Lamb Slightly Outraises Rothfus in Q2

Two incumbents. $2 million cash on hand. Two quarters in 2018. One seat. This is the race for PA17.  

Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny) and Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny) are both vying for the newly drawn 17th Congressional district that encompasses all of Beaver County and sections of Allegheny and Butler counties.

Lamb, who grabbed the national spotlight with his special election victory over GOP state Rep. Rick Saccone in March, raised slightly over $659,000 from late April to the end of June. During that same period, Rothfus raised nearly $536,000.

The Rothfus campaign was satisfied with the “grassroots level” effort this quarter and believes they will continue to improve as time continues.

“They know that Keith Rothfus is fighting hard to represent them in Congress on the issues they care about like immigration reform, job creation, supporting our veterans and working to combat the opioid epidemic,” said campaign spokesman Mike Barley. “We anticipate support for Congressman Rothfus’ campaign to continue to increase.”

Rothfus hasn’t had to spend very much during this election cycle yet, while Lamb is still catching up from his expensive win just three months ago.

During this period, Lamb spent nearly 3 times the amount of the Rothfus campaign. Rothfus spent just over $121,000 during this period, while Lamb spent close to $332,000.

Despite the wide margin of money spent during these past couple of months, Rothfus and Lamb have a nearly identical amount of cash on hand. Lamb currently has $2.1 M on hand, while Rothfus has $2.07 M.

As of July 13, Cook Political Report has the seat listed as “Toss Up”.

Updated with comment from the Rothfus campaign.

15 Responses

  1. Rothfus is one of the wealthiest members in Congress, he can spend as much as he wants. Lamb can play the independent game all he wants but everyone knows that as a practical matter, he’s another vote for Pelosi. We’ll see what happens.

    1. And everyone knows Rothfus isn’t going to act as a check on this out-of-control president. Trashing America abroad and sucking up to dictators who attacked our country ain’t a good look.

      For all their talk of patriotism, there doesn’t seem to be many patriots left in the formerly Grand Old Party.

      1. Here we go again about the Pelosi shot. Do you people ever change your que cards. And Rothfus is another vote for Trump and all his Russian friends. Did it ever occur to you that what Trump did was treasonous? I wore our country’s uniform what uniform did you wear? The same one that 7 bone spur deferments your man Donald wore.

  2. I only support incumbents who raise a lot of money, but Rofus is a doofus, so at least we have that in common.

  3. Rothfus looked almost as bad as screwie Louie Gohmert last week during the Strzok hearing. After Trump’s love fest with Putin today, real Americans have to realize that the GOP and Trump are putting the long term security of the United States at great risk. Time to clean house and get rid of Trump and the whole corrupt bunch.

  4. This race cannot be analyzed by looking at life from your front porch. The Trump dynamic that literally overwhelms the political fabric right now will also play into every down ballot race. Congress is no exception. What am I saying? That you have to live in a sealed bubble to not have read about the variety of Trump based stories and, like all else, folks easily tire of it. Trump fatigue sets in. Lamb will get the benefit of the doubt and win in 2018.

  5. This man (LAMB) could have the shortest term in congress ever????????.
    Will the headline read dems shoot them self in the foot with this district??

    1. His Mt. Lebanon base looked past the fact that he wasn’t a Progressive because they were soo desperate to flip a District. What really makes me mad is that some other true Progressives bowed out and were scared to take him on all because of the stupid DCCC statement that came out in March.

        1. Solomon wasn’t ‘my pal’ as you say. Solomon lived in the new 17 but didn’t run there. He ran unsuccessfully in the new 14 so get your facts straight.

          Solomon had no business running in the new 14 as he took orders from Jesse White of all people (which he shouldn’t have).

          Bob Solomon turned out to be a liar and I don’t believe he never was a card carrying member of the N.R.A. as that terrible add suggested. As an emergency room doctor he had no political know-how.

          As far as Progressives are concerned in that District I was referring to Aarron Anthony and Ray Leisenmayer who were to the Left of Conor.

          There is still much work to be done in this District.

          1. He was your pal in the old district. That’s a fact. Check your old posts.

            BTW…none of the two you mentioned would have a chance in November. Leisenmayer has even less personality than Solomon.Know the district and the voters…and get YOUR facts straight, “Lion”.

          2. @Frank Burns

            Since you’re referring to old posts, Idiot Marcel Groen had no business walking up to Solomon in the Washington gym telling him “Your campaign isn’t going anyhwere. I want you to cut your speech by five minutes”. At that time that was wrong. This post is about the new 17, Mister Frank Burns. So get YOUR facts straight.

            You’re better off chasing Margaret Houlahan.

        1. Loose – adjective – not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached.

          The word you’re looking for is lose…

          1. You know Santorum isn’t so good with the words and the spellings…..

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