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Knoll Drops Out of Treasurer Race

KnollAlbert Baker Knoll is dropping out of the State Treasurer race.

According to PRNewswire, Knoll is withdrawing for medical reasons.

“In recent weeks, Baker Knoll has been advised by his orthopaedic surgeons in New York City and Baltimore that injuries sustained to his foot and ankle in a 2014 skiing accident require a second round of surgeries,” they write. “These doctors further advised that any extended travel during the campaign might complicate these surgeries and compromise Mr. Baker Knoll’s long term recovery.”

The son of the former Lieutenant Governor announced his candidacy last month. Instead, he will be endorsing former Deputy Mayor Joe Torsella’s campaign.

“Baker Knoll has communicated his intent to withdraw his candidacy to Joe Torsella and has pledged his full support towards Torsella’s campaign for State Treasurer.”

On the Republican side, businessman Otto Voit is also seeking the State Treasurer’s office.

Knoll also emailed his supporters with the news that he is leaving the race.

The full message is included below:


In the long history of Pennsylvania, the Baker Knoll name has developed a special association with the State Treasurer’s office, largely because my mother Catherine Baker Knoll brought so much integrity and innovation to the responsibilities that position has for the Commonwealth. It was my intention to continue this legacy and advance it into the 21st century. Regrettably, I have medical needs that preclude me from continuing on this journey with you. A ski accident in 2014 has left me needing more surgery and rehabilitation. I will be fine. I have always been an optimist.  I have told Pennsylvanians throughout the Commonwealth that we must prepare ourselves for the probability that things are going to turn out very well. And I will continue to help us reach that result. Thank you for your help, your support and your faith in me.


UPDATE: Torsella has released the following statement:

“I wish Albert Baker Knoll well and a speedy recovery. I’m looking forward to being part of a strong Democratic team in 2016. I will work tirelessly to bring integrity and transparency to the Treasury, be an effective fiscal watchdog for Pennsylvanian taxpayers, to expand access to affordable higher education, and to create more financial security for all Pennsylvanians.”

8 Responses

  1. here we go again: the g genetic theory of politics. mom was an elected official, let’s coast in on what’s left of her coat tails and political organization. that didn’t work too well for ‘JEB!’. let’s wait to see how it works for Steve Zap.

  2. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    I wish Sestak would drop out, since he suffers from that same affliction.

  3. And which job was he promised if he withdrew and endorsed Torsella? Or was withdrawal just an offer he could not refuse?

  4. “Medical reason”– a valid petition challenge filed on the fact that a candidate still lives outside the state.

  5. Why bother gathering petitions and going threw all the trouble of getting on ballot to withdraw from race there’s more to this story im sure also I thought treasure Weinstein from Allegheny county was running also maybe him and knoll were skiing at the same resort.

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