Lawsuits Against Kane Cost Pennsylvanians $252K

KaneKathleen Kane has had her hands full with lawsuits.

Apparently that has also left Pennsylvania with six figures worth of expenses.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, the Attorney General is using outside law firms to defend herself against various lawsuits. Their services, though, are being billed to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the tune of $252,000.

Additionally, it doesn’t appear that Kane is concerned that using state-paid lawyers to represent her would be a conflict of interest, as she did just that in one seven of the cases.

The $252K went to the Philadelphia firm Littler Mendelson.

Kane’s spokesman stated that the AG is still using her own money to pay for her defense in the criminal case against her.

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  1. HaHaHa aka Brett aka Jailbird …..Wow it must have really bothered you to see the actual story about your arrest and prosecution plus conviction and sentencing. You need to deal with the reality of things. Fina put you away. No Brett it’s not funny what you posted no one is laughing including me. Just sad that you thought you could rip off the hardworking taxpayers like my folks or Diano’s folks who could use that money and use it for your own pleasure. Let’s knock off the goofy stuff and just end with what you did was wrong, criminal, you got caught, convicted, did your time. Try and make yourself a better person from this Brett maybe you have, maybe I hope so.

  2. Hey SpongeRETARD aka Unsanctioned R(etard) – look you made the news when you got arrested. It’s nice to know that public sources still have this information. You gonna stay away from pet stores when they let you out of jail.

    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – A man who enjoys dressing up as a dog was arrested early this month for having sex with a cat on several occasions, authorities said.

    Ryan Havens Tannenholz, a self-identified “furry,” or someone who wears anthropomorphic animal fur suits, was charged with six felony counts of crimes against nature and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to an animal.

    Police say the man, 48, known as “SpongeBob” in chat rooms, sexually abused the cat multiple times between January 2015 and January 2016. After an extensive investigation, police secured an arrest warrant March 31 and arrested him the following day.

    “It just means that at this point was the time when they had probable cause to do the arrest,” the Deputy Prosecutor said.

    Tannenholz portrays himself as a black and white husky he calls Unsanctioned Husky, a blue fox he calls Kismet Fox or an unnamed purple canine, according to the furry community news magazine Flayrah.

    He could face up to five years in prison for each of the felony counts and up to six months and a fine for the misdemeanor.

    Tannenholz’s bond was set at $250,000, and his preliminary hearing is set for Friday.

  3. Hey HaAHA aka Brett look you made the news when Fina arrested and convicted you. It’s nice to know that public sources still have this information. You gonna pay back any of the money you stole.

    Brett Cott
    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.

    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The sentence was imposed by Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis, who rejected Mr. Cott’s defense attorny’s plea for probation. Mr. Cott was found guilty on three charges: conflict of interest, theft of services, and conspiracy.

    The office of state Attorney General Tom Corbett had argued for a stiff sentence, claiming Mr. Cott had seriously misused taxpayer dollars in running as many as 20 political campaigns in Western Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2006.

    Mr. Cott’s attorney, Bryan Walk, had claimed that the prosecution was political and said that Mr. Cott was aqcuitted on 39 of 42 charges brought against him. However Judge Lewis said that Mr. Cott’s offenses were serious and deserved time in state prison.

    Read the sentencing memo for Brett Cott.
    The judge said Mr. Cott spent most of his time that was paid for on taxpayer dollars “orchestrating and mastermining political activity.” The judge said “public money was used like monopoly money to run campaigns. Some potential candidates were scared off by this taxpayer funded juggernaut. The public was also victimized.”

    He said probation was not an option because that “would demean the seriousness of the crimes.”

    Deputy Attorney General Patrick Blessington said that Mr. Cott was paid salary of $223,000 plus bonuses of over $39,000 from 2004 to 2006 for basically running political campaigns. Mr. Cott is the first of the Bonusgate defendents to be sentenced.

    Reactions to the sentence from prosecutors and the defense differed markedly.

    The stiff sentence “sends a loud and clear message that this kind of activity [illegal use of taxpayers funds for political campaigns] will not be tolerated, and people will pay for their crimes,” said Deputy Attorney General E. Marc Costanzo.

