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Mackenzie Raises $100k in First Three Weeks

Ryan MacKenzieState Representative Ryan Mackenzie’s (R-Lehigh) campaign announced that he had raised $100,000 in his bid to replace retiring Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh).  

“Ryan Mackenzie is running a strong campaign. We are building out an aggressive grassroots team and executing a fundraising strategy that will ensure our voice is heard in Washington,” Mackenzie’s campaign said.  

PoliticsPA has requested how much of the money came from small dollar donors, and how many donations Mackenzie received.

Mackenzie is currently running against fellow state Representative Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) for the Republican nomination.  Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries is also considering a run.

22 Responses

  1. I have known Ryan and his family for years! I have complete confidence in his abilities and dedication to job and the people he represents. Go Ryan go!

  2. Ryan Mackenzie is great! He is my representative and he is always very helpful, responsive, and does a terrific job for us in the community. We are sad to see him leave as our state Representative, but we will pushing for him to represent us in Congress! Go, Ryan, Go!

    1. Simmons trying to use Jess’ name again. What a scumbag. Please do not send this lunatic to Congress.

      1. Is Jess the Chair of Lehigh County Republicans? The one that disgraced the party by those disgusting text messages! Truly unprofessional! Rumor has it that most of the party elite would like her to step down because she has made the Republican Party a laughing stalk. Such a shame!

    2. Mackenzie endorsed Trump and is a real conservative. On the other hand, Simmons broke a term limits pledge and was caught colluding with Dent to try and remove Trump from the ballot in August of last year – after Trump was the R nominee. Simmons then got caught lying about that to the newspaper. Simmons also begged Dent for his endorsement just last year. Seems to me Simmons is a bigger part of the swamp. Finally, Dent hasn’t endorsed anyone. If he has and I missed it somehow, please provide that link or any kind of proof.

  3. Simmons was prepared to run against Dent, but now that he is facing off against Mackenzie, who is a real conservative who endorsed Trump, Simmons doesn’t know what to do. His campaign is adrift, and his weak fundraising numbers will prove it.

    1. You are correct, B. Steele. Justin has minimal support on his own and he was counting on money from Washington DC groups in a race against Charlie. That plan blew up and that money disappeared now that Charlie is out. I am not sure if Justin has realized it yet or not, but that cavalry is not coming anymore and, therefore, his campaign is over already.

  4. Justin is such a joke and no one who works with him actually respects him. It is because of things like the multiple comments he posted on this article (oh, and his extracurricular Harrisburg activities). He jumps and say, “the establishment” gave all this money, when we haven’t even seen the FEC reports yet. So how would he know who donated?! It just makes him look stupid. This is yet another example of Justin being caught in a lie or caught being clueless. He is way out of his league in this race.

    1. Simmons was caught making baseless accusations in his anonymous comments, again! Shocker! This guy never let’s a little thing like facts or details get in the way. He is a typical swamp creature who lied when he broke his term-limits pledge, lied about his support for Trump, and now spends all his time making anonymous comments to spread more lies. And then he lies about other people “lyin'” to deflect from his record of lies. ????

      Simmons is all lies, all the time – and I’m not lying ????

  5. Just proves he is the establishment candidate. All of Charlie’s donors giving the money to Charlie’s hand picked boy.

    Ryan “Luther Strange” McKenzie

    1. But, Ryan is a conservative and Trump supporter. Why would Charlie back him? Unless,, Ryan is lying? Oh no! Another Republican pretending he is something he isn’t to get elected. What a joke. No back bone. Give him a year in D.C. and he will be accepting money from Planned Parenthood.

      1. Oh Justin – you are so predictable and unoriginal. Cry and complain that everyone else is bad, when it is really just that no one likes you. I bet many of the donors that gave to Mackenzie are the same ones you called, and they turned you away. Even the people that promised you money to run against Dent are bailing on you in droves. Shows they were never really for you (no one is), just anti-Dent.

    2. LOL didn’t Donald Trump back Luther Strange? Is Donald Trump the establishment swamp now? You people crack me up! Laughing at you Roy, not with you.

  6. Good showing for just 3 weeks. Proves fundraising organization/ability for the long haul, which will be needed in this district.

    When do other people have to report for this race and others? Will PoliticsPA post all of that info?

    1. Actually this was Charlie calling in favors to make a splash for his handpicked insider. Politics 101 here, shoo away potential challengers. Unfortunately the result in this case is that Charlie’s candidate announcing has only been inviting challengers, with more to come from the Valley who sense weakness. Get the popcorn and put air in the bike tires.

      1. LOL. Justin’s FEC report must be pretty pathetic if he’s spending time on this comment post instead of making fundraising calls. Although, I’d get tired of having people laugh at me when I call them for money. Feel for ya bud.

        laughing at you, not with you.

        1. HAHAHAHAH agreed! The dude is nuts. There are much more important things than trolling PoliticsPA Justin. Like…fundraising and a political platform to run

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