Lamb Distances Himself from Pelosi in New Ad

Democratic Congressional candidate Conor Lamb launched a new ad in the 18th district special election distancing himself from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“My opponent wants you to believe the biggest issue in this campaign is Nancy Pelosi.  Its all a big lie,” Lamb says in the ad.  

“I’ve already said on the front page of the newspaper that I don’t support Nancy Pelosi.”  

The NRCC and Republicans have been consistently pushing to tie Lamb to Pelosi, following the playbook they have used in recent special elections.  

Lamb announced early in the campaign that he would not support Nancy Pelosi for Democratic Leader if he was elected to the House.  

The special election between Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone will be held on March 13th.  

You can view the ad below.  


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  1. Forest for the tree time. Not only did Conor Lamb initially fudge on if he would support Pelosi as Speaker or Minority Leader(He did not announce that he would not do so until after it became apparent that he wasn’t getting national Democratic help), but the real question is, will he support Pelosi’s agenda as Speaker or Minority Leader. It’s a significant distinction, but one that he has not addressed. Probably for good reason. Someone should ask.

    1. He is opposed to any reduction in benefits to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He sees the opioid crisis as a national problem. He supports existing gun control laws. He is personally opposed to abortion but he doesn’t believe he should impose his religious beliefs on others. He is for a strong military. His views are what common sense people believe in. I think that is what is called an agenda……….

      1. He will vote in lock step with the Democratic caucus. That’s how this works. That’s how this anyways works!

      2. Jim, do you realize that you just rpeated most of what I posted. He will follow Pelosis agenda. That doesn’t mean that he’s right or wrong, it just means what it says. What you ignored, however, is that I also pointed out that he’s trying to hide that by only saying that he won’t vote for Pelosi and not addressing the fact that he will vote with her. So, it’s also a question of candor and character. BTW, I also have noticed that he is not saying that he will stick with this district when it becomes the 14th CD. He hasn’t said that he’ll jump ship and run in the new 17th, but he sure didn’t turn down the Stonewall endorsement for that district. basically, he’s now asking the people of the 18th to waste their votes on him without actually saying so.

  2. Lamb is a veteran and therefore a team player. However, he is an independent thinker who is part of a new breed of Democrat who sees the party returning to local values and returning the power to the grassroots.

  3. There’s actually nothing wrong with Pelosi, and I hope this doesn’t backfire on Lamb. She was a very effective house leader and unified the party. The problem is that she’s been attacked by right wing extremists over falsehoods for a decade, so people on the right just assume she’s bad. Right wing extremists always attack powerful women who happen to be democrats. Look at all the lies they told about Hillary. They even believed the lies spread by Russians! They’ll believe anything as long as it’s a partisan attack on a democrat.

    1. It may not be fair, but Nancy Pelosi is a cancer for any rural Democratic candidates and I believe the only place in PA that her image doesn’t hurt a candidate is in Philly. There is a time and place for every political leader and my point is that her time is past. She needs to accept that her place in history was to be the first woman Speaker – that is quite an accomplishment that will be in the history books – and step aside and let someone like Tim Ryan from Ohio be the face of the Democratic party in Congress.

  4. Nancy Pelosi alone could insure a Democratic landslide in November if she would check her huge ego at the door and announce immediately that she would not seek another term a Democratic leader or as Speaker should the Democrats take back the majority. Even better would be a total retirement. Unfortunately, she will remain in the spotlight and will impact several close races enough that the Republicans will hold some seats because swing voters don’t want her back as Speaker.

  5. The Dems will go after Lamb if he wins and doesn’t support Pelosi et al. Imagine Diane Feinstein is not liberal enough for CA Dems. Remember former Congressman Tim Holden? He wasn’t liberal enough for the DC left.

    1. Tim Holden was the best. I don’t know why Sestek had Cartwright primary him. Of all people Sestek who doesn’t live in Pennsylvania. Shame on you!

      1. Tim Holden was a fine elected official. I do not think we will see his common sense approach go anywhere in today’s identity politics first Democratic Party. But for the sake of our country I hope that I am wrong.

    2. Remember when Pelosi released Holden on the ACA vote so he could vote No? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. He was released because they already had the votes. His “No” vote was meaningless. Apparently, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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