    In a brief submitted to the judge, the state contended that Mr. Cott’s “demeanor” wasn’t appropriate, meaning he hadn’t shown “contrition or remorse” for his illegal actions. He said Mr. Cott’s ongoing defiant attitude and lack of remorse were “appropriate legal factors” to be considered during the sentencing.

    Lawyer Walk, however, said he was shocked and “extremely disappointed” by the severity of the sentence, which could keep Mr. Cott in state prison for up to five years.

    “There are drug dealers and violent offenders who don’t get that much time,” he said. “We didn’t expect this.”

    He said that since Mr. Cott had no previous arrests or convictions, and since the jury had found him not guilty on 39 of the 42 charges that the state brought against him, he should have gotten probation and no jail time.

    Mr. Walk said the judge’s sentencing decision seemed to have been already prepared, even before this morning’s hearing, where the defense attorney spent almost an hour saying what a hard worker and good person Mr. Cott is.

    Mr. Walk said that if two of the original Bonusgate defendants, former House Democratic staffers Mike Manzo and Jeff Foreman — who made a deal to cooperate with the state and testified against Mr. Cott, “don’t get sentences that are more than Mr. Cott’s, then justice is dead.”

  4. Well, Bob. At least you are now spelling “Unsanctioned” properly. But you are still an embarrassment to me and little Bobby. You need to stop posting here. Pretty soon, the police are going to find you. Your posts are getting more and more threatening. David could – probably should – go to the authorities.

    David – my husband is a sick man. If he knows where you live, you should call your local police department.

  5. Dick Diano, we could meet outside your place if you want. Have all your friends over if you feel threatened I don’t know why. If you are too much of a coward I can understand. Dick, I just hope your neighbors or friends who may have an opportunity to see your posts don’t feel threatened by you. Afterall, you may think they’re kids fall into the “R” category and be vulnerable. I’m curious why you alledge that SpongeBob likes children I’ve copied many of your posts. Most people find that too repugnant to even mention yet you do so freely. What secret information or traits identify him or could you be talking about yourself. You keep bringing up children. Should you be watched?

    The Are “R”
    Children in danger in your neighborhood. Dick, I don’t would feel terrible if you did something and Fina would have to prosecute you. HaHaHa aka jailbird aka Brett could give you advice. That way he could be sure you went to jail like him. Are you sure you put the correct information down on the SEC form Dick. As far as parents using a condom did yours? Your mom doesn’t seem like the condom type. Obviously one of those sperm made it thru. I bet your mom is proud that her son is all grown up and now living in her basement. Dick, don’t continue to be stupid and ask questions like who we met with. That would giving information to the enemy right Dick.

    Dick, you have no life.

  6. Aaron – It’s okay to call DeOnte a RETARD. Because he is. It’s the same pathetic RETARD troll (who may also be a retard’s father) that takes a crap on this board every day. He is coming unglued lately.

    I feel sorry for Mrs. SpongeBob now. I wish I didn’t know he was married … and living in a trailer … and giving blow-jobs for $10 a pop.

  7. How come the retard can say “lying whore” and we can’t say “retard”???

  8. Pat Unger-

    Of course no one would meet with him, let alone take him seriously. Can you imagine him going up to them breathlessly and exasperated showing them printouts of PoliticsPA posts and trying to force them to read through all the threads with the school yard taunts and sexual innuendos?

    Or that someone wouldn’t have called me to laugh and tell me THAT story?

    Maybe he went to Sestak, and Joe told him he wouldn’t give me any business. LOL

  9. When does this lying whore resign and stop costing taxpayers money and bringing embarrassment to PA?

  10. David – you can’t seriously think that whack-job actually met with anyone. He probably hasn’t been anywhere beyond his trailer and the rest-stop in 20 years. I do feel badly for Mrs. SpongeBob. She seems like a nice lady.

  11. Unsnctioned R2-

    When did I mention your child or parents?

    I did say to “Brett’s prison husband” that his parents should have used a condom.

