Lt. Gov. Mike Stack Tries To Slide Perk Into Budget

Mike StackIn the madness of finishing up the state budget, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack attempted to sneak in a personal perk, which isn’t uncommon for legislators or lobbyists who want funding, but for Mike Stack it was for flashy lights.

According to Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, Stack’s office told legislators the Lieutenant Governor wanted law enforcement officers who escort him and other “dignitaries” to have more say in when they can use the car’s flashing lights when going to events.

Stack already receives protection from State Police and has a state police driver with a state-issued SUV equipped with police radio, sirens and flashing lights.

Under the new legislation, “law officers performing witness or dignitary protection services” would have been exempt from following sections of state law that already lay out protocols for drivers of emergency vehicles.

One of those existing sections state that “warning systems…may only be used during an emergency, or in in the interest of public safety.” Unauthorized use of a “warning system” or flashing lights is a fine of up to $1,000.

Stack’s legislation would have replaced those sections for law enforcement providing protective services for “international, national and state dignitaries and candidates…attending events in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania including, but not limited to, national political conventions.”

The legislation ended up being in the budget’s final drafts but was eventually cut by Wolf’s office.

In a statement on Thursday, Stack spokesperson Gary Tuma, state that it was a “bipartisan interest” that has been going on for years “in having those who drive dignitaries and who drive in the witness protection services program be afforded the same protection as emergency responders.”

In addition to the fact that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia rapidly approaching Tuma wrote, “the timing seemed right to have language on the books to clarify the law.”

Tuma claimed the language of the legislation was drafted by a Republican but declined to say who and neither Democrats nor Republicans are publicly claiming ownership.

The Lieutenant Governor seems to have an appeal for car perks.

Stack came in some controversy back in 2013, when in a review of legislators’ expenses, caught Stack charging taxpayers $600 for car washes over just two years.

11 Responses

  1. Even as a Democrat, I honestly loath this guy. Given the chance, I would vote for Kathleen Kane over this joker in 2018.

  2. Well – At least you admit it. You need help. You can’t keep putting me through this. Why don’t you just leave the trailer and go be w your boyfriend, Brett.

  3. Shut the fuck up. You only know the police officers who have arrested you. Is it true you are blowing guys at the rest-stop again?

  4. The Republican was probably his driver. There aren’t any Democrat police officers anymore.

  5. Writer Kerry Rugenstein. Intern at Congressmans Boyle office. This story is shit. The original bill was HB 898 PN 3675 Kevin Boyle( who lost to Sabatina) John Taylor Freeman. So Stack helps COPS; who cares! Keep helping Police Stack. Is it possible for the Inky to actually fact check anything ? Is that asking too much?

  6. This guy is a joke. Unbelievable. Stick the taxpayers with $600 in car washes and now let’s skirt traffic during the DNC – cause I’m a special guy. Fake Progressive to boot voting for TRAP laws to prevent women from getting proper reproductive health services.

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