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Lawsuits Against Kane Cost Pennsylvanians $252K

KaneKathleen Kane has had her hands full with lawsuits.

Apparently that has also left Pennsylvania with six figures worth of expenses.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, the Attorney General is using outside law firms to defend herself against various lawsuits. Their services, though, are being billed to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the tune of $252,000.

Additionally, it doesn’t appear that Kane is concerned that using state-paid lawyers to represent her would be a conflict of interest, as she did just that in one seven of the cases.

The $252K went to the Philadelphia firm Littler Mendelson.

Kane’s spokesman stated that the AG is still using her own money to pay for her defense in the criminal case against her.

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  1. Pat Unger-

    I’ve been responding substantively. They just don’t like my answers. 🙂

  2. David – you just responded to a fake Pat Unger. He is now so desperate for you to respond substantively that he is pretending to be me. It’s sad. And pathetic.

  3. Pat Unger-

    There are no such posts.

    The best they have is a joke about SpongeBob as mentally retarded compared relatively to me.

    They are either making it up or confusing me with HaHaHa or some other poster.

    There was a bunch of fake posts under my name a few months ago that the moderators cleaned up, but they were mostly insults against me (so, pretty obvious fakes). I don’t recall any of them being on this topic.

  4. Thanks David. I agree that this troll seems a lot dumber than “kanesdriver,” but there is something about their tone and their threats that are very similar.

    Keep reeling him in!

  5. Pat Unger-

    I don’t think they are the same person. Very different IP addresses/location.

  6. You know there is something to what Unsanctioned says. You stole money from all of us who were taxpayers Brett or HaHaHa. Are you going to pay it back?

  7. HaHaHa aka Brett Cott did you take up comedy in prison. If so, it’s time to re-offend and go back and get more lessons funny man. Was your family in the court watching you crying and Fina laughing when you learned you were going to prison?

  8. … because “yeaowwwwwww” sounds a lot like “meoooooooooowwwwww”

    And we all know what the “furry” troll likes to do to cats. It’s right there in the Press accounts.

  9. Oh boy … the RETARD is having those dirty wet prison sex fantasies again. I hope this Brett guy does not have a cat …

  10. HaHaHa aka Brett Cott aka jailbird. Come on you know the song they made you sing in prison. Brett’s down on his knees and goes woof woof woof Brett’s on his knees and goes woof woof woof. Brett’s on his knees and goes yeaowwwwwww.

  11. Pat – Looks like you are onto something there. He is coming unglued again.

    If Pat Unger is your real name and you have a cat, you better hide it!!!

  12. HaHaHa aka Brett Cott aka jailbird

    Brett, when you were in prison we know you were frequently down on all fours. What kind of animal were you pretending to be?

  13. HaHaHa aka Brett Cott aka jailbird

    Would be funny Brett with the exception that your crime was so bad Fina made sure you got jail Time.

  14. Pat Unger-

    Robert Marseli was his name. He is (was?) a 20 or 30 year agent with OAG office out of Pittsburgh.

  15. Hey Sponge Bob aka Unsanctioned R(etard). This story is about you. You gonna stay away from pet stores when you are released?

    NY DAILY NEWS — A deranged man who enjoys dressing up as a dog was arrested early this month for having sex with a cat on several occasions, authorities said.

    Ryan Havens Tannenholz, a self-identified “furry,” or someone who wears anthropomorphic animal fur suits, was charged with six felony counts of crimes against nature and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to an animal.

    Police say the Boise man, 28, sexually abused the cat multiple times between January 2012 and January 2013. After an extensive investigation, police secured an arrest warrant July 31 and arrested him the following day.

    “It just means that at this point was the time when they had probable cause to do the arrest,” the Deputy Prosecutor reported.

    Tannenholz portrays himself as a black and white husky he calls SpongeBob, a blue fox he calls Unsanctioned R or an unnamed purple canine, according to the furry community news magazine “Flayrah.”

    He could face up to five years in prison for each of the felony counts and up to six months and a fine for the misdemeanor.

    Tannenholz’s bond was set at $250,000, and his preliminary hearing is set for Friday.