    Oh wait, are you becoming deranged and posting under more than one handle? Why would I want to meet with someone suffering multiple personalities disorder, when one of those personalities is an @ss raping prison inmate, and the other is a Unsanctioned republican?

    You must be a tremendous embarrassment to your parents (who are probably still seeking an abortion).

    How could we meet when you won’t reveal your identity? BTW, if you do, you’ll probably wind up having a meeting with child services, because you are clearly unstable and an unfit parent.

    If you really met with people about me, whom did you meet? From your descriptions so far, it sounds like you were in an echo chamber with politicians I’ve already ticked off, or they just nodded their heads to appease you (while waiting for security to show up).

    If you really are so confident about their support of you, and your lies/distortions, name some of them. I bet your list is almost ALL people who tow the party line and use VAN because they are told to (and a few of my customers who just shined you on). When did these imaginary meetings occur? Did you show copies of your own postings?

    You have no credibility.

  12. How come the RETARD troll repeats what I say (this time “owned”)? Is he really that retarded? Is his kid?!? Has he cleared that up yet? Is his kid a retard or not?

  13. Hahaha yeah you’re right thr first time I asked what your name was you were screaming and crying. I couldn’t make out a thing maybe it was the word MORE. You were laying on your Cott for a long time. These are the best. You’ve been busted, outed and owned.

  14. Dick, you’re a little coward who has been exposed all regarding of your posts referring to the “R” word have been retained. Lie as you must you have been outed. Nobody ever stated they want a physical confrontation I just wanted to meet you to discuss to discuss further but alas you are a
    Coward. You have been owned. If the Dems didn’t care why did they all agree to meet. Not one cancelled or changed the meeting time. I can assure you I am taken very seriously. If not ask your prison buddy HaHa. He knows what serious is all about but he would rather forget. As far as New name who is the infamous Brett. The Brett I know is a liar, a felon, a jailbird and most of all a crybaby and everybody knows. Be happy to clear the air with you if you think I’m wrong.well worth discussing. But you won’t you’re a little punk and if the stories about you in jail are true. You’re a little punk crybaby. Just like Dick. Dick take some friendly advice don’t ever mention my child or my parents again.

  15. Who is this dude who keeps fantasizing about having sex with me in a prison?!? Not even sure what my last name is, but should I get a restraining order?

  16. Pat – Who was Seth’s last party planner? And why might the Feds be interested?

  17. Damn, DD!!! You need a //Mic Slam// after that post. You just owned Brett the Unsanctioned SpongeRETARD !!!

  18. Marie

    From his posts, all we can ascertain is that he has neither the intelligence nor grace of one.

  19. Brett’s prison husband

    I haven’t made any statements, egregious or otherwise, calling children “the r word”. When did you previously ask to meet with me, because “Brett’s prison husband” is a brand new handle?

    You keep wanting a physical confrontation, and making erroneous claims about being offended by remarks I didn’t make.

    If you are actually foolish enough to have bothered party leaders or candidates with this bullying/intimidation campaign, I would have gotten feedback from at least one person (along with your identity).

    You are posting under a handle that implies gay prison sex/rape. I doubt you are taken seriously.

    The problem is not your kid, but rather the failure of your parents to use a condom.

  20. Has it been confirmed that Spongebob has a retarded child?

    As to these lawsuits – it seems to me that they were a part of the smear campaign. First came the illegal leaks from the “secret” investigation of Kane. Then the trumped-up criminal charges – where they found ZERO evidence that Kane illegally leaked protected material. And then the bogus lawsuits (each one getting an article from one of their co-conspirators in the Press).

    The CLOWN CAR has been desperate to take down Kane. So far they have been an EPIC FAIL. All they have achieved so far is their own personal embarrassment and the ruining of their own careers.

    BTW – Has Seth been asked about Fina’s behavior on the Penn State 3 case? The Superior Court just found that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” Why would the DA’s Office want to employ someone like that?

