Keystone Progress PAC Hands Out Their Endorsements

Keystone ProgressThe political action committee Keystone Progress announced yesterday that it will be endorsing Josh Shapiro for Attorney General as well as 32 other candidates.

The candidates were chosen based on their support of the issues that align with the agenda of Keystone Progress which includes supporting abortion rights, the right to organize, support of public schools, a clean environment and other progressive stances.

“We are thrilled to endorse these candidates who are running as bold progressives,” said Michael Morrill, executive director of Keystone Progress PAC. “These candidates are standing up for our working people by promising to protect our environment, our economy and our democracy.

“The Keystone Progress PAC is proud of our unanimous endorsement of Josh Shapiro for Attorney General. The people of Pennsylvania deserve an Attorney General who will prosecute the violation our all of our laws, including corporate malfeasance and despoiling our environment.”

The Keystone Progress PAC selected their candidates from nearly 50 applications.

Below is a list of the other candidates that have received endorsements from KPPAC:

Name Office District Home County
Josh Shapiro Attorney General Montgomery
Eugene DePasquale Auditor General York
Peter Zimmer State Representative 6 Crawford
Christian Rieger State Representative 12 Butler
Nancy Dean State Representative 13 Chester
Jessica Wolfe State Representative 19 Allegheny
Dan Frankel State Representative 23 Allegheny
Perry Warren State Representative 31 Bucks
Steven Elliott State Representative 43 Lancaster
Mary Popovich State Representative 58 Westmoreland
Patrick Edwards State Representative 62 Indiana
William Weaver State Representative 73 Clearfield
Christopher Cowan State Representative 88 Cumberland
Keven Schreiber State Representative 95 York
Charles Klein State Representative 97 Lancaster
Dale Hamby State Representative 100 Lancaster
Michael Schlossberg State Representative 132 Lehigh
Joseph Ciresi State Representative 146 Montgomery
Mary Daley State Representative 148 Montgomery
Stephen McCarter State Representative 154 Montgomery
Carolyn Comitta State Representative 156 Chester
James Butt State Representative 162 Delaware
Sekela Coles State Representative 164 Delaware
Elaine Schaefer State Representative 165 Delaware
Francis Nelms State Representative 170 Philadelphia
Michael O’Brien State Representative 175 Philadelphia
Phillips Armstrong State Representative 183 Lehigh
Pam DeLissio State Representative 194 Philadelphia
Donna Bullock State Representative 195 Philadelphia
Mark Cohen State Representative 202 Philadelphia
Larry Farnese State Senator 1 Philadelphia
Martin Molloy State Senator 9 Delaware
Judy Schwank State Senator 11 Berks
Robert Teplitz State Senator 15 Dauphin

25 Responses

  1. There is nothing “corporate” about Shapiro. And he is not beholden to the likes of Lical 98’s John Dougherty. Shapiro is a smart, progressive Democrat with a history of getting things done. You could ask Rs that have worked with him. He knows what he is doing.

  2. Doesn’t seem to be any -TRUE- candidate for The People for Attorney General… 2 insiders who I don’t trust to make any change or go outside what the establishment ordains, and 1 who the establishment seems out to get, and may well be far too cozy with the corporates. Is this the best the so-called Democratic party can manage? About as bad as the filthy reich-wing party…

  3. Yes. I am Paul a/K/a “the way and the life” He who follows me shall livith and reignith forever. Now piss off.

  4. @megan,
    Lol, are you the comment moderator? Surely you can’t be speaking for for everyone? Unless you yourself have multiple names? WE know who Paul is….

  5. @good witch — no one knows who paul is except for you. there are many people who just dislike zappala.

  6. Is that true, Beth? Are you sure that Zappala is against a woman’s right to choose? I did see that Zappala dodged a question about the abortion issue at a debate.

  7. Poor “Observant.” He’s all angry that his boy Zappala can’t get any support beyond the support he bought from John Dougherty (a criminal). Wonder how that would work with Zappala as AG. We know Seth Williams, the DA in Philadelphia, can’t prosecute Dougherty because Dougherty already bought him. Now, Dougherty has bought Zappala too. So – if Zappala wins – Dougherty would just have to buy the US Attorney and then no one could prosecute him! Awesome for Dougherty!! If you are Dougherty or his family member, you should vote for Zappala. Otherwise – choose someone else.

  8. Headline: Dogs eat the dogfood. This is so predictable. ..Shapiro spouts his Bernie Sanderseque pie in the sky things where there is no law to give him the power to what he claims with no hopes of getting that power…and this group falls for it…let’s vote realistically and for people that know how to do the job and work e#ectively…not just wail against the machine. Thank you.

  9. When I voted at the Allegheny County official endorsement meeting in February, my ballot had two offices to select for endorsements…US Congress and state representative. There was no endorsement for Attorney General. Yesterday, an insider told me that slate cards went to print with Zappala’s name as the Officially Endorsed Allegheny County Democrat Committee candidate. This is exactly the kind of back room dealing that Gene Coon took away from party bosses when he changed the rules and opened the party to everyone in the 1970’s. If the party chair is taking us back into the dark, she might want to let the soldiers know a little ahead of the election. If Zappala ‘s name is on the slate card, I won’t pass it at my polling place because I think it is a stolen endorsement. Someone in power owes me an explanation.

