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LGBT Groups Endorse in 2012 Primaries

Three of PA’s most prominent LGBT rights advocacy groups – EqualityPA, the Liberty City Democratic Club, and the Capital Area Stonewall Democrats – have made their endorsements in the 2012 primaries. Here’s who stood out.

Update: The Steel City Stonewall Democrats also made endorsements. Check out the list here.

There are also 5 openly LGBT candidates running for office in Pa. this cycle (see the EqualityPA release for details).

In the only statewide contested Democratic primary, all three groups backed former Congressman Patrick Murphy of Bucks County over Kathleen Kane, a former prosecutor from Lackawanna County. Murphy was the principal sponsor of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in 2010.

In another contested primary, the state House district near the “Gayborhood” in Philadelphia, two groups backed a primary challenger.

“Yesterday I received the endorsements of the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club and Equality Pennsylvania, and I couldn’t be more honored,” said Brian Sims, an openly gay attorney and LGBT advocate challenging Rep. Babette Josephs (D-Phila) in HD-182.

“These endorsements, coupled with the endorsement of the National Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, means that I have the full support of the city, state and the national LGBT political organizations.”

Likewise Jackson Eaton, candidate for Congress against Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) celebrated two endorsements.

“I am excited to have the support of these two great organizations in my campaign to change Congress” Eaton said. “We must continue to fight for full equality for all Pennsylvanians. In Congress I pledge to be a champion for the rights of all people in our district.”

Here are their press releases and candidate lists:

EqualityPA, statewide.

Equality Pennsylvania Announces Slate of Endorsed Candidates for the 2012 Primary

Harrisburg – Equality Pennsylvania today announced its slate of endorsed candidates in the April 24, 2012 Primary.  The organization made endorsements in races for Attorney General and Auditor General, as well as State legislative and congressional seats across Pennsylvania. Adanjesus Marin, chair of the organization’s 501c4 board commented, “We have candidates we are supporting from across the state, from the big cities to the rural center, and all of these people, if elected, will be strong advocates for the LGBT community. We urge all our members to vote for these exceptional candidates.”

Additionally, Equality Pennsylvania endorsed five openly gay candidates seeking state legislative offices this year. Adrian Shanker, President of Equality Pennsylvania, stated, “In a state that has never seen an openly gay legislator, it is encouraging to see five well-qualified openly LGBT candidates seeking the opportunity to serve, and all in the same year!” The five candidates are: Roy Christ (Dauphin County), Jeff Dahlander (Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming), Chris Dietz (Dauphin), Kelly McEntee (Dauphin), and Brian Sims (Philadelphia County). Pennsylvania has never had an openly gay state legislator.

Endorsed Candidates:
Barack Obama, Incumbent, President of the United States of America
Patrick Murphy, Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Eugene DePasquale, Auditor General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania:
Roy Christ, Pennsylvania House – 103rd District (Dauphin)
Jeff Dahlander, Pennsylvania House – 111th District (Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming)
Eugene DePasquale, Incumbent, Pennsylvania House – District 95 (York)
Chris Dietz, Pennsylvania House – 104th District (Dauphin)
Kelly McEntee, Pennsylvania House – 105th District (Dauphin)
Linda Small, Pennsylvania House – 93rd District (York)
Sarah Speed, Pennsylvania House – 47th District (York)
Gene Stilp, U.S. Congress – 11th District (Carbon, Cumberland, Dauphin, Luzerne, Northumberland, Perry)
Rob Teplitz, Pennsylvania Senate – 15th District (Dauphin, York)

Lehigh Valley:
Leslie Altieri, Pennsylvania House – 138th District (Northampton)
Kevin Deely, Pennsylvania House – 131st District (Lehigh, Northampton)
Jackson Eaton, U.S. Congress – 15th District (Berks, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lehigh, Northampton)
Joseph Hass, Pennsylvania House – 187th District (Berks, Lehigh)
Michael Schlossberg, Pennsylvania House – 132nd District (Lehigh)
Judy Schwank, Incumbent, Pennsylvania Senate – 11th District (Berks)

Philadelphia and Southeast:
Beth Alois, Pennsylvania House – 168th District (Chester, Delaware)
Sheamus Bonner, Pennsylvania House – 163rd District (Delaware)
Kathryn Boockvar, U.S. Congress – 8th District (Bucks, Montgomery)
Michelle Brownlee, Incumbent, Pennsylvania House – 195th District (Philadelphia)
Madeline Dean, Pennsylvania House – 153rd District (Montgomery)
Kelly Devine, Pennsylvania House – 150th District – (Montgomery)
Paul Drucker, Pennsylvania House – 157th District – (Chester, Montgomery)
Larry Farnese, Incumbent, Pennsylvania Senate – 1st District – (Philadelphia)
Joseph Frederick, Pennsylvania House – 143rd District (Bucks)
Vincent Hughes, Incumbent, Pennsylvania Senate – 7th District (Montgomery, Philadelphia)
Daylin Leach, Incumbent, Pennsylvania Senate – 17th District (Delaware, Montgomery)
Steve McCarter, Pennsylvania House – 154th District (Montgomery, Philadelphia)
Mark Painter, Pennsylvania House – 146th District (Montgomery)
Damon Roberts, Pennsylvania House – 186th District (Philadelphia)
Brian Sims, Pennsylvania House – 182nd District (Philadelphia)
Will Sylianteng, Pennsylvania House – 151st District (Montgomery)
Manan Trivedi, US Congress – 6th District (Berks, Chester, Lebanon, Montgomery, Chester)