  21. HaHaHa. Brett Jail bird are you walking straight again. I heard Fina was laughing at you while you cried at your sentencing. Oh well no great loss to society. Do you still live on Cole Street? Are you still friends with Dick D. I think the guy that was becoming unglued was year after you were assigned your prison cell and met your new hubby. I heard you were a great wife. Well, I’m sure you learned a new trade in jail. Maybe you could be Hazel the maid.

    The link to your arrest comes next

  22. Oh look!! As he furiously changes his screen-name from comment to comment, he is spelling them wrong now:

    “Unsnctioned R2”

    He needs to give his keyboard a rest before a full-on mental health breakdown occurs.

  23. Looks like the retard troll is coming unglued again. Now he is the “protector of children” … LOL …. Poor thing.

  24. Hahaha Brett Jailbird time to report to your parole officer. You posted the same long message yesterday. How long are we gonna see tge same thing or maybe we seeing large similar posts so you fill up a page and forces someone to move to another page to reduce your exposure here. You couldn’t outsmart Fina. He laughed while you went to jail. You can fool us.

  25. Unsanctioned I’ll take up for SpongeBob why don’t we meet so you can shut me the F..k up. Or are you a coward like Dick Diano and Jailbird Brett. I’ll take that as an implied threat to.

  26. Here’s the bottom line on this stupid article (as posted by Pat Unger):

    The people costing the taxpayers money are the perverts and racists filing the frivolous lawsuits. The only lawsuit that actually has gone to Court has been thrown out. That was Claude Thomas’ case – where he is looking for more taxpayer money.

    Any pervert with an agenda can file a lawsuit. Let’s see if anyone actually wins one of them. So far, Fina & The Corbett Pervs are 0-1 with their frivolous lawsuits.

    And now we know that Fina’s own money-driven lawsuit has Bob Levant’s fingerprints on it. That doesn’t bode well for Fina’s chances of getting his hands on more taxpayer money. In fact, Fina is probably more likely to be indicted than he is to get his pervy little hands on more of our money. Don’t forget that Bob Levant is not only Frank Fina’s attorney – he is also Tyron Ali’s attorney. Rumor has it he is Seth Williams’ lawyer too.

    Tyron Ali is the criminal that Fina dealt with on the “sting” case. On that one, Fina negotiated with Levant (his own lawyer) a deal where Levant’s other client was allowed to keep over $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers. Then Seth hires Levant’s totally unqualified wife who comes in and promptly starts saying GREAT things about Fina (her husband’s racist client) in the Press. Cozy, huh?

    Fina & The Corbett Pervs bit off more than they can chew with AG Kane. They have been publicly humiliated. Their careers are in a shambles. The FBI is probing their office. They better get fitted for their orange jump-suits. Seth Williams too. He may need his first.

    But maybe someone can start by making Claude Thomas pay the State back for the legal fees incurred defending his frivolous lawsuit.

  27. Philly lawyer- is that a real legal opinion you’re rendering because if you’re a real lawyers your opinion carries some weight and maybe can clear things up.

  28. D 1, also don’t make for a better case against you than you against them. It’s obvious they have the posts. What would they have given to the State People. Also, although you didn’t say it I would be cautious about saying negative stuff about anyone’s kids. The best thing for you would be to work out an agreement, give an apology, not admit to wrongdoing, in exchange for it to end. Your call but you’re not playing it smart.

  29. Likely Hahaha is posting as others again. He gets deleted all the time.

  30. D, 1. if you’re going to out someone or find out who they are, don’t threaten them. 2. Stop explaining how little you’ve been injured because it undermines your own case.

  31. Bungy , now you know the posting you put up there about Spongebob’s child being “R” is clearly a statement without merit since you and Dick have publicly acknowledged you don’t even know who this person is. This proves your ignorance that you talk about something you know nothing about.

  32. Dick Diano. Thank you for making the case against you with regards to your remarks targeting others on this board. Calling them pedophiles, suggesting they have affection for children. If you want to get IP addresses lets get them all and compare them against all the phony names and pointless allegations under those names. Remember all those posts you placed that you thought were removed were copied and stored.

