Lt.Gov.: Critz Splurges on Ad Buy [Update]


Former Democratic congressman and lieutenant governor candidate Mark Critz will air his first television ad today — a feat that seemed unattainable considering his underwhelming financial report from last quarter.

The buy is not huge but it isn’t insubstantial either, particularly given his disappointing fundraising in the last periods. Critz paid out exactly $182,675 for the air time, focusing most heavily on media outlets in Pittsburgh. He also paid for air time in the Wilkes Barre-Scranton area as well as in Johnstown and Altoona.

The ad buy breaks down into a five day block that begins today and extends until May 12, and then a seven day block lasting from May 13 to May 19. The latter block is much larger, with $76,850 going to advertising in Pittsburgh alone.

The question becomes how Critz found the money to fund a television campaign. According to his last quarter financial report, Critz had less than $38,000 on hand to spend.

Moreover, although Critz had an unusually high burn rate early in 2014, he was not separating himself from the Lt. Gov. pact in fundraising efforts. On the contrary, his competitors, most notably State Senator Mike Stack, raised substantially more than he did.

But with Stack already airing television ads, Critz is simply keeping up in a highly contested race.

Critz faces Stack, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith, State Rep. Brandon Neuman and Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski in the upcoming Lt. Gov. Democratic primary.

Update: The 30-second spot features Critz in a classroom talking about Gov. Corbett’s record on education.

“Today, a good job comes from a good education,” Critz states. “So what does Tom Corbett do? Tom Corbett cut a billion dollars from education.”

“As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll work to invest in education,” he pledges. “But the first step in creating good jobs in Pennsylvania, is making sure Tom Corbett loses his.”

The commercial concludes by noting and quoting from Critz’s endorsement from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

12 Responses

  1. Mr. Critz has supported President Obama on protecting Wall Street from prosecution. He has backed President Obama on the prosecution of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. He has fought with President Obama to erase unnecessary constitutional rights like being secure in papers, persons and effects from government intrusion. He applauded the Obama drone program which murdered United States citizens without a trial as required by the Constitution. He backed President Obama on the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and Syria and the return of the military to power in Egypt. This is the kind of man President Obama needs as our Lt. Governor

  2. He voted to defund Planned Parenthood, he voted against the Clean Water Act, he’s no friend to LGBT community, & he’s a lobbyist for the gas industry. Calling him a democrat is really pushing it. Do the gas companies really need any more friends in the capitol? #anybodybutcritz

  3. Critz is a republican at heart. And a jerk.
    Neuman clearly is the best person for the job.

  4. If Critz biggest media buy is in an area where he shouldn’t need it how does he expect to win the race? And if he’s on the dems ticket in the fall that will only help Corbett!
    The PA women dems hate him for his comments and he has no support in any way!
    This is his Hail Mary in politics and clearly he has his monkeys making comments on here to try to make him look good.
    I agree with now voting Neuman over Stack just to keep Critz off the ticket!

  5. Mr. Critz has a positive outlook and a positive record on the issues. He is pro life, pro gun, pro traditional marriage, pro traditional gender roles, pro energy production and pro defense and the surveillance state. He proudly fought for drone strikes, mass surveillance, indefinite detention, occupation and invasion of sovereign nations and he funded it with your tax dollars just like President Obama asked. This is the kind of positive approach our state needs in the Lt. Gov. Plus, he has the support of the entire political class in Allegheny County who personally support his views as a bridge to the great past of the Democratic Party.

  6. Brad Koplinski is the only true Progressive in this race. Critz is a DINO, Neuman voted against womens rights, Smith takes money from the Fracking Industry and Stack voted for PA DOMA!! TWICE!!!!! And the bill that shut down 5 women’s health clinics and lets not forget the abortion gag rule. These guys are pretenders!

    Koplinski is the real deal!!

  7. wolf/critz ticket, got to have balance, stack way to liberal, so no to philly candidates this year.

  8. I’m definitely voting for Mark Smith as he seems to be the most progressive and pro-LGBT equality.

  9. I was going to vote for Neuman bc I think he is the best canidatefor the job but I will be voting for Stack so to do my part to keep D.I.N.O Critz off the ticket.
    Im voting for Tom Wolf and Mike Stack

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