Western Pennsylvania:
Missa Eaton, U.S. Congress – 3rd District (Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Lawrence, Mercer)
Dan Frankel, Incumbent, Pennsylvania House, 23rd District (Allegheny)
Erin Molchany, Pennsylvania House – 22nd District (Allegheny)
Sean Wiley, Pennsylvania Senate – District 49 (Erie)

In addition to the above candidates, Equality Pennsylvania urges the community to support President Obama’s openly gay delegate candidates: Gary Van Horn (14th Congressional District), Mark Segal (1st Congressional District), Equality Pennsylvania’s President, Adrian Shanker (15th Congressional District).  Equality Pennsylvania will offer additional endorsements in the Fall General Election.

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club, Philadelphia

President:  Committee made no recommendation.  The membership voted to endorse Obama.
Senate: The committee recommended to not make an endorsement in the spring, but reconsider for the fall.  The membership agreed and no endorsement was made in the race.
Attorney General: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Patrick Murphy.
Auditor General: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Eugene DePasquale
US House of Representatives, 2nd District: The committee and the membership voted to not endorse.
US House of Representatives, 13th District: The committee and the membership voted to not endorse.
State Senate, 1st District: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Larry Farnese.
State House, 154th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Steve McCarter.
State House, 175th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Mike O’Brien.
State House, 182nd: The committee voted to endorse Babette Josephs.  The membership voted this down and voted to endorse Brian Sims.
State House, 186th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Jordan Harris.
State House, 188th: The committee made no recommendation and the membership voted to endorse Fatima Muhhamed.
State House, 190th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Vanessa Lowry-Brown.
State House, 195th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Andrew Kleeman.
State House, 198th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Malik Boyd.
State House, 200th: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Cherelle Parker.
State House, 202nd: The committee and the membership voted to endorse Mark Cohen.

Capitol Region Stonewall Democrats, based in Harrisburg.

The Capital Region Stonewall Democrats endorse the following candidates in the April 24 Primary Election for their commitment to stand up for the advancement of LGBT rights!!! We support these candidates with PRIDE and urge you to visit their web sites so you can help in getting them elected. We need allies in our elected officials, allies who will stand up for LGBT Equality to oppose the agendas of those Republicans who want to take our rights away!

President Barack Obama

For the US House of Representatives
Harry Perkinson, PA 4thDistrict
Gene Stilp, PA 11th District
Jackson Eaton, PA 15th District
Aryanna Strader, PA 16th District

For Statewide Offices
Patrick Murphy, PA Attorney General
Eugene DePasquale, State Auditor General

For the PA Senate
Rob Teplitz, 15th District

For PA State Representative
Kelly Jean McEntee, 105th District
Chris Dietz, 104th District
Patty Kim, 103rd District
PA Representative Mike Sturla for Reelection, 96th District
PA Representative Eugene DePasquale for Reelection, 95th District
Linda Small, 93rd District
Charles R. Comrey, 92nd District
Sarah Speed, 47th District
John Weigel, 43rd District

9 Responses

  1. Some of these choices are a bit Harrisburg-centric. In the 11th District, Gene Stilp is running against Bill Vinsko from Wilkes-Barre. Bill is a lawyer who volunteers his services to Gay NEPA, the Wilkes-Barre gay rights organization. He is also completely in favor of marriage equality. Gene is a very decent man whom I admire, but I think if we add attractiveness and charisma to the mix, Bill Vinsko has a far beter chance of unseating the Republican incumbent. Check him out for yourself. (He’s also pro-choice, pro-Labor, and pro-everything one looks for in a progressive candidate.)

  2. Babette Josephs has been a strong supporter of LGBT folks for nearly 30 years. She has been a strong straight ally of LGBT people. Now an openly gay man wants her job and some LGBT people who don’t know the meaning of the word LOYALTY are going to vote for him. This gay man intends to vote once again for Babette Josephs.

  3. The was an ommittance of a LGBT Candidate for State Representative District 20 , Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Western Pa and his name is Dave Schuilenburg – Democrat. He is a staunchly progressive LGBT supporter and endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats of Pittsburgh

  4. If I were a candidate, I’d be honored to be endorsed by LGBT groups. All persons are entitled to equal respect and equal rights. It’s nobody’s business whom another person loves.

    Unless God died and left them in charge, Republicans should butt out and tend to their own affairs.

    Repeal DOMA ASAP!

  5. What about the Steel City Stonewall Democrats?!?!? You can’t mention prominent LGBT orgs w/o mentioning the most important and key LGBT group in Pittsburgh! They endorsed candidates on Sunday FYI

  6. Why even claim to be gay when their endorsements are 100% solely based on whatever their Democrat Party overloards tell them? So sad. They might as well call them the PA environmentalists or the PA teachers union. It’s all the same list of left-wing wackos.

  • Understanding that basic education funding should/will be first, what should be the next highest priority for the General Assembly?

    • Raising The Minimum Wage (25%)
    • Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana (24%)
    • None of the above. Something Else. (20%)
    • Economic Development (14%)
    • Higher Education (8%)
    • Public Transportation (8%)
    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

    Total Voters: 51

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