    Dick I’m not going to bother to explain my comments to you other than the following. I’ve never physically threatened you. I only asked to meet you to discuss you egregious statements calling children you don’t know the “R” word.. Being the coward you are you chose not to meet. I then went about it the right way, contacting various groups, making them aware of your statements against children and they decided to take over from there. I am pleased with their response and its results.

    As far as knowing SpongeBob I have no idea nor do I care about him. Can you say the same for and Brett? Dick, get something better than the internet if you want to check the law. You impress no one . As far as FEC filings I merely stated that they were public and comparisons can be made. Also, what logic would there be to wanting to sell a street list and have everyone in my party made at you. It seems that many in your party don’t even know you. But, they do care about what you say.

    So Dick, with that said why don’t you and Brett go do something else that dosent insult the Democratic Party name like not calling children the “R” word or for that matter getting arrested like Brett. The only reason I thought I would mention Brett’s last name is since is publicly available I would hate it if another Brett on this board thought the comments were made about him. He would be unfairly labeled much like you did to those children. Dick, you’re just like a schoolyard bully who ridicules and maligns and sometimes threatens those that can’t defend themselves till the day that someone bigger and badder with a new day comes along. We’ll they’re here Dick.

  33. Philly Lawyer-

    I don’t believe SpongeBob posts under only one handle, but he’s made enough implied threats, and tried to incite others, under that single handle to deserve an IP address search.

    He’s got tremendous insecurities about his own intelligence and projects these feelings onto others. He’s still upset about the time he bragged about his computer expertise and I easily outwitted him into revealing one of his IP addresses, bursting his bubble of intellectual superiority. His ego has never recovered from me taunting him about his relative mental inferiority. Since I referred to him as mentally retarded compared to me, he has made up all sorts of crap claiming I’ve called kids “retards” and similar lies.

    He also made numerous threats to destroy my side business (fraction of my income) of voter database services to candidates. Ironically, I’ve had more legislative candidates this cycle than any other year in the past 10 years I’ve been doing this. Inexplicably, he’s been claiming that he’s been successful in this effort, but I’ve seen no signs of it. I’ve got some customers using my system for the third straight cycle, and others I’ve actually had to turn away because I was already representing their opponent.

    SpongeBob fails to grasp that my success/popularity on this site is based on factors that he can’t match.

    1) I’m a lot funnier than he is (besides being smarter).

    2) I post under my own name, which has a lot of value, as people in political circles know where I stand on the issues. This gives my arguments value, as I’m not some anonymous shill working for some elected official or some industry (like oil/gas).

    3) I have a fairly consistent viewpoint that I back up and defend. While I don’t expect to convince the right-wing nutjobs, I lay out the arguments that my fellow liberals can use to deconstruct them.
    BTW, speaking of nutjobs, has anyone seen/heard from rskarloff since Ted Cruz dropped out.

    4) I’m not seeking to be a government employee, or party leader, or paid party hack, or some gopher for a candidate or elected official. I do this on the side, as a hobby from my primary job that is unconnected to politics. As such, the politicians can’t buy me off nor silence me, since I’m not interested in working for any of them and not constrained by party/govt rules. I’m never on the side of the business that intersects with any of the stuff the FBI investigates, and I’m not a big enough donor to alter a vote, and I’m not looking for special legislation to re-zone something.
    This leaves me free to support/criticize any candidates I damn well please, as I often support challengers to incumbents.

    SpongeBob has demonstrated no political influence nor confirmed involvement in any campaigns nor any discernible impact that I’ve been able to detect/observe.

    He’s defended Fina and friends because he clearly doesn’t like women in authority positions. (probably some issues with his mom)
    He seems to have a fixation with @ss raping, so maybe he was molested as a child. Maybe he visited the Penn State locker room on a bad day?

    But, he’s still too cowardly to post under his own name. So, he’s never going to get any respect here.

  34. First, Philly Lawyer I am not so sure you know the law. But even if what you said was true, I have now and will only post under 1 name, unlike others here. So if David went to the authorities and they went to track down who said and did what they would easily see no connection. Knowing the law I have made my comments to David specifically and while other posters may want to meet a 50 something year old big mouth to lay the smackdown I prefer the digital arena.

