Knox Abruptly Ends Philly Mayoral Bid

Tom Knox

Tom Knox

It was rumored that Tom Knox would officially launch his candidacy for the 2015 Philadelphia mayor’s race next week, but Friday he announced that he would not be seeking the position.

“After much soul-searching and many difficult conversations with my wife, children and trusted advisers, I am today announcing the end of my planned 2015 mayoral campaign.  I did not reach this decision easily.  I love Philadelphia. Leading this great city as mayor has been a lifelong ambition, but it’s simply not to be,” Knox said. “To all those who have worked with me, stood by me and believed in my candidacy, I offer my sincerest gratitude.”

It would have been his second run at mayor’s office; in 2007 he lost in the Democratic primary to Michael Nutter.

Knox also dropped out of the Democratic primary for Governor in 2010.

Knox is a Philadelphia businessman and served on Mayor Ed Rendell’s first cabinet in a budgetary position. A perennial candidate, he won’t be featured on the ballot in the City of Brotherly Love in 2015.

In other Philadelphia mayoral news, former City Councilman Frank Rizzo has changed his official party registration to Democrat and is eying his own candidacy. Rizzo was a Republican but became an an independent in 2011.

Rizzo’s father was a Philadelphia mayor himself, which Frank mentioned in an interview. “I was raised by a mayor, who will always be revered in Philadelphia as doing a good job,” he said. “I watched him work. I utilized some of those things saw when I was in City Council.”

City of Philadelphia Democratic Chairman and Congressman Bob Brady has already picked his candidate for 2015 mayor: State Senator Anthony Williams. Undeterred by this, Rizzo plans to formally announce his candidacy after the holidays.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz, Councilman Bill Green and several others are already jockeying for the mayoral campaign.

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5 thoughts on “Knox Abruptly Ends Philly Mayoral Bid”

  1. idratherbefishingwithric says:

    R-I-Z-Z-O open your ears…

  2. Sean says:

    In other news, Tom Knox is something of a flake.

  3. ABCDEF says:

    LMAO. Knox always says he’s doing something then decides not to enter the race. This is a pattern now. He needs counseling.

  4. David Diano says:

    I’ve met Knox a few times. He seemed like a nice guy.

    However, the headline “Knox Abruptly Ends Philly Mayoral Bid” doesn’t seem quite right because you can’t end something (abruptly or otherwise) that you didn’t start in the first place.

  5. mamageeta says:

    Sorry to hear this. As a Democrat living in Philly, BUT aware of the long-lasting corruption in city government AND a mayor whose proving himself to be a DINO, I am wary of career politicians and wish we’d get a true progressive to run for mayor.

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