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Leach Considers Run Against Meehan

LeachState Senator Daylin Leach (D-Delaware), who called President Trump a “shit-gibbon,” is considering a run to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) next year.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Leach has been talking with politicos both in Pennsylvania and Washington.

“I was initially very reluctant to entertain the idea. I felt I was doing important work in the PA Senate, moving important legislation on human trafficking and criminal justice reform,” Leach said in an email asking supporters for their opinion on if he should run.  

“However, as the Trump administration has become more aggressive in attacking everything that America is supposed to stand for, and has descended into what can only be described as a bizarre miasma of absurdity (I like to think of myself as having a way with words), I began to feel that our democracy was literally at stake.”  

Leach served in the state House from 2002 to 2008 when he was elected to the state Senate.  

He has often taken to Twitter to voice his opposition to Trump, including his tweet that gained some notoriety for it’s choice of words.  

Leach will reportedly make his decision in early June.  He has already changed his campaign Twitter handle to @Daylin4Congress, indicating he may be closer to a decision than he is putting out publicly.

Leach’s progressive positions worry some who think he may have a problem winning over moderates if he were to challenge Meehan.  Hillary Clinton won the district in 2016 by 4.3 points, but Meehan won by 18.9 points.  

Leach would join three other candidates in the primary.

28 Responses

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  2. If Daylin Leach runs for this seat and wins the primary and I will support him for the general election against the Incumbent Congressman Pat Meehan.

    1. If he runs for this seat, he will win the Primary unless Joe Sestak comes back

  3. He should run against Brendan Boyle again. In a one on one Democratic Primary, He could probably beat the Philadelphia based Boyle.

  4. If we are to have an intelligent (or sometimes unintelligent discussion) about the fame and foibles of the present Congressman Meehan, State Senator Leach could make some relevant points.
    And while we are making points do you guys ever remove trolls who are posting about poker or have you decided that Poker is relevant to politics? These trolls are annoying!

  5. Senator Leach not Only has the personality,and the years of experience in the legislature , but a genuine concern for the issues that people in our District care about. Leach has represented me in the State House and in the State Senate, and always addresses the issues in an intelligent , thoughtful way. His sense of humor is an added bonus, but he is smart and studies the issues fairly and intelligently. And, he loves hearing from and talking to all his constituents, not just the liberals.
    Try getting Meehan to listen, or hold a Town Hall. Try getting him to answer his phone. His aides usually say( if you get any answer ) ” I will deliver your message”. But the he usually votes with the Party leadership.

  6. Finished 3rd in a 4 way primary in prior congressional run. If he’s serious, he should resign from State Senate to run a serious campaign.

    1. In that primary, he didn’t live in the district. He actually does live in the 7th.

      1. If he decides to run he will easily win the primary , he will get the endorsement of Montco, and Delco. That is 75% of the district. He will do well in chestco as well even with Elizabeth Moro living there. He will win easily. The only people who will have a problem are the women who are die hard want a woman on every ballot for every office.It would be nice to have a woman, but he is by far the most qualified. It would be great if many Molly Sheehan ran for the 26th state senate, and Elizabeth Moro ran for the 160th state rep. and Mary Ellen Balchunis ran for his state senate after he wins

  7. At this point I don’t understand the concern among the Democratic establishment that a candidate is “too far left” to attract moderate Republicans. If the 2016 should’ve taught the Dems anything, it’s that Republicans don’t vote for Democrats. Ever. Dems vote for R’s all the damn time, and it’s those people they need to win back. The way you win elections is not by pandering to some wish-washy middle, it’s by getting your people out to the polls.

  8. Dems are smelling blood when sitting House and senate members in Harrisburg are salivating to run against well financed incumbents.

    1. Maybe Leach is just a lifer who covets power and perpetually campaigning/running is sport for him?

  9. Bucky Delco-

    The seat is pretty unwinnable, but with Daylin’s name recognition, raising money, and ability to be funny and get a crowd excited, he would lose to Meehan by the smallest margin.

    It’s not really a question of too far left. Meehan has over 60,000 GOP registration advantage, and the D’s and Indy’s are “comfortable” with him (like an old shoe you don’t feel like throwing out).

    Daylin might get luck with some viral campaign video or meme that humiliates Meehan, but it would take more than that to bring down Meehan.

    SEPA Dem Truth-

    That may well be the choice. The result in Nov 2018 will be the same.

    Pence could be worse than Trump (see Handmaiden’s Tale and theocratic plans)

  10. He is a Primary winner if he runs. The others might as well throw in the towel. The General against Meehan should be a lot of fun

  11. Too far left?? Lololol… He was right in Hillary’s pocket all last summer. And with the crowds Bernie turns out, there might BE such a thing as too far left these days. The reactionaries in the political campaign industry bubble might not be aware, but the general population – when polled on individual issues and not self-labels – is already FAR to the left of the Neoliberals and Teabaggers.

  12. Leach put out an email this morning asking supporters if he should run. Who is going to write him back and say that he shouldn’t?

    Here comes the Aron Platt Gravy Train Express. Of course, Aron will run the show for Daylin. I think this is a mistake by the way. He will be too far to the left for reasonable Republicans to vote for in the General. And I don’t believe that all of these outraged Democrats are still going to be outraged by the time that President Pence takes office, well before November 2018.

  13. Whoever manages Leach’s campaign needs to make him take regular saliva tests and monitor his twitter account. To manage Leach properly would be a hard job. But the Democrats would certainly find some one to do it, just for the money. And they may be already planning to auction off Dayllin Leach’s seat.

  14. Who would be his campaign manager?

    Existing manager? Previous manager? Someone outside like from DC?

    DCCC is going to want their consultants sucking up the money on this race.


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