  16. Hey HaHaHa aka Brett Aka Jailbird. This story is about you. Are you going to pay the money back you stole from the elderly.

    Unsanctioned R2 says:
    May 11, 2016 at 4:18 pm
    Hey HaAHA aka Brett look you made the news when Fina arrested and convicted you. It’s nice to know that public sources still have this information. You gonna pay back any of the money you stole.
    Brett Cott
    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.
    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The sentence was imposed by Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis, who rejected Mr. Cott’s defense attorny’s plea for probation. Mr. Cott was found guilty on three charges: conflict of interest, theft of services, and conspiracy.
    The office of state Attorney General Tom Corbett had argued for a stiff sentence, claiming Mr. Cott had seriously misused taxpayer dollars in running as many as 20 political campaigns in Western Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2006.
    Mr. Cott’s attorney, Bryan Walk, had claimed that the prosecution was political and said that Mr. Cott was aqcuitted on 39 of 42 charges brought against him. However Judge Lewis said that Mr. Cott’s offenses were serious and deserved time in state prison.
    Read the sentencing memo for Brett Cott.
    The judge said Mr. Cott spent most of his time that was paid for on taxpayer dollars “orchestrating and mastermining political activity.” The judge said “public money was used like monopoly money to run campaigns. Some potential candidates were scared off by this taxpayer funded juggernaut. The public was also victimized.”
    He said probation was not an option because that “would demean the seriousness of the crimes.”
    Deputy Attorney General Patrick Blessington said that Mr. Cott was paid salary of $223,000 plus bonuses of over $39,000 from 2004 to 2006 for basically running political campaigns. Mr. Cott is the first of the Bonusgate defendents to be sentenced.
    Reactions to the sentence from prosecutors and the defense differed markedly.
    The stiff sentence “sends a loud and clear message that this kind of activity [illegal use of taxpayers funds for political campaigns] will not be tolerated, and people will pay for their crimes,” said Deputy Attorney General E. Marc Costanzo.
    In a brief submitted to the judge, the state contended that Mr. Cott’s “demeanor” wasn’t appropriate, meaning he hadn’t shown “contrition or remorse” for his illegal actions. He said Mr. Cott’s ongoing defiant attitude and lack of remorse were “appropriate legal factors” to be considered during the sentencing.
    Lawyer Walk, however, said he was shocked and “extremely disappointed” by the severity of the sentence, which could keep Mr. Cott in state prison for up to five years.
    “There are drug dealers and violent offenders who don’t get that much time,” he said. “We didn’t expect this.”
    He said that since Mr. Cott had no previous arrests or convictions, and since the jury had found him not guilty on 39 of the 42 charges that the state brought against him, he should have gotten probation and no jail time.
    Mr. Walk said the judge’s sentencing decision seemed to have been already prepared, even before this morning’s hearing, where the defense attorney spent almost an hour saying what a hard worker and good person Mr. Cott is.
    Mr. Walk said that if two of the original Bonusgate defendants, former House Democratic staffers Mike Manzo and Jeff Foreman — who made a deal to cooperate with the state and testified against Mr. Cott, “don’t get sentences that are more than Mr. Cott’s, then justice is dead.”

  17. HaHaHa-

    I do think it’s funny that SpongeBob complains, when he is posting under multiple aliases (and not very good ones).

    There wasn’t even any attempt to hide the switch by DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats to using “Unsanctioned R2” after posting as “Brett’s prison husband”. He even complained under one handle about an insult I had levied to his previous handle. No shame at all for his weak posting work.

    I do hope SpongeBob gets nailed for grand jury leaks himself, after all his complaining about Kane. That would be poetic.

    I have no idea what happened to kanesdriver (though I suspect he may be posting here under one of the other unhinged handles). I’m sure he had a few bad days at work at a minimum and was put on notice. He posted a few “research” things about me, so it depends on if he used govt computers/database to look into me (which is the very complaint he made about Kane looking into staff/opponents). So, any punishment he gets would be ironic on that score. Considering the comments he made about Kane and her driver (and his attempts to intimidate me), he must have run afoul of some standards of professional conduct. He made a huge effort to delete his hundred comments about Kane in the online newspapers under his Disqus handle (also kanesdriver).

