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Lamb & Saccone Exchange Sharp Words During Debate

Via Twitter

Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone met on WTAE for a debate ahead of the March 13th special election that was sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Lamb and Saccone exchanged sharp words on multiple topics, including steel tariffs, gun control, Social Security and Medicare.  

Both candidates agreed with President Trump’s decision to place a tariff on imported steel, but Lamb accused Saccone of acting against the interests of steel workers.

“He (Saccone) has voted in Harrisburg repeatedly to allow in our public construction projects the use of foreign steel instead of American steel. He’s voted repeatedly against our steelworkers who are in unions,” Lamb said according to WTAE.  

Saccone defended the votes Lamb alluded to saying “I’ve stood for the union workers, and that’s why they’ve voted for me in droves” according to the Post-Gazette.  

On gun control, Lamb reiterated his support for increasing the age to buy semi-automatic rifles to 21 while Saccone remains against increasing the age limit.  

On Social Security and Medicare, Saccone said he has “no plans, I have not advocated, I never would, cutting Social Security or Medicare.”

“I think its time for Mr. Saccone, if he believes that, to stand up and say he opposes the $250-billion dollar cut to Medicare that is in President Trump’s budget right now,” Lamb said in response.

6 Responses

  1. Poor Ricky is really feeling the heat at home…I understand his wife had already compiled a list of DC’s finest dining establishments and was salivating at the thought of all of those delicious delicacies for the low, low price of lobbyist access…now that’s in jeopardy!…I can’t figure out which is more sad – his good government hypocrisy or his mustache?

  2. Lamb just trots out the standard Democratic talking points. He has nothing original to say. He is way too liberal and will just be another mindless left-wing vote on every issue. Saccone is a much better choice.

  3. Republican rhetoric on “protecting” Medicare and Social Security is simply not trustworthy. Look at their support for the Affordable Care Act repeal bills, the tax bills, the budgets and continuing resolutions. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the eating ain’t good.

    1. The affordable care act sucks. Stop using it as some benchmark of policy position on other issues. It is a catastrophe a r charges have to be made that may include repealing pieces.

  4. Saccone reminds me alot like rick Santorum,way to conservative for this he’s a career politician.

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