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Lawmakers Propose 4-Day Work Week Legislation

Harrisburg Capitol Steps

Could a 4-day, 32-hour work week be coming to Commonwealth companies?

It could be if Reps. Dave Madsen (D-Dauphin), Chris Pielli (D-Chester), and Joshua Siegel (D-Lehigh) get their way.

The trio of lawmakers will be introducing legislation to the Pennsylvania House to incentivize companies to switch to the 4-day, 32-hour workweek.  Their proposal states that “if an eligible employer participates in a 4-day workweek pilot program through the Department of Labor and Industry, they may be eligible for a state income tax credit. To receive the tax credit, a qualifying company would have to comply with certain program requirements.”

The proposal cites a recent study by 4 Day Week Global that was the largest 4-day workweek pilot to date. The study found that all participating companies reported increases in both productivity and revenue during the 4-day workweek pilot. After the completion of the pilot program, all but one indicated they would ‘definitely continue’ or ‘planned on continuing’ a 4-day workweek at their company.

According to the study, the 5-day week is simply outmoded, a relic of a now distant era. The 4-day week has proven to deliver as much, if not more, productivity while improving lives: individuals, families, and entire communities. For generations, American workers have not enjoyed the benefits of their hard work. The 4-day week is a way to ensure that economic benefits are shared by everyone — while improving quality of life, civic engagement, and the environment.

The lawmakers propose that “We need to do more to provide options for workers and their employers. Studies have shown that a 4-day workweek reduces employee stress, burnout, and fatigue. In addition, it positively impacts an employee’s mental health, work-life balance, and physical wellbeing, all without negatively impacting a business’ productivity and revenue. Moreover, a 4-day work week would provide workers with flexibility, allowing them to be more present parents and more active community members.”

One Response

  1. I like this innovative legislation. We need more bills that challenge the status quo. The 4-day work week bill may not become law at the moment, but it helps start the conversation.


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