  18. Lots of immitators post here as “HaHaHa.” They are screen-name thieves. The poster who sometimes uses “SpongeBob” is a serial offender. I don’t know if he is retarded, but he is, at the very least, extremely stupid.

    DD – whatever happened to the poster who used “kanesdriver”? Is he still employed at the AG’s Office?

  19. DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats-

    Why do think I’ve been ridiculing the mentally disabled “under many names”? It sounds like you are referring to HaHaHa and others who routinely insult SpongeBob and his cohorts.

    I turned in SpongeBob’s IP addresses to the authorities as part of their leak investigation over the AG’s grand jury, long before any of this mentally handicapped nonsense, because SpongeBob was making predictions and claiming inside information.

    SpongeBob has previously implied that he does computer work for the government. If true, this opened the possibility of him improperly assessing govt databases or resources (like posting to this blog from work), or had discussed the case with leakers.

    You claim you don’t know SpongeBob, but now portrayed him as a champion for the mentally disabled.

    You really need to get your story straight.

  20. Seriously, guys. Please don’t send me to jail. I am sorry for all my shit-posts and RETARD threats. I am just a bored Republican loser with nothing better to do. I won’t make it in prison. Please!!!

  21. They are coming for you, RETARD troll!!!

    Better trash that hard-drive. Destroy your computer. Burn your cell phone.

    You are going to jail!!

  22. Dicki, I noticed what you wrote about having a IP address and the fact that you reported it to a Government Agency. Clearly, you have no information that would tie this person to your frivolous allegation. Since this person has been a champion of the rights of mentally handicapped children and you have spent your time ridiculing them in many ways under many names I thought it only right to explore a complaint against you with the EEOC. Here’s the applicable section.

    Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
    This law makes it illegal to discriminate against a qualified person with a disability in the private sector and in state and local governments. The law also makes it illegal to retaliate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit. The law also requires that employers reasonably accommodate the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an applicant or employee, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business.

    You retaliated by your complaint against a person who complained about discrimination. Employment is not an issue in this section just the statement is enough.

    Dicki that’s you. Remember all those R words statements made by you. They were captured along with a program that captures IP addresses (which come back to you) well. Dicki, mommy is gonna be mad at you. Maybe Philly Lawyer can help unless he’s being investigated for practicing law without a license.
    You be well Dicki. Oh this whole thing came from one of those meetings you claim we never had.Maybe we’ll read about you soon. So long funny man

  23. Dicki, I have no intention of feeding you no information. You’re not high enough in the food chain to deserve it. As a matter of fact you are a worthless lying coward who enjoys ridiculing those who a diminished mental capacity. Go upstairs and ask mommy if your Cheerios are ready. Also, how stupid do you take people on this board that would believe that a MHMR leader would post to this thread after 7PM. So you are a liar you do post under different names and other personalities to support your opinions because no one else here would. You’re problem is if anybody looks at the posts in total it would be easily understood that you have no credibility. No DA would ever touch information from you a defense lawyer would rip you to shreds. Your like the kid who runs and tattles and runs away and hides. Well Dicki, time to move on. It’s been fun……to see what a pathetic person you are

  24. rsklaroff-

    Welcome back. Are you finally off suicide watch after Cruz dropped out?

    I was wondering if he was planning to make you Surgeon General over Ben Carson.

  25. HaHaHa

    SpongeBob made the mistake of visiting one of my defunct sites that gets almost no traffic (leaving his IP address). I tricked him into revisiting the site and matched the IP address. I turned over what I had to the AG office for their leak investigation. I did the same thing with kanesdriver’s info.

    What they’ve done with that information in the meantime, I’m not privy to and they have wiretap and trace authority that I don’t.

    Beyond that, SpongeBob never considered that I could be friends with (m)any of the advertisers here and could have gotten IP addresses or cookies that matched the times of his posts.

    That’s because SpongeBob doesn’t know a mouse from a modem (and that trick wasn’t in a Spy Kids movie).

