Leach Officially Ends Congressional Bid

State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) officially ended his Congressional bid after taking a step back from it following sexual harassment allegations.

In his announcement, Leach cited his family and the allegations against him as his reasons for dropping out of a run for the new 4th Congressional distrcit.  

“I think about the life experience I want our 17 and 15 year-old children to have as they go through the stress of adolescence and applying for college. I don’t want to spend their last years of childhood at a Quality Inn in DC, or making four hours of fundraising calls a day. I’ve decided it is just not worth it,” Leach wrote.  

“I’ve come to grasp that despite being worldly-wise and hard-bitten about some things, I was profoundly naive about others. I wrote about some of these things in the Philadelphia Inquirer last month.”  

Leach’s announcement opens the field a bit more for the declared candidates in the race for the new 4th district, State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, state Rep. Madeleine Dean and CeaseFirePA Executive Director Shira Goodman.

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  1. Daylin and Val need to start a consulting firm. “We guarantee to make you , the predator/wrongdoer appears to be the victim and attack all accusers or your money back.” **

    **oops, we spent your money, is that a problem ? Are you accusing me ? How dare you! I’ll sue for the harm you have caused my family.

  2. I’ve not seen one (1) article and or comment by any reader or constituent that attacked Daylin Leach’s family. I think the Leech is trying to play victim and deflect attention away from his egregious behavior & conduct. Daylin Leach is NOT running for Congress because he knows he is socially immature, narcissistic w/ ADHD and has unclean hands. Daylin has acted unprofessionally as an attorney and as adult. There is a story about to break in the next two (2) to three (3) days thru the Philadelphia Inquirer and it will show that Daylin perpetrated against a 17 year old girl when he was 30 years old. Not only did he act very inappropriately and groom the vulnerable victim, but he was supposed to be representing the girl’s Mother who was on trial for attempted murder. Daylin never considered the safety, security, and or the legal rights of the daughter Cara Kunz (again 17 years old) and left her high & dry to drown without legal representation all to benefit his own agenda. Daylin is not running for Congress in the hope that this will all blow over and he can continue to manipulate the taxpayers as a State Senator indefinitely. Victim’s name: Cara Kunz and Mother’s name: Kathleen Speth Please refer to numerous articles back in 1992 thru 1999 from Debbie Garlicki and the readers can decide for themselves who in the world this Daylin “LEECH” character really is.
    Daylin Leach needs life long counseling, needs to never ever be a representative of the people of Pennsylvania ever again and also needs to keep his mouth shut and grow up. Leach’s progressive actions have been arrogant, condescending, and a you can’t touch me attitude. All the while knowing his hands are not clean and his conduct an embarrassment. He has harmed women of various age groups and cannot be trusted. In fact, he should lose his law license in Pennsylvania because of his egregious behavior and conduct. Let’s see how the Inspector General of Pennsylvania and the Main Stream Media cover the facts relating to his assault and how he left an innocent young lady be harmed by the court for his unprofessional conduct.

    1. Jim Fike-

      I have heard this story, though from an unconfirmed and questionable source. I’ve seen nothing to contradict the story, which involves what went (or might have gone) on behind closed doors.

      What I do know from public sources and news accounts is that Daylin represented a woman for attempted murder of her husband. The evidence trial against her was slam-dunk. At the last minute, the young daughter offered to testify and confessed to the attempt. Her story was clearly fabricated and she got sentenced for perjury.

      Now, at the time, Daylin got (well-deserved) sh*t for putting her on the stand when her story didn’t hold water. He “claimed” that he didn’t know what the daughter was going lie, and was hoping to establish reasonable doubt for his client.

      That’s what’s on the record.

      The rumor (and I want to be clear that I’m NOT asserting this happened) is:
      1) Daylin was having a sexual relationship with the daughter
      2) Daylin talked the daughter into perjuring herself
      3) Daylin knew the daughter was lying and suborned perjury.

      #3 is strongly implied in the news accounts. #2 is implied as well, in that it seems more likely that it was Daylin’s idea, or he misled the girl into thinking she’d have no repercussions.

      #1 would provide some of the motivation/leverage to explain how #2 was accomplish.

      I heard a few months ago that reporters were trying to interview the daughter to ask about the rumored affair, and what role Daylin had in putting her on the stand.

      This would change from “rumor” to “very credible” if the daughter came forward with details of illicit relationship.

      My recollection is that the girl was 17 at time of attempted murder, and 19 when she perjured herself. (That could be about 14 month interval, depending on her birthdate, or about 34 months.)

      If the worst rumors are true, then Daylin will have to resign in shame (which means a lot for a shameless guy). The statute of limitations has probably run out after 20 years, but Roy Moore’s actions were longer ago than 20 years, and it killed his career.

      1. Mr. Diano,

        My name is Cara Taylor and I have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact you. I am who you are speaking of. Jim Fike has my contact information and my permission to give it to you. I have also created a public fb account with a written response to Senator Leach’s published “opinion”, which did not allow comments. Reading it might give you some insight. After doing so, if you still wish to speak to me, you may call anytime.

  3. Good choice Daylin of not running for congress but I will support for someone else in Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District for 2018.

  4. Whenever a politician drops out of anything to “spend more time with his family”, you know he’s full of sh*t. Daylin knew his children’s ages, college plans, the housing accommodations in DC (which would be a small apartment aka bachelor pad), and the time for fundraising calls.

    A “Quality Inn” would be a more likely venue for having affairs. I can see the confusion.

    If he really wants to spend more time with his family, he should quit the senate.

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