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Lawmakers Look to Protect Funding in Future Stalemates

Harrisburg-Capitol-steps2The state Senate put a new provision into the Fiscal Code to allow the legislature to borrow money to pay its bills in the case of a budget stalemate.  

According to an analysis from the Associated Press, the code allows either the state Senate or House to pay its bills, including salaries through “a short-term agreement or other instrument executed with a lending institution.”  

The Fiscal Code is collection of bills used to explain all the details of the spending and revenue bills.  

Senate Republican lawyer Drew Crompton told the Associated Press lawmakers will not need to use the provision in the near future.  It will not be needed this year as the spending plan has already been enacted.  

The Fiscal Code is currently awaiting action in the state House, where its future is unclear.  House Republican Leadership were vocally against increasing taxes during budget negotiations, while the Senate’s plan includes a mix of tax increases and expansions.

6 Responses

  1. PA version of the Federal Continuing Resolution, so no elected official ever needs to make a tough vote or solve a problem

  2. Does the executive branch or courts get the same privileged borrowing? Apparently not. Blatantly unconstitutional and STUPID.

    1. Execs get kickbacks, judges get bribes. La familia has trained them well, except for that &$)@$/! Do gooder Wolfie so we gotta replace him with a pay for player. Ain’t nothing dumb about corruption. It’s just a more ambitious form of capitalism

  3. Look out. . .now no reason to pass a budget on time ever or even to pass a budget period.
    Are there no adults in government?, forget the legislature but surely there are some very bright staffers who can see what this will lead too.
    Where is Steve MacNett. . .

  4. There is no “Republican leadership in the House”, only Turdo and his demand for a private licker so he can retire wealthy and get his dick wet by the crown royals.

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