    I post under my real name, so tracking my IP address doesn’t buy you anything useful. I’m not hiding and worrying about leaking confidential information or using govt computers or ruining my reputation.


    Okay, so now we are down to three meetings with unnamed Dem Reps at separate offices. Were these the offices of the Reps? Their district offices, perhaps?

    I’ve had over 2 dozen candidates this cycle, very few of whom are incumbents, and you’ve gone to 3 of the 83 DEM reps to hurt my business? LOL 🙂 that is hysterical.

    Did you go to Tim Briggs? I called him a p*ssy to his face two years ago for how he ran HDCC? Did you go to Daylin, who hasn’t spoken to me since I criticized him during his run for congress? Shapiro isn’t a state rep, but I sure blasted him for taking $150,000 from the charter school PAC and pledged not to vote for him.

    I guess you didn’t realize that I got paid a long time ago from my incumbent clients (some on their third time), and that I wasn’t expecting any business from the incumbents in safe seats that got elected before I met them.

    I don’t believe you were in the district office of a single Rep to discuss me and my business, nor anyone from MHMR.

  26. Mssr. Snyder has been notified. This “R” is not one of us. He belongs on a loony bin.

  27. HaHaHa. I hope it’s not the real Brett posting read my last posting to you I was willing to drop this and even did it in a gracious way. It’s hard for me to believe you want to keep this going. You know you don’t have an IP address but if you or Dickie has it say hello to Fidel in Cuba when you track it down.

  28. Dicki, is that how you resolve your issues by making believe your someone else so you write as though the MHMR head was posting at 7:27 PM. You are sick in the head. Does MHMR have files on you hmmmmm where did that come from. Explains a lot. Oh year that person you called a leader which you are not. A little hint the next time you falsify something have the common courtesy to get it right that person is a Director. Dicki, you have no friends other than the names you make up on here. You live with your mom man. You’re a joke. And a pathetic bully of defenseless innocent children.

  29. Now he is fantasizing about DD and trannies …. Yikes!!

    Poor Mrs. SpongeBob!!

    DD – do you really have his IP address? Are we sure it was same “Spongebob” that had the inside information? This RETARD troll doesn’t know anything … except for how to make $10 at the rest-stop.

  30. Dicki, the reason was because it was 3 different Democratic Reps at 3 different offices that’s why. There were other meetings as well. I guess your siblings were born ok but were you oxygen deprived when you were born. At least that gives you an excuse. Go ahead call up to your mom I’ll wait. Uhhh you weren’t lets go with the dropped on your head as a baby. Has to be that. Moms calling you for bed get a good nights sleep there’s always more lists tomorrow. Wow no wonder you not married. Is it true that the transvestite at a bar you were at turned you down. Probably to old for you but not as old as mom. Get a life Dicki.

  31. Mr Diano-

    I want to apologize for the ramblings of the disturbed individual harassing you. We are appalled by his behavior and fixation.

    We have thoroughly vetted your comments, particularly in the full context of the full discussions and surrounding posts. We applaud your restraint in dealing with these disturbed posters.

    Your use of the word “retarded” has been appropriate and consistent with the standard dictionary definition, and no derogatory cases were found against children, let alone those with mental issues. The “R” in MHMR should be an indication of what is acceptable.

    We dislike lying to people and allowing them to think we are bothering lawmakers with this nonsense, because we have more important things to work on. But, it seems to pacify some to think we have taken them seriously.

    Thanks for your tolerance.

  32. DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats-

    Oh. Now you were part of a “group” that went to another group (MHMR), who said they were going to go to “various” Dem lawmakers.

    And you were “present for some of the meetings”. This implies you were present for more than one meeting (so at least two), and missed others (so at least 3 total meetings) on this topic.

    Wow. That is a ton of bullsh*t. Why would it take (at least) 3 meetings for them to be “appalled”? or require more than 1 meeting on the topic? Or have no one call me to confirm the veracity of your claims?

    When were these imaginary meetings held? Where? (the “some” that you pretend to have attended, not the imaginary meetings you missed).

