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Kevin Steele Elected Montgomery County DA

SteeleFirst Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele, of Montgomery County, has won the race for District Attorney.

The Democrat defeated Republican candidate Bruce Castor 55% to 45%, 89,848 votes to 72,668.

Steele has served under five district attorneys throughout his career as a prosecutor. He first joined the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office in 1995 as an Assistant District Attorney. Additionally, Steele has taught criminal justice as an adjunct professor at Cabrini College since 2004.

This competitive race gained statewide recognition when Steele released an ad titled “Tough” in the end of October. The commercial accused Castor of failing to protect victims of Bill Cosby.

Castor fired back in his own ad, “Trust”. In the commercial, he defended that the victims only came forward after he had left the DA’s office.

28 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Steele,

    Once you are sworn in, you must make it your business to investigate and prosecute the people responsible for the many leaks from the grand jury investigating AG Kane.

    If you don’t, you prosecution of Kane will look corrupt.

    If you don’t, you credibility will be lost.

    Most reasonable people are fine with Kane being held accountable if she broke the law. But, we are not fine with selective enforcement. It is a form of corruption.

    Are you corrupt?

  2. If you think the PA Supremes are bad now, wait until you get Christine Donohue’s unethical pigshit.

  3. Typical of you, Mr. Eakin. You fake an apology to homosexuals and then you laugh. It is clear you are a heel and that you do not care about the image of the Court. At least your former colleague, the Democrat, had the decency to resign. Shame on you. Your morals are on full display in those e-mails. And did you really think your “John Smith” e-mail account would protect you? Despicable!

  4. “…Eakin sent MANY inappropriate e-mails – which were insulting to … homosexuals…”

    Yeah, sorry about that, HaHaHa.

  5. The troll has gone by the screen-name “Multi Tasker General.” And he is basing his “Eakin only sent two e-mails” comment on old mis-information promulgated by Castille.

    The DelSole report (which has been published) states that Eakin sent MANY inappropriate e-mails – which were insulting to Blacks, women, homosexuals, Mexicans … you name it. Eakin is a well-rounded racist creep woman-hating pig. Lot’s of his e-mails involved little boys and sex … Yikes … But he is still one of the two Repervlicans on the Supreme Court.

    His too-chummy relationship with prosecutors has yet to be explored. For instance – did he rule on cases involving the AG’s Office – where his good buddy, Baxter, worked? Baxter had “the goods” on Eakin. Baxter knew Eakin had a secret “John Smith” e-mail account set up to keep his racist, woman-hating feelings a secret.

  6. The troll doesn’t even know what he is talking about. Eakin made fun of rape victims. He laughed at female victims of domestic violence.

    Eakin emailed five white male buddies about a woman who complains to her doctor that her husband “beats [her] to a pulp” when he comes home drunk. The doctor advises her to swish sweet tea in her mouth and not to swallow until her husband is asleep. The punchline from the doctor: “You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps?”

    How friggin’ inappropriate is Eakin?

  7. Never mind, Eakin only forwarded two emails. My collection of images combines goats, peanut butter, vibrators, and, occasionally, clown suits. I can’t really be too hard on Eakin.

  8. Steele must demand that Carpenter recuse himself from all these cases. Like his running mate Eakin, Carpenter is blind to the appearance of impropriety of him sitting in judgment on a case regarding leaks from HIS grand jury. It’s repugnant, and an affront to judgment. More important, given the huge Dem majority on the Supreme Court, that kind of conflict of interest would give Kane well-founded grounds to request a new trial. If Steel wants a conviction that sticks, he needs to get this case before an impartial judge, pronto.

  9. Personally, I think the best thing that could happen would be for Corbett to return as both Governor and AG.

  10. PA Dem – He had to do what R – Ferman told him to do. Now he’s the boss; not a Repervlican.

    No one is suggesting Kane should not be prosecuted. She walked right into their perjury trap Shame on her.