  10. Y’all getting worked up for nothing. Shapiro is gonna get smoked. The same pushback he gets on this site is the same pushback he got at state committee. I’ll never forget watching him sweat looking enraged. It’s the same pushback he will get in MONTCO and every where else. He’s a jag off!!! Evans is a loser so if Josh is counting on anything in the NW wards in philly dream on! Landsdale Ambler Collegeville and Norristown dream on. Zappala wins the west easy. Morganelli owns Lehigh. Wolf and Shapiro live by the Poll and will sink by the Poll!!! Stick the polling you paid and orchestrated up your entitled a$$ !!!
    McGinty Shapiro and Evans all lose!

  11. @Rollo, Sally Henson, and many other of the Zappala negative posters,
    Could it be that you are one in the same? Could it be that you are working together?
    The gig is up Paul, before I post your full name here. You’ve been in politics far too long to know that people you thought were your friends also talk behind your back and can/will rat you out in a heartbeat.

  12. Rollo thomassey-you are correct. State Committee did not endorse, but the fix is in between Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties-They voted for Zappala in return for McGinty-but Counties can endorse, especially when there is not an endorsement at State Committee, but I heard that the Allegheny Chair only asked Allegheny members of the State Committee for the endorsement and did not hold a convention of all precinct committee people-that I believe is where the disconnect is-I would say pursue it in whatever process makes sense!!

  13. Rollo thomassey-

    The Montco County committee Endorsed Shapiro before the state committee meeting. The fix was completely in on that vote, and the chairman ran it past the assembly so quickly that they barely knew what happened. Josh was the only candidate there to speak, and I heard the other candidates weren’t even informed of the endorsement meeting. The same pattern was repeated in Delaware county.

    Often the county parties endorse completely separately from the state committee. The state committee endorsement allows the state committee to commit resources to a candidate. But, the county parties print their own sample ballots from their own funds and contributions (bribes for the endorsement) by some candidates.

    Since the state committee doesn’t pay for the sample ballots, the counties aren’t remotely obliged to honor the state committee endorsement. Also, different regions have different preferences. So, the Allegheny caucus voted overwhelmingly for Zappala, but he got 63% not 66% of the vote for endorsement. Some committees have 50% or 55% as their threshold.

  14. @rollo what you are saying is correct we should just get rid of the committee and do away with endorsements Allegheny county is very corrupt.I would like to hear what david diano has to say

  15. Jake…what am I missing? The party didn’t endorse in this race. There was no vote taken. The chair simply stated her personal preference. Is that good enough to speak for 2500 some committee people and put Zappala on the slate card. The county party charges big money to go through an endorsement process because the slate cards are mailed to individual Democrat voters.If the chair’s preference is good enough to skip the endorsement vote, why not just put the party endorsement up for bid? I don’t think this is what Gene Coon envisioned when he opened up the party to the committee people and took the power away from the few bosses. Okay, sorry for the rant but the question remains. If the county party is making the endorsement and giving Zappala thousands of dollars worth of free advertising plus the cache and machinery that goes with it, doesn’t the rule require an open, transparent vote, not just the whim of an obligated Ditz? Now you can talk.

  16. @rollo allegheny county can endorse anybody they want to there are no laws broken here if it makes you feel any better they don’t pick to many winners.

  17. Here is why the Dems continue to lose ground in the Commonwealth.
    Keep up with these endorsements it will help Republicans.

  18. Anyone who thinks Josh Shapiro is a Progressive has not been paying attention. Pure Corporate Dem, and nothing else. Watch him embrace the frackers after the primary…

  19. Calling Dave Diano…I just heard that the Allegheny County Democrat Committee is printing official endorsements on slate cards for mailing to Democrat voters prior to Election Day. Steve Zappala, jr. Is their “officially endorsed” candidate for Attorney General, although the County Committee held no endorsement for that office. I have been informed that statewide offices are voted on only by state committee electors, the rules protecting that endorsement so as to avoid conflicts with lower Democrat committees. I assume that, in the absence of a statewide endorsement, county committees would then have the right to fill the gap. Still, doesn’t the County party have to hold a vote? There was none. I would know because I am a Committee person and several of my relatives are municipal chairs. Only the County Chair person has stated her personal preference for Zappala. Does that give her the right to place his name on slate cards without a vote? Or, should I dig out my lawsuit and head for the courthouse?

  20. Good list. Doesn’t include establishment figures who have never directly done anything for progress. And Coles over the incumbent. A good and impartial list for once.

  21. BREAKING NEWS: Republican State Committee boldly endorses Republicans for state offices.

  22. Do they have a policy of only endorsing at the state level, or did they just decline to endorse for U.S. Senate and Congress?

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