    Your story is unraveling faster than a ball of string in a room full of cats.

  33. Dickie you forgot to tell us about mommy? I guess if you said you don’t have a basement then you probably sleep with mommy. I’m gonna help you here. There is a basement and you sleep there. I told you I was part of a group who met with MHMR who decided to take the information to various Dem lawmakers. I was present for some of the meetings. The meetings I was at and the information I received indicated all were appalled by your insensitivity to mentally disadvantaged children. I don’t care if you like it or not really. You seemed to be obsessed with men with children. Therefore, this preoccupation with this type of activity may deserve additional scrutunity. Who knows? Dickie, a son that lives and sleeps with mommy. Sure sounds strange to me Dickie.

  34. DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats-

    You are a “member of a large group”? Gee, why didn’t you say so? Is it “Idiots of America”? Or “Men with small hands”? What’s the name of your “large group”?

    So, now you aren’t in charge, and don’t have a list of “influential” people that you spoke to and showed printouts too? (But, now it wasn’t actually “you”?) It really must be hard to keep those lies straight.
    So, after all that BS about all the people you have talked to about me, and crushing my business, you don’t have a single name to offer. No surprise.

    I figured out the connection with you and SpongeBob. He must be the retarded child that you keep complaining that I have insulted.

    I didn’t realize their was a group for the politically retarded besides the RNC. (maybe the R isn’t really for “Republican” or maybe they are just synonyms now).

    “Who cares about the police looking for a child molestor?” I guess you don’t ( or don’t want him or your other pals found).
    (BTW it’s spelled molester)

  35. Nighty night mommy
    Nighty night Dickie

    Oh please Mr. Dickie we would much rather hear about the registered voters2 blocks over. Who cares about the police looking for a child molestor?

  36. Dick, it’s funny how you deny there is a basement and not that you still live with your mom.. Must be nice you and mommy do you put her to sleep at night reading her your street lists. Where’s your lids? Where’s your wife? You’re a loser. As far as who we spoke to I’m a member of a large group. Not the one in charge I don’t even have the list. But even if I did what makes you think that you are of such stature that it should be released to you a loser. I’d ask you reveal your client list but with just 2 names on it wouldn’t be too fair. See Dickie you still continue to think you are more important than you are. Time for mommy to give you your bath. Good Night Dickie. By the way the thing about the neighbors and your strange quotes and accusations and living alone with mommy and the no wife and kids sure fits that profile Dickie.

  37. DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats-

    You “like my place”? Really. Are you unaware that there is no basement?

    You must be confused by the hole you are digging for yourself. Do you even know where YOU live? (Mental hospital, perhaps with limited visiting privileges)

    Now you’re claiming “influential people” and having to “wait to go public”? But, early you claimed that you got assurances/pledges from them that they would have nothing to do with me and you were going to hold them accountable to that.

    Seems you really need to show your list BEFORE on this topic. We can then cross check it against the list of people I’ve already pissed off, as well as the list of people I wouldn’t do business with for any amount.

    Post your name so I can ask “influential people” if they heard of you. (Just kidding, I wouldn’t waste their valuable time by behaving as stupidly as you claim to.)

    No name. No street cred. That’s how it works.
    Who here thinks DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats doesn’t even have a kid?

    Do your wife’s eyes hurt from rolling them so much at all the stupid things you say and do?

  38. RETARD – Why won’t you answer the questions? Are you gay? Is your kid a retard?

  39. This sums up Unsanctioned RETARD’s thoughts/mind – “Dick, your outed.”

  40. Dick, one more thing once your buisness finally fails and it will, don’t choose comedy because you’re a loser at that too. Call upstairs and see if your mom has you beeforoni is done.

  41. Dick, no that’s not the way it is. When you meet with influential people you first wait and get their permission to go public. Besides you’re not that important. I like your place since everyone knows where it’s at. Maybe we can invite the neighbors since I now have real concerns about your child predator comments. Are “R” children safe that’s what we need answered. Bottom line you’ve been trumped ( no pun intended) the last thing you want is your neighbors to find out your written feelings about children with mental disabilities. I mean Dick after all you live in your moms basement, make no money and spend all day on the computer looking at who knows what. Dick, your outed.

