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Leach’s Daughter Responds to Critics on CNN (VIDEO)

Brennan Leach got the first question at the Hillary Clinton SEPA town hall and unwittingly became a subject of controversy in conservative media.

Leach, the 15 year-old daughter of State Sen. Daylin Leach, was accused of being a plant for the Clinton camp.

To rebut those claims, father and daughter appeared on Michael Smerconish’s CNN program.

“Brennan, are you an actress?” Smerconish asked.

“Look if you consider a couple of school plays and a video for my mom’s friend acting, than yes I love theatre and I’ve been passionate about it since I was a little kid,” Leach answered. “But in no way was I approached by Hillary’s campaign or asked to ask a question. She did not know I was going to ask a question.”

She went on to explain that while she ran the question by her parents, it was her idea and her question.

The State Senator also criticized those who made claims without asking them, including Megyn Kelly, and revealed that he has received threats online.

“At some point, human decency should take over,” the State Senator said.

10 Responses

  1. Hitlery lies out of both sides of her mouth! Of course this girl is a plant. There is AT LEAST 22 scandals attached to Hitlary which have costed taxpayers AT LEAST $178 million dollars! No wonder raising taxes is on her list. All Hitary knows how to do is create scandal. That is why this campaign has so much scandal. It is all she is capable of. The lying beast has no other talent. I can’t understand why anyone would think that this woman should even be considered for President let alone vote for her. What message are we sending to our children? That we would consider electing someone who is a lying, self centered, power seeking sociopath who has bullied Americans with the IRS, wants to sell off our country’s sovereignty, decrease our jobs, raise our taxes, and has no concern for anyone but herself. This is WHO should lead our country? Dear Lord! At least half of the country hates and despises her. I challenge anyone to spend a few hours of their time investigating all of her scandals and the rest of the limitless information on her then give a summary of it and why you think this crazy woman, who can’t seem to just go away, is a good choice for President. We need to stop electing dirty career politicians otherwise our country doesn’t have a chance at becoming great again.

  2. So the only girl with a bow in her hair happens to be daughter of a state senator? “Actress” or not, wasn’t she previously filmed to help her father campaign? Why are young girls self images personaly hurt by negative comments Trump made to specific adult women in response to them being nasty to him? Just because Hillary’s campaign took them out of context and played audio of his comments with video of young girls?

  3. To gulagPittsburgh…..”Trump and his people like to bully little girls.”

    Ya, he just loves to “bully little girls”…..WITH the truth! Put the bottle down! And see the light!
    Hillary is NOT the person to go to for self esteem! And talk about bullies….you should’ve asked her about all the women she bullied regarding her husband. Ask her about his rapes and molestations and how she went to his aid to cover them up and destroy the women who dared make their accusations public.
    While you’re at it, check out Laura Graham….If she is still alive. Last I heard, she was in her car revving the engine, preparing to drive off the pier because she couldn’t take the Clinton bullying anymore. True story! The guilt of all the fraudulent, despicable things the C’s are doing finally got to her conscience.
    This family is EVIL to the core. Tied in with All the media, so you won’t get this from those outlets.
    It’s an incestual bed of corruption among the Clintons, the media, the Saudis, the FBI….Peter Comey, James’s brother, is senior director of DLA Piper, the 5th highest “contributor” to the Clinton “Foundation”….Do you not see the connection?? James Comey is also a contributor to them….in more than one way, obviously. How can he make unbiased decisions regarding her involvement in the email scandal?????
    Answer is: He CAN’T. Or wouldn’t dare!!

  4. Dan, the question was if Brennan was a plant by the Clinton campaign. I did see that Fox was asking that question. She very articulately answered that she was not a plant by the Clinton campaign. Of course that is unbelievable by some people.

  5. Democraps are perpetual liars… so yea, I’m going to believe such BS from these people. Anyone with a brain, or even a partial brain, KNOWS this “little girl” was a Killary plant. EVERYONE with any sense at all…

  6. This is where we are at with the far right. First Limbaugh, the Faux News, then the Tea Party, then Citizens United and now Trump leading to harassing a 15 year old. You can thank Newt, Roger Ailes, the late Lee Atwater the Koch brothers etc etc etc for the hole this country is in now. Show some decency and say ENOUGH

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