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Longshot GOPer Slams Opponent for Gay Marriage Support (Watch Video)

In an election year that’s all about the economy, Republican Jim Billman seeks to shift the focus toward gay marriage. In a limited cable television buy, he slams Democratic opponent Mark Rozzi for supporting gay marriage.

“For hundreds of years, most Pennsylvanians have agreed with traditional marriage. But, Mark Rozzi takes another approach,” says an announcer, citing this Reading Eagle report about their September debate.

“Jim Billman, as a husband and a father, knows that marriage is between a man and a woman. He’ll support that in the State House. Mark Rozzi’s view is,” the announcer says as the camera zooms in on the photograph above, “not quite what marriage is all about.”

The spot was produced by VideoWorks Production Company. PoliticsPA is seeking details about the buy. Based on Billman’s campaign finance reports, it’s probably a small purchase on Reading-area cable. It’s his second small ad buy – the first accused the City of Reading of charging him property tax evasion in order to keep him out of the race.

No other GOP candidate in Pa. has pursued this line of attack with television ads in 2012 – at least not that PoliticsPA is aware of.

Rozzi said he does support gay marriage, as well as funding for Planned Parenthood.

Mark Rozzi and family

“Thank you for running an ad showing people what I support,” he said of the commercial. “That’s fine. He’s running ads like this because he has nothing else to run on.”

“I was born and raised Catholic, and the nuns and teachers told us to love everybody and welcome everybody to your group.”

Both men are vying to replace retiring Rep. Dante Santoni (D-Berks). The district comprises part of the City of Reading and its northern suburbs, and Democrats enjoy a 34 point voter registration advantage: 61 percent to 27 percent, according to Labels & Lists.

Rozzi runs his family’s window, door, and sunroom contracting business in Reading. He has the distinction of being the only Democrat in Pa. to be endorsed by PEG-PAC, the political arm of the Pa. Business Counsel.

Billman runs his own real estate business and is Chairman of the Berks County Patriots Tea Party organization.

Jim Billman and family

6 Responses

  1. Mr. Billmans support or nonsupport of marriage equality has nothing to do with bigotry. I believe Mr. Billman is echoing the feelings of a large majority of his future constituents. I personally find it hard to believe that the priests of the NYC Diocese would support a radical marriage viewpoint such as Mr. Rozzi has embraced. How many same sex marriages have those priests performed?

  2. I, along with the priests in the NYC Diocese for whom i now work, proudly endorse Mark Rozzi for state house. We need more men of courage to stand up and support the alternative LGBT lifestyle and push for gay marriage as well as abortions.

  3. Wait a second here…Billman is huge in the Berks County Teabaggers….they avoid social issues….so why is he resorting to gay marriage?????

  4. Hes rapidly becoming a minority in his party.

    I door knock for marriage equality in a conservative part of central md. the great majority of republicans (I use voter lists which include party registration (they are public documents)
    and about 70% of repubs here support marriage equality.

    For Dems its about 80 %

    the old days of bigotry are going away on this issue – its not party specific any more
    In NH the repubs had absolute control last year and tried to repeal the marriage equality law. They could even have over-ridden the govs veto

    The vote to keep marriage equality was 2 to 1 for it. More then half the repubs supported it.

  5. I wish he made a ad about the ecomney not about marriage. lets talk about ecomney instead of talk somebody marriage

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