Lewis Gets Closer to a Bid in PA-11

Andrew LewisBusinessman Andrew Lewis is getting closer to making an announcement about a potential bid to replace Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) in the 11th Congressional district.  Barletta is not running for re-election while he runs for U.S. Senate.  

“I am seriously considering entering the race, and am actively discussing it with family members, friends, and community leaders,” Lewis told PoliticsPA.  

Lewis will likely make an announcement in the coming weeks.  He also took issue with how quickly some candidates entered the race for the seat after Barletta’s announcement about his Senate bid.  

“I am supporting Barletta in his bid, I don’t think candidates should detract from his run by jumping into the race so quickly,” Lewis said.  

Former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser has officially announced his candidacy for the seat.  State Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) has filed with the FEC, but not made an official announcement.  Former Federal prosecutor Joe Peters is also considering a run.

September 15th, 2017 | Posted in Congress, Front Page Stories | 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Lewis Gets Closer to a Bid in PA-11”

  1. Robert R Guzzardi says:

    Are there any Democrats running? Are there any Democrats who can win. I understand that immigration is a major issue in this district and Democrats are pressing for amnesty and open borders so any Democrat would be weak in this district, I would think. Is my analysis valid?

    1. PhillyPolitico says:


  2. hm says:

    he has one “family member” ?

  3. Viv says:

    The PA GOP lining up behind Meuser would be them committing repeated critical errors – believing that politics is about who runs the most and whose ‘turn’ it is as opposed to who is the best candidate. In a time when the GOP’s brand is so badly damaged and there is a dearth of happy warriors, they need Lewis. Hope they realize it in time.

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  5. idratherbefishingwithrick says:

    A Republican saying they are a Businessman is like a Democrat saying they are a consultant or organizer.

  6. centPAdem says:

    Kanjo is ready to go

  7. joe says:

    meuser will walk in

  8. PhillyPolitico says:


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