefit directly.

That’s the latest DC rumor, at least.

“I’m 80 or 90 percent sure this will happen, and happen in the next two weeks,” said one DC insider. He said Casey is known as a team player who might be amenable to an arrangement that wouldn’t come to fruition until the Massachusetts Senator was actually nominated.

The Finance Committee is one of the most influential in the Senate. It’s the equivalent of the House Ways and Means committee and is responsible for writing tax law. That would include any major tax reform effort, something both sides of the aisle expect in the coming session.

“The way Bob’s track is, that’s a committee that would be a step up for him,” said one Senate watcher. “That’s the committee he wants.”

It would also be a significant boon to fundraising.

Casey spokesman Larry Smar said he wouldn’t comment on hypotheticals. He said as of now, Casey’s forthcoming committee assignments were the same as his current ones: the Joint Economic Committee; the Foreign Relations Committee; Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; and the Special Committee on Aging.

Politico reported in November that Casey was, “widely seen as having a lock on one of the seats.”

But on Wednesday, Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Michael Bennet of Colorado won the two existing opening on Finance.

5 Responses

  1. My experience with Senator Casey and his office was rather poor and would only uege all residents of this state to avoid him and his people.
    When Casey, the experienced officeholder came into his senate office I contacred the office about funds that were being held by a national bank in the name of, a not for profit organization of which I am the president. I followed the matter and spoke to the field person , finally the constants coordinator and then after the delays and non answers I again corresponded with the Senators office. I received no response and after four years i stopped;
    I am happy to report that a large sum was turned back to the organization, as it should have been due ro the Finantial Protection Bureau created by Dodd Frank. My only comment is that they are grossly underfunded and are lacking in staff and budget.
    Clearly the bad eggs should be retired and sent where the can do less damage- Retire Carey

  2. At this point I guess I’d have to ask the question to other readers as to who exactly (if any) are the A-list politicians that may run against Corbett? Schwartz is out. Casey is out. who is going to be the big name for the Democratic Caucus?

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