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Krasner Bests Vega in Philly Dem DA Primary

Larry Krasner

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner cruised to victory for the Democratic Party nomination for Philadelphia District Attorney over challenger Carlos Vega, a former homicide prosecutor.

The AP’s Marc Levy tweeted out shortly after midnight that Krasner won the party nomination. According to Decision Desk HQ, Krasner garnered 65% of the vote, while Vega tallied nearly 35% of the vote, with 96% of votes reported.   

“Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign and realized that Philadelphia has to keep moving forward. I will spend the next four years fighting for people, for prevention, and for a justice system we can all be proud of,” Krasner tweeted at 1 A.M. on Wednesday morning. 

The progressive prosecutor was first elected as Philadelphia District Attorney in 2017. He secured 38% of the vote in a crowded 7 candidate Democratic Party primary before besting Republican Beth Grossman by a wide margin in the general election. 

Krasner received endorsements from Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Working Families Party, state Sen. Sharif Street (D-Philadelphia), state House Minority Leader Joanna McClinton (D-Philadelphia) and other progressive Philadelphia lawmakers, while Vega was backed by F.O.P. Lodge 5, former Gov. Ed Rendell, state Sen. Tina Tartaglione (D-Philadelphia), and multiple other state reps from Northeast Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia’s Democratic City Committee did not endorse a candidate in the race. 

Krasner promoted criminal justice reform during his bid to secure the Democratic Party nomination, while Vega promised to decrease the murder rate in Philadelphia, while also being a voice for the families of victims during his candidacy. 

Krasner’s victory in the Democratic Party primary means that he will likely be elected to a second term in the Democratic Party majority city. 

Krasner will face Republican Chuck Peruto Jr., a defense attorney, in November’s election.

13 Responses

  1. What a disgrace. Krasner might make a decent Public Defender but he is nothing short of a disaster as a District Attorney. While he will defeat Peruto since no Republican can win in Philadelphia, the result might be closer than normal which, no doubt will hurt Democratic judicial candidates statewide that need a decent vote out of Philadelphia or they can’t win. The Democratic City Committee made a terrible decision not to rid themselves of this absolutely horrible District Attorney.

  2. the use of adjectives in your headlines betrays a bias. do you have a separate dictionary for use and applications to democrats vs. republicans?

    1. 65% of Philadelphians need to “explain”? Why?

      Krasner did what he was elected to do, and got reelected to continue. Pretty simple.

      Also, the corrupt Philly FOP endorsed Vega.

      1. Well they need to explain why they want a prosecutor who’s only job is to let criminals go free and keep killing more of them.

        1. He prosecutes criminals. He gets innocent people exonerated (also people who were convicted through illegal actions, like forced confessions).

          He’s standing up to the corrupt (and pretty racist) Philly FOP. That’s more than enough reason.

        2. He keeps innocent people out of jail and free. For example, the bail system (in Philadelphia and around the country) resulted in poor people – WHO HADN’T BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME – staying in jail for months, simply because they couldn’t afford bail. Who wants to put innocent people in jail? Since when in the USA are poor people allowed to be imprisoned?

          You might think, ‘well of course they shouldn’t do that’, and I would agree – but no DA before Krasner agreed, as crazy as that sounds (and Vega was a part of that for decades). In fact, you should look up what happens in your community – there’s a good chance that the same thing is happening there.

          Krasner prosecutes serious crime just like any other DA.

          Note that the people and communities in Philadelphia most affected by crime are the ones that supported Krasner the most. If you don’t understand why, apparently there is a world outside your bubble that you are unaware of.

          1. OK, wiseguy, what happens to the rates of appearances by criminal defendants when there is no or very low cash bail required? And what do those criminal defendants do while they’re missing their Court appearances? Bail is specifically referenced in the U.S. Constitution, so you can go take a long walk off of a short pier, bucko!

      2. First, you friggin douche, I never said anyone needs to do anything. I was asking people to explain why.

        Apparently asking a simple question of someone politely is trolling for worthless hemorrhoid ridden mnut sack morons like you for a response.

        Go back to impressing slovenly know nothings at State Committee.

        1. “Huh”
          Nobody cares to explain the obvious to you. Plenty of supporters and endorsers who gave reasons. Plenty of tweets, too.

          How about “asking” your questions under your real name?

          1. No one ever gives a favorable account of Krasner which posits that he’s a good PROSECUTOR. Notice that? He’s just simply neglecting the duties of his office because he’d rather play social worker and social revolutionary.

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