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Lt. Gov.: Koplinski Financially Behind Competitors


Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski is the last Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate to have his financial report scrutinized by PoliticsPA — and things are not looking too good for him.

Koplinski finds himself at the bottom of every major financial category when compared to his competitors. He only was able to raise $24,685, he has spent only $12,628, and as far as cash on hand, Koplinski has a mere $28,474. He carried over just $16,418 from last quarter.

To put all this into perspective, State Senator Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia) has $700,000 in spending money left, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith has $144,319, and State Rep. Brandon Neuman is running two campaigns and was still able to accrue $45,000 for his lt. gov. bid. Former Democratic congressman Mike Critz only has $37,676.13 on hand, but he has also spent much more than Koplinski — $89,602.57 to be exact.


Koplinski took in mostly smaller donations, in the $100 to $250 range, but he was also able to reel in some more sizable contributions. In total, $11,800 worth of his fundraising efforts came from donations larger than $250.

One of those larger contributions came from a relative, Charles Koplinski, who donated $500.


Koplinski hasn’t spent much, but what he has spent money on has been printing, office space rent, events, and travel expenses. He is also spending a little on staffers and help.

In addition, the Harrisburg City Councilman took out a loan to the tune of $15,000 to help give his campaign a boost but this was in 2013.

Although financially Koplinski is not measuring up to his fellow candidates, he still has garnered strong support during his campaign. He received the endorsement of the PA Young Democrats and he also received more than 50 percent of the vote from the Democratic state committee. Unfortunately, he was unable to garner an endorsement because he did not reach the needed two-thirds majority.

It is worthwhile to note that in 2010, Scott Conklin was massively outraised by his primary opponents and came out on top.

11 Responses

  1. @ Crazy Liberal
    Stack? Progressive?? Really???
    Hahahahahahahahaha….. yep, you’re definitely crazy all right. Old boy insider Stack is about as progressive as Tom Corbett’s big toe. And he’s boring as a stump, too. Oh, yeah, just what we need on the ticket to take out Corbett.

  2. @David
    Lol. I’m pretty sure I knew that already. I was referring to his voting record for the issues in determining what they Stand for. Not what they’re consultants are telling them to stand for.
    @ Villageofthedamned aka Happy Valley
    Just what we need another wing nut let me thank Brad now for pulling votes away from the Republican Critz. Ty Ty Ty

  3. Sure, Stack shills, the donors have figured it out. Stack is a sitting Senator and was going to run for Guv, so people are going to throw money at him. All the lobbyists and corporate interests are the ones who want Stack–so nothing will change in Harrisburg. They know they can’t buy Brad–that’s why he has less money.

  4. Clearly donors have figured it out. When will the rest of progressive voters get to the obvious truth?

    There are only two viable candidates in the LG race. Mike Stack because of his south eastern PA base and obvious fund raising prowess and Mark Critz because of his Western PA base and name recognition.

    If progressive voters and organizations don’t want rightwinger Mark Critz they need to support the viable progressive in the race.

    That is not Brad Koplinski and that is why he can’t raise any money. Donors have figured that out. When will the rest of the liberals?

    Back Stack.

  5. DownWithCorbett

    “an actual legislative voting record”

    Um… Lt Gov is part of the Executive not Legislative branch of government.

  6. @happyvalley aka villageofthedamned
    I’m gonna need proof. Brads resume is lame. The other candidates have a proven track record ; you know an actual legislative voting record. How can we be sure?? Name any mover or shaker in this state that stands beside him with support financially or reputation???? A sure thing is a sure thing. In Brads case I’m not sure in need evidence other than him begging and whining his way into the Lt Gov slot.

  7. Why is anybody surprised Brad has less money? He’s spent years making allies of people who do the work and thus don’t write the big checks.
    The winning candidate for Guv will bring the money people to the ticket. None of Brad’s rivals have anything approaching a statewide network and history. That makes him by far the best candidate to balance the ticket. If you really want to beat Corbett, vote for Brad.

  8. Brad doesn’t know anyone! And no one outside of Harrisburg knows Brad. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but if were talking qualifucations my vote goes to Senator Stack. One if the job descriptions for this position is Pres of Senate no?? Why not elect someone who’s actually in the Senate who won’t need on the job training. After this primary I want the best team (machine) who can actually beat Tom “shady britches ” Corbett. If Brad had half a brain he would have let Paterno stay in the race; it was the only guarantee to take votes away from Stack and Neumann. Brad needs more training sorry Jesse

  9. Brad is the best person for this position. He is the only one with a hugh political background! He knows everyone, and will be
    a great asset to Gov. McCorb!!!! Jessie Bloom

  10. Why does this website have a stiffy for this guy every time he publishes More evidence that he will come in last in this primary? Moronic. The goal is to choose the best candidate that can actually give the Dems the best chance to beat Tom Corbett the shale sellout children hatin women hating penn state cover upon freak that he is

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