    But – the prosecution is corrupt if the MontCo D.A.’s Office pursues her ONE leak while ignoring the MANY leaks from the Clown-Car pursuing Kane from Day 1.

    Selective enforcement is a form of corruption. You can look it up.

  11. Other commenters here are giving Steele a lot more benefit of the doubt than I do. He’s been the lead prosecutor of the Kane case all along, so I just don’t see any prospect for things to change. Time will tell, I suppose.

  12. Go away, troll. The adults are talking now. You are the only one typing Fina’s name. This story has nothing to do with him; but it’s clear he’s every bit as bad (if not worse) than the AG he has been so doggedly pursuing.

  13. You see, as one Kane’s boy toys and a devoted member of the Church of Paterno, I get very upset when I see that Kane ignored the advice of some very smart Democrats in her inner circle and went ahead with the leaking of confidential grand jury materials and lying under oath about it. This is obviously Frank Fina’s fault.

  14. Big M – Well said. He must know that there is a perception problem with the continued pursuit of Kane. Despite the Press Blitz by the Corbett Pervs and Racist creeps, reasonable people have figured out what really happened.

    And what really happened is not pretty. If it plays out in Court the way I expect, Steele will have egg in his face. The only way he avoids that is to actually be fair.

    Let’s see if he has the courage (and smarts) to do it.

  15. I like to say that I’m not defending Kane, but that’s exactly what I do all day every day. Darling Kathleen, Steele’s win is bad news for you, but the (sane) people have spoken.

  16. It’s not too often a person has the opportunity to make or break their career in an elected office on day one. Mr Steele is the one of those few individuals. If he continues the prosecution of Kane without first launching a full scale investigation into the the Kane Grand Jury leaks he will effectively have condemned his term as DA to Politics above Justice!

    Mr Steele let’s see if you have what ti takes to stand up in the face of Politics in pursuit of Justice!

  17. bob –

    That’s all well and good.

    But Steele will lose credibility if he just sheepishly follows the Reppervlican Playbook and mindlessly pursues Kane without looking at the other leaks. It is patently unfair that a certain group of people can get away with MANY leaks and Kane gets prosecuted for ONE leak.

    I am sure everyone has friends who are caught up in “Porn-gate,” but it’s time that someone actually just did what is right. Hopefully – Steele will be that guy.

  18. It is highly likely that the very professional Kevin Steele will re-open the Cosby rape investigation as well he should.

  19. The biggest loser last night was Pat Toomey.

    Gleason Asher Vereb spent $100,000 to defeat independent, conservative Republican Joe Gale who won with convincing margin.
    Ray Zaborney/Red Maverick Media ran the Mike George’s well-funded campaign and lost by major margins

    Polls showed Bruce Castor up 10 points and he lost by 10 because the polls underestimated the Democratic turnout. Pat Toomey and Jon Lerner live by the polls and the polls are not predictive. See also, Matt Bevin in Kentucky who was down by 6.

    Statewide the Gleason-Asher network of incompetent crony consultants were shellacked. The Democrats showed they can turnout their base. The Republican base is demoralized and why would it not be with self-absorbed and self-serving leadership of Gleason and Asher.

    I predict the Democrats will turn out the base for Katie McGinty and the Republican base will remain demoralized.
    Will Pat Toomey have the nerve to tell Gleason – Asher, “it’s time to go”?

  20. I doubt Mr. Steele would be involved in such stuff, PA Dem.

    He does need to start investigating/prosecuting the people responsible for the MANY illegal leaks of material from the Kane Grand Jury. If he doesn’t, his prosecution of Kane for ONE alleged leak will appear corrupt.

  21. Don’t expect to see any change at all in how the Montco DA’s office handles the Kane case. After all, she’s occupying the future office of Montco county commissioner Josh Shapiro. How soon after Steele gets sworn in as DA and Ferman as judge can they start sending sick emails?

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