Leach Accused of 1991 Sexual Misconduct

A report breaking yesterday details that Senate Democratic leaders are using outside counsel to investigate a sexual misconduct allegation against state Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery). The report states the accuser, Cara Taylor, delivered private criminal complaint to “dozens of lawmakers’ offices in the Capitol” a couple of days ago.

Taylor alleges the incident took place in 1991, when she was 17 and her mother was a legal client of Leach’s. She says he coerced her to perform oral sex, telling her to, “help me out,” and that she, “did as I was told.”

Leach denied this accusation, calling it preposterous and said he will file a defamation suit.

He shared a lengthy Facebook post on his reasoning to file the defamation suit stating what he is going through is an “injustice.”

“This is not the course I want to take, but I have no choice,” Leach said. “Think of what you would do under similar circumstances. I have spent my career as a lawyer, an activist and a legislator fighting injustice. This is an injustice. And it’s time that I fight for myself as hard as I’ve fought for others.”

“I have been begging for some sort of due process for a year and a half now,” Leach told PennLive. “I’m going to get that due process.”

Fellow Democratic state Sen. Katie Muth (D-Montgomery), who feuded with Leach and has called on him to resign, reiterated her criticism in light of the new allegation.

“Predatory behavior and abuse of power is a terrible combination,” Muth said. “I hope people look at this and redefine what being fit for office means. I want him to be held accountable because if one person gets away with it, it opens the gates for everyone else to.”

Leach has made headlines in the past couple of years in regards to different misconduct allegations while he’s been a sitting Senator.

5 Responses

    1. Your wallet if you are a taxpayer in PA. Senate Dems sat on this for a year, even after the alleged victim went to each of them individually. You can be they are also asking about their own exposure, as elected officials and private citizens. You’ll pay for that too. DSA chances of taking out Costa next year just improved.

  1. Daylin is more full of sh*t than a manure fertilizer warehouse.

    Cara Taylor has been credible and consistent in her story. Her ex-husband and friends have known this story for decades (belying any claims by Daylin that she made it up after he became “famous”).

    1) Newspapers, like the Inquirer, had sought her and her story years ago, but been unable to locate her (due to her moving and changing from maiden to her married name). So, there was an “awareness” of his impropriety BEFORE Cara spoke up and before the Inquirer article about his behavior.

    2) She stepped forward after the Inquirer article about Daylin and his preying upon his staffers. It was the ex-staffers coming forward that gave her the courage to come out with her story.

    3) Cara is not “political”. I’ve spoken to her and she had little awareness of what party Daylin belonged to (or what policies gained him support). She didn’t know how long terms of office are, how primaries work, petitions, or even about vetoes. The idea that she has any political motivations for going after Daylin is laughable. The readers here are invested in politics. She’s about as interested in politics as I am about bass fishing.

    1. Aaaand Diano spouts his usual rightwing talkshow-speak, while outing the alleged victim.
      Rough day in Rightwing Pretendyland today.

      1. stop mcginnis-

        Did you eat lead paint chips as a child?

        Cara’s name is in this very article posted by PoliticsPA and in the regular news article that is referenced. She’s also posted on PoliticsPA herself, last year, telling her story.

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