Lewis to Retire State House Seat

Over the weekend, State Rep. Harry Lewis (R-Chester) announced he would not be running for re-election next year. 

“Because of the citizens of the 74th District, I proudly worked in Harrisburg – despite the inevitable bureaucratic limitations – to represent the wishes of all Coatesville, Downingtown and Parkesburg residents,” Lewis said according to the Times of Chester County.  

Lewis, the only African American in the Republican Caucus, will finish out his second term in office, after being first elected in 2014.  

The announcement sets up an open seat that will likely be highly targeted by both Democrats and Republicans.  Lewis won the seat by three points in 2016, but according to a breakdown by Daily Kos, Clinton won the district by 24 points.  

Clinton’s victory in the district was the largest in any of the state’s 203 House districts.  Winning seats with Republican state House members, but that voted for Clinton in 2016 will be a key aspect piece to Democrats hopes to winning back the state House.

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6 thoughts on “Lewis to Retire State House Seat”

  1. Charles Pont says:

    Good for Harry Lewis for quitting a winner. His seat was drawn to be a Democratic seat. It just goes to show if a party runs a superior well known candidate in a district with intelligent voters people will vote for the better candidate. I do not know if Republicans can find another Harry Lewis but Democrats need to find a first rate candidate to take the seat.

  2. Dtown says:

    That alcholoic maxwell is deff gonna run. He’s The bill Clinton of Chester County

  3. ChesterCoDem says:

    Josh Young needs to run.

  4. That's what she said says:

    ^ Not if Maxwell runs again

  5. S says:

    Let’s pray Downingtown Mayor, Josh Maxwell, does not run again. He is unfit for any office.

  6. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I’m guessing for this most likely to be a Democratic gain in this district for 2018.

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