Lawmakers Head Home, Leaders Remain to Negotiate Revenue Package

Harrisburg-Capitol-steps2State Senate and House leaders sent members home to their districts last night, as negotiations continue.  

State House Sound Bites reported that the negotiators were keeping their cards close.  

“As soon as we have an agreement, everybody will be back and we’ll finish that,” House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) said.  

Reed put part of the blame for the lack of an agreement on Governor Wolf on the budget.  

“I’m not optimistic. We haven’t even heard from the governor since yesterday at noon.”

House Democratic spokesman Bill Patton told the Patriot News that he blames Republican leaders in the House.  Patton said that the Republicans are “leaving the field with the job unfinished.”

Update: Patton’s comments were made specifically in reference to the the decision of House Republican leaders’ to send members home.

The move coincides with Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings putting Pennsylvania on its watchlist for a possible credit rating downgrade.  A downgrade would increase the cost of borrowing for Pennsylvania.  

Lawmakers are on a six hour call.  A source told State House Sound Bites that they do not expect lawmakers to be called back for at least a week.

4 Responses

  1. Reed blaming the Governor is just plain ridiculous. Is this an alternate universe where borrowing and spending is the plan of the small Govt. people?

  2. 1) A downgrade would increase the cost of borrowing for Pennsylvania

    2) The GOP plan is borrowing

    The party of Trump and Trump Jr.

    1. I wonder if Marty Flynn’s piece is indicative of a widespread feeling in the Democratic caucuses that they have had enough of carrying Republicans’ water by balancing the budgets that Republicans pass only to be attacked by Republicans for doing so. I can appreciate his position. If Republicans want to make the hard choices and eliminate programs, then they should own them. This “send me to Harrisburg and I will hold the line on taxes… but I won’t get rid of any of the stuff you (or my donors) like” nonsense has got to be getting pretty old for the adults in the room.

      Borrowing money to address a chronic deficit brought on by cutting taxes on corporations might be fiscally conservative, but it is definitely not fiscally responsible. The fact that they are talking about borrowing money instead of combined reporting, closing the Delaware Loophole, is ridiculous.

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