Khan Stars in New Clinton TV Spot (VIDEO)

Khizr Khan, father of a fallen soldier, brought the Democratic Convention to its feet last July.

He also caused Donald Trump to rage on Twitter in the days after.

Now, the Clinton campaign is bringing him back for a new TV ad.

The sixty-second spot, titled “Captain Khan”, recounts the story of Captain Humayun Khan and indirectly criticizes Donald Trump for his proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants.

“I want to ask Mr. Trump, would my son have a place in your America?” Khan asks at the conclusion.

The commercial is set to air in Pennsylvania as well as other swing states like Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Ohio.

8 Responses

  1. Internet rumor that Khan was paid. Edward R. Murrow said that about Clinton? He died in 1965. McCarthy did call the media the “jackal pack”, been waiting for that term to make a comeback.

  2. Khan’s law firm was paid over $300,000 BY THE dnc FOR HIS APPEARANCE AT THE DEM CONVENTION! He’s making money off of his son’s death!

  3. Issac L if you want to vote for Hiliary- go for it but don’t lie about the facts. The lunatics if u will are people who wish to be blind th the Clinton cover up and destruction of evidence. The dems in house more concerned with winning and protecting her – not T getting at truth. Clinton Mills Abedin and Kennedy are political thugs who should be in jail- not running a Nation. As Edward Murrow once suggested a democracy needs to look at itself if it tolerates filth like MCCarthy and garbage like Clinton. Pathetic choice we have as voters doesn’t excuse her criminal conduct or as you would say “lunatics” who excuse or ignore her conduct which did result in loss of life in Libya and Syria- she talks like a skunk- acts like a skunk= and is one no matter outcome in two weeks.

  4. Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on one of the longest congressional investigations in U.S. history, lasting longer than the ones on Pearl Harbor, Hurricane Katrina, the assassination of JFK, and 9/11, and they found no evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. Let’s call it what it was: a partisan witch hunt funded by taxpayers, organized by “fiscal conservatives” in a desperate attempt to abuse the memory of slain veterans and diplomats in a petty and transparent attempt to slander a formidable political opponent. After all that time and treasure, they concluded what the administration had said all along: there was no stand down order, there was no intelligence failure.

    You guys are lunatics – fringe nutjobs blinded by your own delusional need to villainize someone whose politics you hate – who wouldn’t be satisfied if those four poor, dead Americans you love to parade around were to be dug up, reanimated, and endorsed Clinton themselves. It’s sad and you should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s time you let them rest in peace and move onto your next conspiracy theory to beat to death.

  5. We can honor his son- but still call this Khan out for his many conflicts that appear to be sympathetic to Muslim terrorists. Mr. Khan has a political agenda we should reject and condemn- while respecting his son’s memory. Say what you will- No American has died because of anything Trump has done- four people and many more are probably dead because Hiliary Clinton let them die in Lybia – and criminally used a private server that was probably hacked. She is a ruthless ass- nothing more.

  6. His son is a hero. No doubt about that. Look at the elder Mr. Khan’s occupation and his sympathies to terrorist organizations and refugees.

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