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Libertarian Jumps into Senate Race

Dale KernsDale Kerns announced he is running for the U.S. Senate in 2018 for the Libertarian party.  A Libertarian has not filed with the Federal Elections Commission since at least 2010, the furthest back FEC files go online.  

Kerns lives in Swarthmore in southeastern Pennsylvania.  He is an estimator for an electrical contractor.  He is also on the Board of Directors of the Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County.  

Kerns recently challenged Senator Bob Casey to a debate at a recent town hall meeting Casey hosted in Philadelphia.

PoliticsPA has reached out to the Kerns campaign for comment.  

State Representative Rick Saccone and Andrew Shecktor both announced they running for the Republican nomination.  Other possible Republicans include House Majority Leader Dave Reed, and Congressman Mike Kelly.

47 Responses

  1. @idratherbefishingwithrick You are entitled to believe what you want. I know the truth and you don’t. You don’t have to believe me.

  2. Looking at the Republican President and the Republican Congress, one might reasonably conclude the Republican Party has abandoned its principles and lost its way. What is the price of one’s soul? Perhaps a Libertarian might be able to bring a principled voice from the right to the race.

  3. No, I never pushed anyone. I told people who all of the candidates were and had them go to their respective campaign sites. Beyond that, I had no interference with their choice.

  4. Ed Reagan: Are you actually surprised that “fraudulent” can be applied to a GOP publication?

  5. Sellers be selling dog doogie and “beholding” (sic) it too. You don’t want to shake hands with this guy.

  6. Shocking that a so-called Libertarian would file to run. He probably wants the gubmint to shut down abortion clinics and outlaw free speech against NRA. Nothing like freedom, right?

  7. @Idratherbefishingwithric that’s because you have to explain who he is. People don’t know anyone but Casey and that’s only because he’s the Senator. You have to explain a person and their stances in order to educate someone on the candidate or candidates. You can’t rely on them to do their own research. A couple people I talked to didn’t even know who Bob Casey is until I explained who he is.

  8. “people that identify as Republican, Independent, Democrat and Libertarian and they all say that they prefer Kerns over Casey, Saccone and Shecktor.”

    I can’t find anyone who could identify who the he’ll Kerns is

  9. Anyone who pays attention should know the Libertarian Party brings in about 2% of the vote. In this political climate, scandals and any other BS only create exposure. So I ask, is the Dale Kerns campaign trying to create a scandal for name recognition or are his political foes dumb enough to give him extra media attention? It’s not like he’s running R or D. But you do what you like, friend or foe.

  10. How do people have so much knowledge of criminal wrong doing and theft when public record shows not one trace of these allegations? Looking into the IBEW elections going back to 2006, Dale Kerns was not a candidate for President. Also, according to the Re-Volt Electric sale sheet at Pa DOS Kerns sold his business for a profit to Response Electric? Selling your business is usually the goal of any business owner, failure would look differently. The allegations that are easily debunked are ones you people with fictitious names should stay away from. At least pick one that cannot be proven wrong by public record.

  11. wow shockingly the libertarian party has a bunch of comment section pros. Is this the year you guys finally win anything? No? kbye

  12. This guys a fraud, ran some bogus ass foundation In which he and his crooked ass brothers took the money… he the type that needs a title…. few years in IBEW 654 he tried to run for president…. Failed big time throw out of union … tried to run for state rep in the 159th… couldn’t even get on the ballot. Tried to run his own business “re-volt”… nothing but complaints… went belly up.
    His brother Kevin was investigated for arson, insurance fraud, and now something with state medical certifacations.
    He’s a Joke… no chance Kerns give it up..

  13. If you think this dude actually has a chance to win the Senate race (I’m looking at you Nick Fazio) you really just do not know what you’re talking about.

  14. I’ve spoken to people that identify as Republican, Independent, Democrat and Libertarian and they all say that they prefer Kerns over Casey, Saccone and Shecktor. I think that says something and, if he has a good campaign and marketing team, he may actually be able to win this.

