Mackenzie Endorsed by Nine State House Members From Within the 15th Congressional District

Ryan MacKenzie15th Congressional district candidate state Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh) announced the endorsements of nine fellow state house members in his bid to replace retiring Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh).

“I am humbled to earn the support of state legislators from throughout the 15th Congressional District,” Mackenzie said. 

In a letter, state Reps. Barry Jozwiak (R-Berks), Francis Ryan (R-Lebanon), Russ Diamond (R-Lebanon), Jerry Knowles,(R-Berks), Jim Cox (R-Berks), David Maloney (R-Berks), Joe Emrick (R-Northampton), Marcia M. Hahn (R-Northampton), and Zachary Mako, (R-Lehigh) announced they were endorsing Mackenzie’s bid.  

“In the state House, we have worked alongside Ryan and we have seen him demonstrate consistent, conservative leadership on a wide range of issues.  Ryan has proven effective in delivering results,” the letter read.  

The endorsements, especially after the exit of fellow state Rep. Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) from the race, will likely help Mackenzie with donors and building a network to help with the petition process next year.  

Lehigh county Commissioner Marty Nothstein and Dauphin county Commissioner Mike Pries are also running for the seat.

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27 thoughts on “Mackenzie Endorsed by Nine State House Members From Within the 15th Congressional District”

  1. Flyers All The Way says:

    I’ve seen Mackenzie speak and take questions from an audience. It was obvious that he knows policy down to the smallest details. Can understand why people are lining up behind him.

  2. Looney Bin says:

    He’s driving some people nutz with there rants and repeat posts Good for MacKenzie Must be doing somethings right to get looney toons so worked up

  3. Psychotic? says:

    “Someone” is getting nervous. It is obvious when looking at comments and time of responses, that there’s a barrage of activity within minutes anytime someone disagrees or is not for MacKenzie.

  4. Jim says:

    My wife and I both support Ryan because he has a conservative voting record and his office was very prompt in getting me a handicap placard after knee surgery.

  5. Definitely Mackenzie says:

    Mackenzie gets results.

  6. An Independent Freeholder says:

    The Establishment is circling the wagons. They protect their own. Especially, in the Lehigh Valley.

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  8. Psychotic? says:

    Sure as heck appears that anytime a story about Ryan M appears on here “someone” quickly responds to anti Ryan M comments. “Someone” said previous serial postings were all Justin Simmons but things are looking differently now. Very weird and bizarre.

  9. Hercules says:

    Mackenzie has one of the most conservative records in Harrisburg and has repeatedly stood up to tax-and-spend Gov. Wolf. He knows how to fight.

  10. Nancy M. says:

    State Representative Ryan Mackenzie is a wonderful representative! He has my support!

  11. It’sGettinHotInHere says:

    If you want a good laugh go to and get a look at his totally pathetic video. That’s is absolutely embarrassing. Whoever is running his campaign is literally making a fool of him. Could it be that #JustinWasRight? OMG

  12. AnybodybutMackenzie says:

    Investigate MacKenzie for campaigning for congress on state taxpayer time and dime.

    1. lol catz says:

      Clearly you have no clue…about how anything works…got it! LOL

  13. AnybodybutMackenzie says:

    Marty Nothstein is clearly leading at this point, the Valley is abuzz. Ryan MacKenzie
    is making a mistake bragging about endorsements from the Harrisburg Swamp. Scott Uehlinger already won the 15th for delegate and is all in for Trump which helps. Mike Pries should drop if he can’t win and throw supper to Marty because Marty is classy.

    1. Non Profit Dollars! says:

      You mean Lehigh County Commissioner Nothstein who collects huge 6-figure salary from the Velodrome “non-profit”, which is partially funded by Lehigh County?? Can’t make this up.

    2. lol catz says:

      AnybodybutMackenzie – stop being such a hater…must be a full moon out based on some of these statements you are making…LOL

  14. Get Out says:

    So he’s endorsed by other career politicians who took all year to pass a budget that a judge just found was illegally borrowing money. Now he and his fellow state reps are getting an automatic pay raise! Anyone but another career politician. Please!

    1. CIA? says:

      Hi Scott – glad to see you have joined the race.

      1. CIA? says:

        And by glad to see you have joined the race, I mean glad to see you have started trolling right away.

        1. Dauphin County? says:

          You think it is Scott U. It could be since that is how he and his supporters are in their online comments. Did you see his ridiculous statement?! “I looked around and thought, I am awesome bc I was in the CIA.” lol

          It could be Pries also though. He tried to tell me about the race and was just negative and nasty about the other candidates. Not a good look, and it made me think he was an even bigger loser than I already thought/knew.

          1. Anybody but MacKenzie says:

            Ryan is part of the PA swamp. Having those State house guys ensdorsement doesn’t help. Holding my nose.

          2. Dauphin County? says:

            That is definitely a Pries line. He knows he has no chance of winning since he is a total moderate and from Dauphin County, so all he does is attack to distract from his terrible record. Sad!

        2. Anybody but MacKenzie says:

          You need help. I am admittedly not for MacKenzie and will shout it aloud. I am not alone and you know it and are desperately throwing mud, even with Justin out of the race. People are absolutely supporting the classy Marty. He speaks highly of all in the race. He is not a career politician. Mackenzie will lose. And you are part of the reason. The negativity is all from you. People have caught on.

  15. #PA15 says:

    Solid showing across the district and impressive locking up of support. These folks are popular in their local areas.

    1. AnybodybutMackenzie says:

      State house members who didn’t pass an on time budget again and they are endorsing him? Now MacKenzie is out campaigning for congress while on the state payroll. Investigate him!!! Campaigning on our dime.

  16. Robert B Sklaroff MD says:

    Each individual could resonate statewide but, for me, “Russ Diamond” is pivotal; also, I’m told by a RELIABLE individual that his full-throated support for The Donald will enhance his gravitas.

  17. max2sam says:

    Why hasn’t the letter been reproduced here?

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