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Liberal Super PAC Targets Fitzpatrick

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick is getting some new neighbors. A super PAC affiliated with Credo Mobile, based in San Francisco, will spend $3 million to defeat members of Congress – including Fitzpatrick – that they’ve dubbed “the Tea Party Ten.” They plan to open an office and hire four staffers to work against him.

“Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick is being targeted by CREDO members because he is a national embarrassment and his radical Tea Party values are not Pennsylvanian values,” said a press release from the group. “Rep. Fitzpatrick not only chose to attend a fundraiser instead of his swearing in at the U.S. Capitol on his first day in office, but since then he also voted to defund Planned Parenthood, redefine rape, and destroy Medicare as we know it with his vote for Paul Ryan’s radical budget.”

The 8th district Director for the PAC is Michael Eagle, formerly of CeaseFirePA.

“CREDO SuperPAC will be opening up an office in the coming weeks in Fitzpatrick’s district and hiring four full time staffers dedicated to defeating Fitzpatrick in the 2012 Election. The campaign will engage local activists and volunteers to power up a progressive field campaign focused solely on retiring Rep. Fitzpatrick,” he said.

The opening salvo came this week, when the group delivered a giant pink slip to Fitzpatrick’s district office.

Fitzpatrick is the top target for Democrats seeking to take back Pa. congressional seats; his district in suburban Philadelphia will see boosted turnout because of the presidential campaign.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is heavily involved in the effort, and his opponent, attorney Kathy Boockvar, has a direct line to some of the big money groups from Pa. to DC. Indeed, in December, PoliticsPA rated him the most vulnerable of any incumbent in PA.

However, Fitzpatrick will be tough to beat. He ended 2011 with nearly $700,000 on hand, and redistricting made his district slightly more conservative. Furthermore, he has term-limited himself and wouldn’t seek re-election in 2016.

The outcome of the race will depend significantly on the buy-in from outside groups. CREDO’s decision to jump in is another sign that the outside interest will be high.

Fitzpatrick’s office did not respond to requests for comment. Boockvar’s campaign declined comment.

9 Responses

  1. @ani Boockvar does not do any robo calls, all calls are done by volunteers, CREDO might but the Boockvar campaign does not.
    Oh and @Jess phaith, your an idiot.

  2. San fransisco freaks trying to convince us that boockvar, the pro abortion, communist national lawyers guild member, aclu supporter, and radical progressive best represents voters here? Hey credo, get a clue, the voters sent patrick murphy packing in a big way. Boockvaar is even more of a far left extremist who has consistenlty lost any election she has run in. Voters have been clear about their rejection of far lwft extremists in bucks county. Go back to castro street.

  3. If this is what our political system is tunring into, our Founding Fathers are tunring over in their graves. We have a real unemployment rate at over 14% and this Credo groups campaign is about defeating people – nothing about new ideas or how they would do things differently. What would they do if they had the keys to the kingdom? At some point we have to get past the rhetoric and deal with the real issues about the economy.

  4. And for anyone who hasn’t received a robo call from Kathy Boockvar, they are some of the most ridiculous, absurd, misleading and dishonest calls I’ve received. If I get another, I’m calling the Bucks Dems to ask for proof of her accusations.
    I’m no fan of Fitzpatrick, but he’s head and shoulders over Boockvar.

  5. This is pretty funny. Fitzpatrick is one of the more liberal Republicans in Congress. Why go after him?

  6. Mike Fitzpatrick is a joke, he missed his swearing in to have a fundraiser and then voted before he was sworn in. He is a complete clown.

  7. Damn those radical Tea Party values of fiscal responsibility, constitutional fidelity and individual liberty! And nothing screams Pennsylvania values like California-sized taxes & unemployment rates, thank you Credo Mobile.

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