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King: Kane Was “Trying to Frame Me”

Kane-ConferenceWith the Kathleen Kane trial underway, the AG’s defense appears to revolve around their claim that she simply “forgot” that she signed an oath to uphold grand jury secrecy.

“No one goes through life without making honest mistakes,” Kane’s lead attorney, Gerald Shargel, said during opening arguments on Tuesday, referring to Kane’s alleged lapse in memory.

Kane’s attorneys asked two prosecution witnesses about the grand jury oaths that they had signed during cross examination.

Douglas Rosenblum, another Kane attorney, called up two grand jury oaths that were signed by Kane’s former First Deputy Bruce Beemer in 2015; one signed on May 28 and one signed on June 30. Rosenblum repeatedly asked Beemer if he had forgotten about one of the oaths.

“If someone came to me and said ‘we have more grand jury oaths to sign’ — we do them routinely,” Beemer stated. “I probably don’t even look at the numbers…I can’t say why I signed the second one…I don’t know that, on June 30th of 2015, if I forgot or not or if they handed me one and I didn’t really look.”

Seth Farber, another member of Kane’s team, asked prosecution witness David Peifer about the environment around signing grand jury oaths including who was there, and the pace of the signing.

Peifer commented, “Well, you signed them,” on the speed of signing the documents, and recalled the people who were at the signing of the grand jury oaths in 2013 when Kane originally took office.

Adrian King, Kane’s former first deputy attorney general, was the last witness on Wednesday at the trial, and it appeared evident that a once friendly relationship had been dissolved.

King referred mostly to Kane as “the defendant” and after Kane’s legal team began attacking King’s alleged conflicting statements and dates he had provided under oath with regards to the Kane case, King stated: “It became clear that the Attorney General and Mr. Morrow,” he said, “were trying to frame me.”

During his testimony, King recalled that on April 23rd he was given an envelope by Kane that he thought contained “campaign materials,” and delivered this envelope to Morrow without looking inside. Prosecutors claim that this envelope contained the secret grand jury materials in question.

The defense will continue its cross-examination of King Thursday morning.

36 Responses

  1. I believe you (Fake Pat) are blowing a truck-Driver right now. For $10. At the rest-stop. That’s what I believe.

  2. So HaHaHa, you believe that KK’s text messages were made up? Or, how about the key testimony from her own hand-picked Democrat insiders, like King? All part of the conspiracy? What kind of tinfoil do you use to keep the rays out of your brain?

  3. @ “PA Grandparent”:

    No way, no how; d2 constantly blindly asserts to befit his fractured conceptualizations.

  4. Oh look, Observer. Now the FOXtard troll wants to be up your asshole as well. Congrats!!

  5. DD – Seth Williams and Mondeshire were tight. Just a coincidence that Fina let Him skate and then got six-figure job from Seth Williams?

    Seth also hired all of Fina’s boys (well – all two of them).

  6. Pat Unger-

    My point was that including Mondesire was not intentional. It was an error that his name was not redacted. Showing Fina’s mishandling was intentional (and a public service).

  7. Don’t mind my owner. Even if Kane gave a full confession of every detail, he would think that Johnny Doc and Frank Fina somehow forced her to do it. I often have to share space up Observer’s ass with his head.

  8. Kane actually TEXTED Morrow about their plan to leak the documents and cover it up! And David Diano says it wasn’t INTENTIONAL! lololololololol

  9. Not that I can argue against what DDD is saying. Sure looks like Kooky Kathleen is guilty as sin!

  10. OMG — the pathetic FOXtard is now fantasizing about being shoved in DD’s asshole. LOL

  11. Diano, you continue to confirm your belief that Democrats may commit crimes and you will simply say that they shouldn’t be crimes. It’s no wonder that nobody takes you seriously. What KK did is being made plain for the world to see. Her actions clearly violate the law that applies to both Democrats and Republicans. Everybody except a zealot like you with his head up his ass can see that.

    Oh, and KK is paying for her defense with campaign funds, which is also illegal. But I suppose you’ll find a way to say that shouldn’t be a crime either.

