Khan Calls for Williams’ Resignation

Seth Williams sadIt certainly didn’t take long and it definitely didn’t pull any punches.

Just a few hours after it was announced that Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams was fined a record $62,000 for ethics violations, one of his Democratic primary opponents went for the jugular in his response.

Prosecutor, and 2017 DA candidate, Joe Khan called on Williams to resign from office.

“Seth Williams should publicly apologize to the people of Philadelphia for his abuse of their trust and his failure to uphold the integrity of the District Attorney’s office,” Khan stated. “How can anyone possibly trust a District Attorney who himself is guilty of unethical and admittedly illegal behavior?”

“Philadelphia needs a District Attorney who will lead on important issues like keeping our city safe and addressing criminal justice reform–the only decent thing for Williams to do at this point is to step down from his position as he is certainly distracted by the federal investigation into his unethical behavior.”

That final sentence refers to the ongoing FBI investigation of Williams.

The primary elections are set for May 16th this year.

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8 thoughts on “Khan Calls for Williams’ Resignation”

  1. Zakrey Bissell says:

    i’m hoping for the incumbent is defeated in the primary by joe khan in 2017.

  2. KDSF says:

    You mean there is a non-corrupt guy running? That knocks out Robert Graci.

  3. eagleswing says:

    surely the powers who be will make sure this criminal does not get to keep any pension? or is that something they simply don’t think about in Philly for criminals who fail to report 62 K to the state fed and local tax authorities ?

    josh S where are you on indicting seth FAST??? save him the $ for the endorsement fee so he can pay his fines, and knock him out of the DA race. then let’s hope the best non corrupt guy wins…

  4. David Diano says:


    Star Trek name. 🙂

  5. bungy says:

    Khan, is that a Muslim name?

  6. Sandusky's revenge says:

    Send him over to share a bed with Jerry.

  7. Observer 2 says:

    He might want to seriously consider resigning while he’s in office. A resignation is a permissible part of a plea bargain.

    The bargaining chip goes out the window on primary Election Day. At that point, win or lose, he has deprived the voters of a better choice, should he be indicted. No points for getting indicted, running the race, and then leaving a mess for the judges to clean up. That was a Kane move and it didn’t work.

    He could take a lot of years off, and save the city the headache, if he pleads this out before either the next campaign finance report, the primary election, or an indictment. One of those will show him to be a lame duck with no cards.

  8. David Diano says:

    Joe Kahn fails to realize an important point: If Williams was a “decent” person, he never would have engaged in all that unethical behavior in the first place.

    So, I wouldn’t hold my breath on Williams resigning under any circumstances unless it was for a plea deal.

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