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Linsenmayer Drops Out of PA-17 Primary, Endorses Lamb

Democratic Congressional candidate Ray Linsenmayer suspended his campaign for the 17th Congressional district, and endorsed Congressman Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny) to challenge Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny).  

“Conor Lamb has always shown himself to be a man of strong character and leadership, and has proven he can withstand any attacks the GOP throws at him.  While Rep. Lamb and I differ on some issues, we won’t make progress on any of them without defeating Keith Rothfus and bringing new leadership to Congress,” Linsenmayer said.  

Lamb was thankful for Linsenmayer’s support in the primary and going forward.  

“[Linsenmayer] is a passionate advocate, and I look forward to working together in this campaign and in strengthening the Democratic Party here in southwestern Pennsylvania in the years ahead,” Lamb said.  

Lamb now has a clear path through the primary to face Rothfus in the general election.

12 Responses

  1. Typical backroom PA politics. God forbid there is ever party primary in this state. Lamb has heavy juice which is why he won the special election. I do not think he will fare as well in November.

  2. Ray is not a jizz thats why I will maybe support him in a future governor or attorney general race in 2020 as a example, but maybe I will not.

  3. Sad day for Progressives in western Pennsylvania. Everyone out here thinks it’s so great. B.S. This hurts the mindset of the Liberal wing of the party by just handing this race to a centrist like Lamb.

    “Why should I even vote?” is what Progressives will say days before the primary. This hurts turnout and deters anyone new from getting involved. It’s hard enough as it is to get on the ballot. It’s a slap in the face for circulators who trudge through the snow and the cold rain day after day collecting signatures. Now this guy can’t run for anything ever again for anyone will say “Why the f**k should I lift a finger for you?”

    I’m so mad at what’s going on with western Pa. Dems right now. It’s enough to make you throw up.

    1. He could just go back to working with all the cannibal socialist and put people up against all the chairs like he’s already been doing. He’ll stay busy fancying himself as a “Political Operative”

    2. A centrist who can win in November is a better candidate than a flaming liberal who will be defeated. President Bernie Sanders says so.

  4. good choice Ray Lisenmayer maybe I will support you in a future governor or attorney general race in 2020 as a example or maybe I will not, it depends on whether I run for them maybe.

      1. bad choice Donnie, thats why I will not support you in a future governor or attorney general race in 2020 as a example or maybe I will, it depends on whether I support someone else or not maybe.

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