Lewis Announces Over $116K Raised in First 2 Weeks

Republican Andrew Lewis announced today that he has raised $116,500 in the two weeks since he has entered the race to replace Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) in the 11th Congressional district.  

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from conservatives across the 11th District. However, what is even more exciting is what this number means about our message,” Lewis said in a release announcing the totals.  

Lewis’ announcement of the fundraising totals puts him quickly approaching the levels of the two other declared candidates.  State Representative Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) announced he raised $110,000 in early October with his first donations coming in August, while former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser reported $275,000 cash on hand at the end of the third fundraising quarter.  Meuser’s numbers came from a $260,000 donation from himself and $26,000 raised.  

In his announcement, Lewis pushed his message that he is an outsider looking to fix Washington.  

“Pennsylvania is tired of establishment politicians who are more concerned with furthering their careers than bettering the futures of Pennsylvanians.”  

Former Trump delegate to RNC Andrew Shecktor is also running for the seat, and former federal prosecutor Joe Peters is considering a run for the seat.

15 Responses

  1. Exactly my guess is that more likely than not, this is at least half rich friends/family. If you know 5 rich people who can do the max along with their spouses, you’re already halfway to this number. Not saying that definitely is what happened here, but it’s certainly not out of the question.

      1. If the family has no money how come it’s all over the 11th that his venture capitalist uncle helped him get the money? Let’s watch to see how much of the money is actually out of state ongoing—kid lacks support in the District itself.

  2. Is this Lewis kid both young and naive? Meuser hasn’t even turned on the fundraiser faucet yet, out of respect for the judicial candidates. Big money will flow into him like a tsunami. He’s earned the respect and appreciation of so many because he spent years of supporting other Republican candidates. Once Nov 7th passes, whole new ball game, baby.

    1. That’s why Jeb Bush did so well last year. Insiders scratching the backs of insiders like Dan Meuser.

  3. Giving money to Lewis is throwing money down a knot hole. Meuser has this signed sealed and delivered. Dan can put 5 million in the race at not sneeze. Plus he has Dauphin to Luzerne County locked up. Bloom is the same way. Wasted money.

  4. Andrew Lewis raising this kind of money Garurentees Dan Meuser wins. Bloom and Lewis fight it out over the south. Meuser cleans up in luzerne and runs money circles around these wannabes

  5. Way to mention steve bloom who has $103,000 according to his FCC reports. This is such bad reporting. Meuser’s problem is he is seen as a party insider and given the current political climate, insiders even with money aren’t doing to well.

    1. “State Representative Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) announced he raised $110,000 in early October with his first donations coming in August”

      Direct quote from the article bud.

  6. Is it just me or is it weird that he’s announcing his totals two weeks after stepping in? $116K is impressive, but everyone knows the first few weeks/months are the easiest to fundraiser: it’s all grabbing low-hanging fruit. Friends, family, colleagues, people that will give to you just because they like you personally. Lets see what he does later on before heaping on too much praise. Plus, Meuser will still have more money

    1. That’s exactly why people do it. They gave the reporting system. It’s also about expectation-setting.

      If Lewis follows this up with a full quarter where he only raises $100k…

    2. I’m really curious to know the sources. If this was organic, then that is a pretty impressive haul for two weeks. If this was a couple of loans and lining up some rich friends/family to max out for the primary and general, then I am decidedly less impressed.

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