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Luzerne County: Who’s Running For Office?

Luzerne County Courthouse

Here at Politics PA, we want to make sure that you are aware of who is running for elected office and where they stand.

Today, we take a look at the candidates for office in Luzerne County.

Luzerne County is one of seven Pennsylvania Counties that is incorporated under its own Home Rule Charter, created pursuant to the Home Rule and Optional Plans Law.  The County Charter was approved by referendum during the November 2, 2010, general election. The principal purposes of the Charter is to provide for the health, safety, and well-being of the citizens of Luzerne County and to secure for the citizens of Luzerne County the greatest degree of home rule and residual powers possible.


County Council

The legislative powers of the County shall be vested in an elective body which shall be known as the Luzerne County Council. The Luzerne County Council shall have and exercise all powers and perform any functions not denied it by the Constitution of Pennsylvania, by the Charter, this Code, or by the General Assembly at any time.

Vote for no more than six.

  • Jimmy Sabatino (D)
  • Joanna Bryn Smith (D)
  • Brittany Stephenson (D)
  • Maryann Velez (D)
  • Patricia Krushnowski (D)
  • Damon Saxon (D)
  • Michelle Rotherbecker (D)


  • Carl Bienias III (R)
  • Stephen J. Urban (R)
  • Lee Ann McDermott (R)
  • Anthony Corrado (R)
  • Harry Haas (R)
  • Gregory W. Griffin (R)
  • Ronald D. Knapp (R)
  • Kimberly Platek (R)
  • Vivian Kriedler-Licina (R)
  • Matthew Mitchell (R)
  • Richard Tihansky (R)
  • Thomas Dombroski (R)


District Attorney

The members of the District Attorney’s Office strive to vigorously, effectively and fairly prosecute those who break the law in Luzerne County.

Our top priority is investigating and prosecuting violent criminals who pose a danger to our residents – murderers, rapists, gang members, robbers, drug traffickers, child/elder abusers and human traffickers, just to name a few.

  • Sam Sanguedolce (R)


Magisterial District Judge (MDJ) 

Magisterial District Court is the first level of judicial authority in Pennsylvania and is the court where most people experience the judicial system for the first time. Magisterial District Judges handle all traffic cases, minor criminal cases, and civil cases involving amounts up to $12,000. Magisterial District Judges also set bail and conduct preliminary hearings in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases to determine if the cases should be dismissed or transferred to the Court of Common Pleas for further proceedings.  County Magisterial Districts Map

MDJ 11-1-01

  • Rick Cronauer (D/R)


MDJ 11-1-05

  • Charles Chaz Balogh (D/R)
  • Jim Haggerty (D/R)


MDJ 11-1-06

  • David Barilla (D/R)


MDJ 11-2-03

  • Kyle Halesey (D/R)


MDJ 11-3-01

  • Matt Christopher (D/R)
  • Carol A. Davenport (D/R)


MDJ 11-3-02

  • Donald L. Whittaker (D/R)


MDJ 11-3-03

  • Lorine A. Ogurkis (D/R)
  • Daniel O’Donnell (D/R)
  • Tony Martine (D/R)
  • Wister Yuhas (D/R)


MDJ 11-3-04

  • James M. Dixon (D/R)


MDJ 11-3-06

  • Ferris P. Webby (D/R)


MDJ 11-3-09

  • Brian J. Tupper (D/R)


2 Responses

  1. Greg griffin is the only candidate that cares about the county so much he has been physically getting his hands dirty to clean it up.


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