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Lamb to Run in New 17th Congressional District

Coming off his narrow victory in the 18th Congressional district special election Democrat Conor Lamb will reportedly run in the new 17th Congressional district to challenge Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus.

According to the Beaver County Times Beaver county Democratic Committee Chairman Steve Dupree said Lamb is participating in the county endorsement vote on March 22nd.  

After the state Supreme Court ordered a redraw of the state’s Congressional districts, the 18th district Lamb ran in does not exist anymore, meaning he needs to figure out where he will run in the May primary.  

The new 17th district includes Beaver county, and parts of Butler and Allegheny counties.  

Dupree said that even though Lamb won the special election, he hasn’t built a network in Beaver county yet.  

“He doesn’t know anybody in Beaver County.  He has to work hard to get the support of the Beaver County committee and the Beaver County electorate,” Dupree said.  

Lamb’s special election victory came in a district that voted for President Trump by 20 points in 2016.  The new 17th district would have voted for Trump by 2.5 points.

Lamb joins Beth Tarasi and Aaron Anthony in seeking the endorsement.

16 Responses

  1. We’re finally going to see the end of the fraud Rothfus. If there ever was someone who was unfit to serve its Rothfus. Remember Super Storm Sandy that literally destroyed the New Jersey shoreline and lower Manhattan? Well guess who was one of many Republican U.S. Representatives to vote against federal aid for those areas………KEITH ROTHFUS……… I live in his new congressional district and can’t wait to vote against him and better yet to actively WORK against him. He never thought his day of reckoning would come…………well it’s here Mr. Rothfus.CB3P

  2. i liked erin’s style on the campaign trial. but 1/ erin has not proven she can win against rothfus. 2/ erin very narrowly lost the Dem endorsement to steve larchuk, (she was within 13 names of getting thrown off the ballot in larch’s petition challenge which she survived only because larchuk unepectely discontinued his challenge ‘for financial reasons.’ )she then proceeded to lose (again.) she should give it up… the real test of whether she’s a true dem worthy of future support is whether she will support WHOEVEr wins the dem primary in 17 — not play sour grapes and behave like a bernie suppporter.

  3. Dems who consider voting for a republican woman laura ellsworth because they want ‘a woman candidate’ are fools . the same mentality brought us bernie voters who could not bear to vote for hillary —so Dems lost pa where they had a 2.7 million majority. way to go — let wrathful rothfus keep the job ‘because you prefer a woman ” so won’t vote for whoever wins the primary ??? that’s ridiculous reverse sexism . i am voting for the best candidate in the primary THEN voting for the PERSON –woman or man– as party nominee who wins each primary in the general. . (you may wish to consider doing likewise. )

    1. I will support whoever wins the primaries to run against Rothfus, and I actually like Conor Lamb. That doesn’t make me less sad about having zero women in Congress for PA. Laura Ellsworth is running for governor and seems to have the civility needed to reach across the aisle. She has shown leadership in her career, a commitment to civic engagement, and a refreshing focus on ideas and debate that will bring us all up a level. I usually stand by my party, but I like her enough to want her to succeed in becoming the first female governor of PA. She’d be the icing on my blue wave cake!

  4. Oh baby this will be a classic beat down with young and vibrant Conner Lamb against the stale Keith Rothfus. Time to say goodnight Keithy.

  5. Funny.. Lamb the Sham hasn’t won anything yet… Nice try libtardians… #LiberalismIsaMentalDisorder

    1. Conservative = Russian lovers who support a 3 times married PIG that banged a porn star while his wife was home caring for his infant son. The same pig that bad months war heroes while he draft deferred for bone spurs.

  6. good choice Conor and I will support you for your full term in this seat for 2018 because there will be a blue wave coming for the Democrats and for Keith Rothfus needs to go.

  7. Well, that didn’t take very long. So much for the heartfelt promises to be there for the people of the Greene, Washington and Westmoreland parts of the old 18th CD that aren’t included in the new 17th PA CD. Let’s see if Lamb can go four for four by taking out two more Democratic women seeking the nomination in the primary election.

    1. Wow! I thought I was the only one who noticed there were actually two viable women running in the 17th! I want to get excited about the blue wave, but I hate that there are zero women in Congress for PA. It bothers me so much that I am considering volunteering for Laura Elsworth. I don’t know how else to get the Democrats to start talking about gender from the top….I appreciate and support all the women running for state and local races, but these bottom up strategies will take another century and still not get results for Congress. The time is now!

  8. Now wait just one damn minute here. Erin is running in 17. How dare you assume Connor has this locked up.

  9. No Brainer here. Not even Jesus Christ could win as a Democrat in what was the old district. Can Lamb clear the field to run against Keith? Lets hope so, he has proved his chops. Will anyone primary Saccone in the new district? well if he was Trump before Trump, that primary should be a cake walk for Rick. Not.

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