    That being said David keeps trying to constantly rewrite history. The threads where he consistently and in my opinion that I shared with some organizations that find the usage of the word retard in the same way I do. His usage which was recorded and shared I think has made a few people decide to use this forum to express that frustration. It’s not surprising for people to react that way when he act like a know it all who uses insults as a way to mask his insecurities. I think David’s issue now is he can’t just come here and be a pompous ass and have everyone fawn over his often idiotic opinion. Now other lunatics who act like Brett and post under many names do so draw commentary towards David and away from the issues. So try and make it seem like me all you want. David has done enough here to tick a lot of people off. I just wish he could explain his defense of a person who fired an HR resource for trying to punish someone sexually harassing women? How does he justify that?

  35. David D.,

    Because you are a real person posting with your real name, you could go to the authorities with threats made by an anonymous commenter (like the one posing as a cartoon character and his alter-ego, the smokescreen). And that could lead the authorities to the IP address of this clearly unstable individual. It could also lead to him being arrested for his threats.

    On the other hand, nothing you say about an unknown, anonymous commenter could be considered a threat to that person.

  36. Brett’s prison husband-

    What the f*ck is wrong with you?

    Are you aware that I haven’t insulted ANY children, and have directed my insults only to ADULT morons like you and SpongeBob?

    Why would I want to meet with a stupid @sshole like you? You are clearly unstable and looking for a fight over a made up story by SpongeBob or your inability to understand whatever you read. So, you look even dumber repeating lies.

    Why would you be in prison over a slanderous remark?
    What would constitute a slanderous remark?
    “Law: defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.”
    “Law: Oral communication of false and malicious statements that damage the reputation of another.”
    It’s specific to SPOKEN remarks and the remark has to be both false and malicious, and clearly at the reputation of a clearly identified individual, not a generic group.

    So, by definition, nothing I’ve written here could possibly be slander, even with your misinterpretations and misrepresentations. The “voices in your head” don’t count.

    You are coming here and making all sorts of threats. I wonder if those threats are enough to get a warrant for the posting IP addresses you use? Any lawyers in the audience have an opinion on that one?

    I still don’t know what you are getting at with FEC filings. Are you claiming that I don’t have clients, and have FEC reports that don’t list me? Are you acknowledging that I do have clients who have already paid me in full?

    Do you understand my adversarial relationship with the party leadership and that many of my clients oppose the incumbents?

    The odd thing here is that SpongeBob seems to be the first person to claim that “Brett” is a poster here. Now, you are claiming to know Brett’s last name. Sounds like you and SpongeBob know each other (via a mirror?) or you are a buddy of SpongeBob that he tricked into coming on here.

    Either way, you are both dumber than a bag of “Make America Great” hats.

  37. Is SpongeBob AssClown still keeping up his smokescreen? Where he pretends to be a non-pervert? Where he pretends to be straight? What a fucking moron. And if his kid is really a retard and he is here talking about it — what a PATHETIC ass-clown homo moron.

  38. Brett, isn’t the shame you brought on your family enough? Do you really need to bring more shame on them further by acting even more assholic on this site?

  39. Diano, do I believe a word you say ……no you lie….tell everybody the truth the Dems have shut you down. You and your choice of words have turned a nothing into more of a nothing. Nobody of importance cares about your list anymore except the guy running for dog catcher. I said maybe I was in prison because someone made a slanderous remark about my child. Why would a group I was affiliated with be concerned for defending the rights of innocent children who can’t defend themselves. The kind of defenseless children you called “r”. Any clearer. maybe this guy wasn’t a coward like you he repeated it to my face. Are you still a coward or do you want to meet. You didn’t hear me say anything about ass raper you may wish to check with your Brett about that. As far as the FEC filings you tell me are they in order? Maybe we should post them here since there a matter of public record. You’re a big mouth coward who verbally attacks little children a real tough guy. No apology we’ll just start on page 2 of making life difficult for Diano. You saw what public information was available about Brett. ( He runs his mouth again we’ll start listing his last name) I would choose anyone of these little children you have slandered any day over you because it’s our job to defend not be a coward like you.