  15. If Casey really believed Kerns would “split the conservative GOP vote” Casey would refuse to debate the GOP opponent unless Kerns was also included in the debate. Once in the debate, Kerns should appeal equally to Democratic voters fed up with Casey’s foreign interventionism, phony civil libertarianism, and spendthrift ways. Exit surveys apparently showed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson drew equally from both sides in the recent presidential race.

  16. Marc Bozzacco says: This is exciting! Finally we will have a third voice in a PA Senate Race.


    The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has runs U.S. Senate candidates in the past, including Edward Clifford, III in 2016.

  17. The first line of the story should read:

    Dale Kerns announced he is running for the Libertarian Party nomination for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

    The Libertarian Party will not selected its 2018 U.S. Senate candidate until its 2018 State Convention. It is fraudulent for anyone to represent Dale Kerns as the Libertarian Party’s candidate until after the 2018 convention.

  18. It’s about time someone decent stepped up to take a swing at Casey. Kerns seems to be the right fit at the right time. Despite some slanderous as hell comments on here, any reasonable person will see from their own research that he fully appears to be a great upstanding guy. I look forward to supporting his race, because I won’t be supporting a shyster career politician like Casey, or any of the likely scumbags that the GOP fields for the race.

  19. I recently talked with a local State Rep who is a Republican and off the record stated that Kerns is a strong candidate and can make waves. I did ask about the brief stint on Borough council that Kerns had and the Rep stated “small town politics is a boys club and Kerns was not in the club because he was not afraid to speak his mind”. Kerns sounds like someone I am going to vote for and the Rep stated “off the record”, Kerns has his vote!

  20. Voted for this guy in 2012, he was my Ron Paul Delegate! Liberty is within us all.

  21. Since I like fact, I searched and The state of Pennsylvania currently has the Little Angels Foundation registered since 2012 and so does the IRS as a 501 3 c. Also charges don’t seem to be pressed on Kerns or his brother, by a simple public record search, so I’m guessing the claims are false, based on factual data presented.

  22. Boro of Eroc makes strong accusations however hides behind a fictitious name. Just another political foe trying to scare voters from a new face!

  23. I usually don’t vote, but I looked at the website: constitutional with foreign policy, kill our national debt,isn’t taking a pension, and end the war on drugs. Where do I sign!!!???!!!

  24. He’s a thief, look up his bullshit organization he used to run with his crooked ass brothers…. took all the money and would buy vehicles for themselves! He was a failed councilmen in Eddystone Borough, cheated on his wife by getting blow at a concert in NJ, got caught. The whole family is crooked… brother Kevin Kerns is about to be locked up for selling first responder certifacations and CPR cards… what a crock of shit! ” Little Angle Foundation” was the name of the organization that was not licensed with the state!

  25. I am a Republican and I’m going to vote for Kerns. He has the right stuff. We all know that the GOP will put up a RINO who will be looking for a lifetime sinecure and who will thus vote however his or her donors pay him to vote. That’s the way it works. You either cast your vote for solid, reliable character, or you throw it away on an insider-promoted candidate who will not represent Americans’ interests.

  26. Always the libertarian message to Democrats. “Hey guys! You’re going to love us! Just ignore 98% of everything we believe in! Ron Paul!”

  27. ” has some positions” the rest just cuts government and fucks everyone over.

  28. Good to see a principled candidate in the race. Dale is a great guy and I hope he takes Casey to task.

  29. Isn’t it time to elect. someone not beholding to any special interests who will actually put a balanced budget on the table? We are certainly not gonna get that from Casey or any of the Republicans.

  30. Future Senator Kerns has some positions that would appeal to peace loving Democrats as well who might be fed up with Casey being but an Obama yes man all these years. I say the Libertarian moment is upon us.

  31. Does he have a friend who can run for Governor? how about congress in the 6th, 7th, and 8th?

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