  12. Dildo-

    I don’t give two-f*cks if Kane leaked the material nor if she lied about it. The entire trial has been a judicial and prosecutorial witch hunt against her with no credibility, especially when the grand jury against her leaked 100 times as much and got little more than a shrug. The failure to redact Montdesire’s name was an error, but intentional. Fina’s mishandling was information that should have been public knowledge.

    The DAs and judges in this country sandbag and sabotage grand jury investigations into cops that shoot unarmed black teens to prevent trials. In Baltimore, they had a list of lying cops who routinely perjured themselves so they wouldn’t be called to the stand (rather than prosecute them).

    If I was on this jury, I’d ask that Judge Carpenter, the DA and the other conspirators each pay Kane $1 million for bringing this case in the first place, before they were put in jail themselves for misconduct.

  13. And Morrow telling 2 different stories? He was lying for his friend Kathleen until the FBI confronted him with his recorded conversation about working with KK to leak the grand jury documents. Then he started fessing up to the truth. But the likes of Pat Unger/H3 and David Diano have no use for facts.

  14. “Ha!! Looks like a stupid Dildo has fallen for it!!! Wish he was on the jury.”

  15. So, the jury just heard testimony that Kane not only arranged for the illegal disclosure but she also arranged for a lie to be told about it. Oh, and this was all recorded by the FBI during a phone conversation. Yep, sounds like a Corbett conspiracy!

  16. So, not surprisingly, the only answer to a simple question so far is Diano’s predictable “it shouldn’t be a crime.” Of course, if a Republican did the same thing, it would and should be a crime. But it’s a Democrat. So, even if a jury finds beyond a reasonable doubt that Kane did what she is accused of doing, Diano will ignore that bedrock part of our democracy and say “it shouldn’t be a crime.” This is the definition of idiocy.

  17. HaHaHa-

    Yes, but even if she lied intentionally (which she didn’t), it is wrong to treat that as a crime.

    This is the way I’d do it:

    Bailiff: “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

    Me: “Nope. It depends on the questions.”

  18. DD – and she didn’t lie!! It’s only a lie if you know it’s untrue when you say it (under oath).

    This prosecution is motivated by politics. They are calling a bunch of little girls to say mean things about Kane.

    Meantime – the guys that illegally leaked a ton of protected material are not being prosecuted.

  19. He should go back to $10 blowies. Because he sucks at trolling!!!

    He probably hopes Ha3 is his next “customer” at the turnpike rest-stop.

  20. Dildo-

    I don’t consider the perjury charges against her to be actual crimes, regardless of whether she intentionally lies, or merely misspoke or had a different recollection/interpretation of events.

    The ONLY kind of perjury charge that should exist is if you intentionally lie to accuse someone else of a crime or provide a false alibi for someone else who did commit a crime. Stating you didn’t commit a crime (whether you did or didn’t) shouldn’t be a separate crime.

  21. Hey Pat Unger (I mean, me): Are you willing to answer DDD’s question below? If the jury weighs all the evidence, including the credibility of the witnesses, and convicts, will you finally accept that KK committed crimes? Or will the jurors be part of the Fina conspiracy?

  22. Hey Ha3 – looks like the pathetic FOXtard still wishes he could be you!!! He’s using a bunch of stolen screen-names these days. I may have to sic bungy on him.

  23. Kane will be acquitted. She was set up. The D.A. has no competent, credible evidence. The case is BS and everyone knows it (especially the people who read the embarrassing GJ report).

    The Jury isn’t dumb. They can Google “Frank Fina” and see what he has been up to. Not Guilty.

    The O knows.

  24. “Yeah… She was trying to frame me. Yeah.. that’s the ticket. But, me and the boys… we framed her first. Yeah. Taught that skirt a lesson. Yeah.. me and that dame used to date. She still has one of my record albums.”

  25. Peggy, you actually believe that every person Kane hand-picked to be in her inner circle decided to testify against her because they are conspiring against her and because they’re in league with Johnny Doc? Wow, you’re going out of your way to be delusional.

  26. Question for you Kane supporters (there’s like four of you in the whole world and you’re all commenting here): when the jury finds beyond a reasonable doubt that Kane did what she is accused of doing, will you finally accept that she committed crimes intentionally? The jury, after all, will have all the evidence that you don’t have.

  27. That’s called projection. Kane was framed by the a-holes testifying against her. Curious -they are all John Dougherty guys.

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