  40. Brett’s prison husband-

    “Maybe you were in prison because of something someone said about my child.” ?? WTF ??

    You’ve chosen “ass-raper” as your persona here. Was that your “group” affiliation? And this little group you pretend you met with wasn’t “appalled” by your homo-horrific prison fantasies?

    What do you think I lied about that doesn’t match “FEC filings”?

    BTW, do you realize that a lot of my clients challenge the picks of the leadership, and I’ve worked in oppositions to those leaders on various issues or been publicly critical of them? Do actually think that Wolf would make a decision based on your (alleged) conversation or my repeatedly calling him a ball-less wonder on the budget deal? What’s next? Are you going to take credit for the rain falling or the sun rising?

  41. Final thought. Since you all were talking about reimbursement perhaps Brett aka HaHaHa aka Pat aka jailbird aka gregbitt can reimburse the taxpayers for the cost of his investigation, prosecution and his time in prison.Not like we don’t need the money to prosecute more corrupt Democrats.

  42. Diano or coward whatever you prefer. Maybe I was in prison because of something someone said about my child. Face it you’re a loser nobody wanted your lists. It’s evident from the FEC filings unless you lied about that. Our group was well received by the Guv. Democratic leaders and Caucus leaders. All were appalled at your statements and pledged co-operation and for once fulfilled their pledge. Pretty soon even troll clown boy Brett jailbird won’t be
    Bothering with you. Get a job at McDonalds while you can.

  43. And maybe someone can make Seth Williams pay back the money we spent fixing the cars that his ex-girfriend vandalized.

    Word is that they know EXACTLY who vandalized those cars. But, for some reason, she has not been arrested. Wonder why!!??!!

    LOL. Seth Williams is a joke. He recently promoted Claude Thomas (Frank Fina’s buddy). And that was after he filed his frivolous lawsuit against the State. Claude Thomas … Kathy Martin … Who’s next? Maybe Seth can hire Fina’s wife as the next Party Planner?

    Hope the FBI is looking into Seth’s last high-paid “Party Planner.”

  44. Pat said it best below:

    Bottom line on this stupid article — The people costing the taxpayers money are the perverts and racists filing the frivolous lawsuits. The only lawsuit that actually has gone to Court has been thrown out. That was Claude Thomas’ case – where he is looking for more taxpayer money.

    Any pervert with an agenda can file a lawsuit. Let’s see if anyone actually wins one of them. So far, Fina & The Corbett Pervs are 0-1.

    And now we know that Fina’s own money-driven lawsuit has Bob Levant’s fingerprints on it. That doesn’t bode well for Fina’s chances of getting his hands on more taxpayer money. In fact, Fina is probably more likely to be indicted than he is to get his pervy little hands on more of our money. Don’t forget that Bob Levant is not only Frank Fina’s attorney – he is also Tyron Ali’s attorney.

    Tyron Ali is the criminal that Fina dealt with on the “sting” case. On that one, Fina negotiated with Levant (his own lawyer) a deal where Levant’s other client was allowed to keep over $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers. Cozy, huh?

    Fina & The Corbett Pervs bit off more than they can chew with AG Kane. They have been publicly humiliated. Their careers are in a shambles. The FBI is probing their office. They better get fitted for their orange jump-suits.

    But maybe someone can start by making Claude Thomas pay the State back for the legal fees incurred defending his frivolous lawsuit.

  45. Greg – You seem like a nice man. Can you help me? I need to get his stuff out of this trailer and move on with my life. Bob is sick.

  46. Of course he is gay!!! He is here every day practically begging for attention from strange men on the internet. Duh!!!!

    Not that there is anything wrong with it.

    Giving blowies at rest-stops is pretty low though. And very unsafe for Mrs. SpongeBob.

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    • After the Special House Elections (Feb 7) (92%)
    • End of the Month (Jan 31) (4%)
    • End of Next Week (Jan 27) (2%)
    • Early February (Feb 1-6) (2%)

    Total Voters: 152

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