  42. Unsanctioned R2, Brett’s prison Husband, etc

    What’s wrong with your place? Too many dead bodies in the basement? Afraid of Child Services paying you a visit?

    Post your name/address and see who shows up.

    I’m having serious doubts about you having a wife, let alone a child, let alone a retarded child. Doesn’t your wife have chores for you, or your kid needing attention, instead of wasting your time picking a fight with me that you have no hope of winning? Do you even have a job? (Must be a field that doesn’t require a background check.)

    SpongeBob has a very creepy “predator” vibe about him. Exactly what I would expect for a child molester/predator. Also, he won’t post his real name, so maybe he’s already on a watch-list, and revealing this would undermine his (nearly non-existent) credibility. I hope you don’t let him babysit your kid.

    I see you have surrendered on the whole “whom you spoke to” challenge (as expected). If you really spoke to someone in politics who agreed with you and “pledged” to work against me, and you were going to hold them accountable to that pledge, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to cough up a single name. (Unless, of course, there is no one, as we all knew.)

    You see, in poker, when someone calls your bluff, you have to show your cards or fold. You folded.

    Also, you keep posting under multiple handles. You should stick with just one. Here are some suggestions:

    TamponBob (more absorbent than a sponge and looking for blood)

    Pick ONE handle from this list, or your own, or I’ll pick for you. 🙂

  43. Has anyone asked Seth Williams why he still employs the guy who’s conduct the Superior Court labeled “highly improper”?

    Not only has Williams not fired Fina, but he is apparently letting Fina run the Philadelphia DA’s Office. How else can the hiring of the ill-qualified Kathy Martin be explained?

    Kathy Martin has a shady background (representing rapists, drug dealers and murderers). She was a part time prosecutor for a cup of coffee in rural PA somewhere. And then – all of a sudden – she is 2nd in Command in a big city D.A.’s Office (Philadelphia)!!!
    Weird huh?

    Kathy Martin’s title is “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel.” She has ZERO general counsel experience and just about no prosecutorial experience. Did she interview with the Hiring Committee? Did she get vetted by HR? How did she walk off the street into a six-figure salary?

    Hmmmmmm …… Let’s see …..

    When Kathleen Kane won the AG race, but before she took office, then Deputy AG Frank Fina finalized his “unjust” plea deal with Tyron Ali – the con-man cooperator in the sting case. Bruce Beemer called it “unjust.” Fina dropped all of the over 2,000 criminal charges that were pending against Ali. Fina also let Ali keep the $430K he stole from a non-profit set up to help children. That was taxpayer $$$.

    Con-man Ali’s lawyer is/was Bob Levant. Fina negotiated that sweet deal, in the 11th hour (right before Kane was set to take over) with Bob Levant.

    And now Fina is suing the AG’s Office for more taxpayer money. And guess who one of his lawyers is? Yep — Bob Levant.

    Rumor has it that Bob Levant has also helped Seth Williams with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Williams.

    A ways back, Seth Williams hired Frank Fina. Whether he knew of Fina’s “e-mail issues” when he hired him we may never know. But Williams certainly knows now. The Superior Court just called Fina’s conduct in the Penn State case “highly improper.” Williams certainly knows that too.

    “Chief of Staff/General Counsel” is a high paying job. Six figures. Seth Williams hired Kathy Martin off the street into that job. She has zero general counsel experience and hardly any prosecutorial experience.

    But – Kathy Martin is Bob Levant’s wife!!!

    Now – Seth Williams’ “Chief of Staff” is in the Press, speaking on behalf of the Philadelphia DA’s Office, defending and praising her husband’s racist client – Frank Fina.

    Huge coincidence, huh?? I think not. It’s no wonder that Williams refuses to fire Fina. They are in bed together. Levant and Martin are on that stinky mattress too.

    Is it OK that Kathy Martin, a high-paid City employee, has a financial interest in smearing the AG and propping up her husband’s client, Frank Fina?

    Is it OK that our D.A. is corrupt?

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