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Lamb & Saccone Debate for First Time

Monday night on KDKA Democratic candidate Conor Lamb and Republican candidate Rick Saccone debated for the first time ahead of the March special election.

According to KDKA the debate began with a question about the recent school shooting in Florida.  Both candidates have said the main issue is mental health.  

“We have to focus on the mental illness. We have to focus on the underlying problems with our society … I’ve always been for sensible [gun] regulations and laws,” Saccone said.  

“I recognize there is great passion. I’d like to see a background check system that works.  We’ve seen too many of these shootings happen because somebody fell through the cracks. It’s going to take people who are willing to reach across the aisle, who are willing to stay late and who are willing to spend some money to fix this thing and I don’t believe my opponent is willing to do so,” Lamb said.  

The candidates differed on medical marijuana, which began being sold in Pennsylvania late last week.  

Saccone, who voted against the bill in Pennsylvania, argued against its use saying that “the experts [at Congressional hearings] told us that the science says the medical marijuana is not helping in the way that they think. In many ways, if they’re young people, it could actually hurt them.” 

Lamb supported allowing states to allow medical marijuana without interference from the federal government.  

“I don’t believe that any child or parent should be afraid of prosecution if they are following the advice of their doctor. That’s what’s happening here. Many doctors have told me that these oils that come from cannabis are every useful and they’re often much cheaper than more expensive prescription drugs. So, I would like to see the research continue, well regulated sale and distribution of these drugs,” Lamb said.  

According to the Post-Gazette Lamb pushed against Saccone’s time in Harrisburg, referencing the multiple budget impasses in recent years saying he is “part of the same crowd in Harrisburg who have shut down the government there.”

25 Responses

  1. Debate needed Drew Gray Miller. Otherwise Saccone still doesn’t know what the separation of church and state is, and Lamb doesn’t know anything that the party hasn’t spoon fed him.

  2. You gotta love Saccone’s weasel words about his position on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Quote I would support a better delivery of those services…..explain in understandable English what you mean.

    1. They should have asked him about his war crimes, but I guess waterboarding prisoners of war is cool now.

  3. Lamb is Pro-Abortion and says he is Catholic? He’s (as such) a Fraud! I’m hopeful that the voters can send Lamb a rather clear message to not call himself a catholic as he’s killing the unborn (via policy)!

    1. Lamb is not pro abortion he clearly said it when asked. He doesn’t believe his personal religious beliefs should be part of a legislative law.. That decision should take place between the woman, doctor and family. The evangelical right has used this issue against anyone who doesn’t toe their line.

      Isn’t it a right to have a decent family sustaining wage…..affordable health care…..a pension…..access to higher education for everyone’s children and not just the rich…..ability to care for our elderly without destroying your families finances. Don’t fall into their trap. Of course we all believe that taking an unborn life is wrong but don’t fall into the trap.

      1. then why doesn’t Silicon Valley liberals offer these things? No Pension…No Unions…No Regulation….and cheaper foreign labor is the liberal mantra?

      2. I’m sure in the 1850’s there were people saying they personally weren’t in favor of slavery but didn’t want to impose their views on others. USA is one of only 7 countries that permits abortions up to the point of birth. In fact, Democrats voted virtually unanimously against legislation to protect babies BORN. ALIVE from abortions. Outside the mother’s body, viable babies – are killed or left to die. That’s what Nancy Pelosi & her crew support.

    2. Lamb is only saying what the party tell him to say. He will do great work for his party, while constitutes get the same ol results

      1. The Democratic Party does not tell Lamb what to say or do. You don’t know him or what he has said or you would not have made such a ridiculous statement. To borrow a phrase “there you go again” making an empty headed statement.

  4. Libertarians don’t believe in pasteurized milk. So all this whining about Drew Miller is silly. I mean after all, he wants his milk straight from a cows titie. I just can’t visualize this. The optics are so bad. ????

    1. Actually Libertarians think that the government shouldn’t tell you what milk to drink. If it’s pasteurized or not, Libertarians don’t care. Its your body so you do you.

  5. Interesting article. Funny how it ignores that one of the candidates was missing or that KDKA made illegal campaign contributions to Lamb and Saccone.

    1. You look pretty stupid making jokes about people not winning elections in response to those people pointing out that the elections are rigged.

      1. You look pretty stupid supporting fringe nutjobs who ignore 230 years of history and pine for the glory days of the 1790s when men* were men and women and minorities were property.

        *white, landed

  6. A debate with only two out of three candidates… Excluded Drew Gray Miller based on a poll that didn’t include his name, just “other”. The questioned, that poll said that they didn’t know how KDKA was using it, and that it was never intended to be used that way.

  7. A debate isn’t a debate with only two candidates. Don’t exclude someone who is on the ballot.

  8. Who really cares about a debate that intentionally leaves out one of the candidates on the ballot. I guess people will have to Google Drew Gray Miller to learn about their third option.

  9. Vote for the Libertarian Drew Miller. These two Republocrats are a joke. Shame on the author for not reporting that Miller wasn’t invited to the debate – it’s a special election and all the candidates did the same work to be on the ballot, and the only poll was a joke, only mentioned the Republocrats. The people in the 18th can make a real difference in DC by voting for a third party, imagine the message that would send to the overlords in DC.

  10. After watching these 2 dance around every question asked thank goodness for doyle taken over the 18th.

    1. All good with Doyle. He worked for us early when La familia put the west Virginia godfather’s cousin in the senate. We had the Irish goof washing cars on the north side when he wasn’t inHarrisburg. He still answers to us.

    2. If they would had included Drew G. Miller, we could have got some real answers… and would make things interesting considering Lamb ran away from him when he found out they were presenting at the same school one day.

  11. They had a debate but refused to invite the Libertarian candidate on the ballot. Russia meddling isn’t has much of a concern as media meddling from where I’m standing.

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