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Leach Announces $400K Fundraising Haul in 3rd Quarter

State Senator Daylin Leach announced today that his campaign for the 7th Congressional district raised $400,000 in the third quarter fundraising period.  

“I am grateful for all of the support for our campaign. But this movement isn’t about us, it’s about so many people being fed up with the direction that our country is headed in,” Leach said in a release announcing the fundraising total.  

According to the release, the campaign received contributions from 1,200 people.  Leach’s campaign it touting that 71% of the contributions were of $200 or less, and 85% of donations were from within Pennsylvania.  

These sorts of releases, especially this early in the campaign are often used to scare prospective candidates away from the race, and to earn gained media.  

Democrats Andrew McGinty, Elizabeth Moro, Dan Muroff, Paul Perry, and Molly Sheehan are all also running to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware).

19 Responses

  1. Daylite does not have a Prayer in That Hot Climate way down South of Winning in The 7 th or any other Con District or US Senate or any statewide office and Daylite will be defeated in his next Run for State Senator

  2. There is a reason all of the trolls on here are spending time bashing Daylin (who has done nothing but advocate for sensible government, accountability and doing the right thing). They are afraid he may unseat their political windsock of a congressman.

    1. The GOP has a 60,000 voter registration advantage in this district, which is one of the most gerrymandered in the nation.

      Daylin has zero chance of winning. Unfortunately, he’s going to piss away $2-$3 million dollars, which could be better spent on redistricting reform (and restoring about 5 Dem congressional seats to PA delegation with fair districts).

      So the choice is between spending $2-$3 million on something useful or throwing it down the black hole of the 7th district, which is unwinnable without fair redistricting.

    2. Disliking somebody who deserves to be disliked does not make somebody a troll. I don’t like Meehan or Leach. I want a real dem who isn’t constantly making sexist comments on the D ticket.

      For those of you who looked at the actual report, he raised 400k but spent 200k. That’s some crazy burn. Lots of consulting. I hope they tell him to shut up for that much money.

  3. A little math to deconstruct this announcement:

    1,200 donors. 71% of whom gave $200 or less. The average in this bunch under $200 is probably going to be less than $100, with all the $25 and $50. But, let’s be VERY generous and estimate high for $100 average.

    So, 1,200 * 0.71 * $100 = $85,200 which is only 21.3% of the haul.

    So, that means that the 29% who gave over $200 accounted for over 78% of the haul.

    Gee…. I wonder which group of donors has the most influence?

    Also, 15% of donations came from outside of Pennsylvania. But, what % of the $400,000 do those 15% of donors represent?

    See, that’s the game with fundraising political announcements. Counting the % of donors rather than the % of dollars raised.

    My guess is that if more than 85% of the money came from within PA, that we’d get a stat with that percentage instead of a donor count percentage.

    As popularized by Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  4. Leach is easily one of the most arrogant and obnoxious politicians in PA. I can’t fathom how anyone who has met him in person and spoken to him for more than 5 minutes would vote for him for dog catcher.

  5. I see a lot of cowards hjere who don’t have the nads to back up their big mouths with their names, signed, CharlieSweeney

  6. I see a lot of cowardly people whoi don’t have the nads to back up their big mouths with their names. Signed, Charlie Sweeney

  7. Wow. I see some extremely frightened people here. And they have a great reason to feel that way.

  8. this guy will get tripped up by the medical marijuana issue. the state refuses to reveal who evaluated the applications. The office of open records found that the state had to disclose these individuals and now the state is appealing a ruling from their own agency. why could that be? Could there be a connection between the strongest advocate for the law(Leach), and the reviewers and the law firm he(leach) affiliated with that practices in the medical marijuana field?? or a connection between Leach and the lobbyists for the applicants who won the license??? Example – a dispensary winner is the 24 year old son of Leach’s political leader.

    1. DOPE-

      If you’re going to reference all that detail, how about filling in the blanks with the actual name of the law firm, political leader, and son?
      Or provide a link to the documents?

  9. Too bad money can’t undo all the creepy, sexist, racist and predatory jokes he has all over the internet… what a waste of money. Meehan will kill him with honest ads about how gross he is.

    1. ^^^ Daylin Leach is the most self obsessed, obnoxious, and disgusting of all of PA’s politicians

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